2010 Hyundai Accent Brochure West Broad Hyundai Richmond VA


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2010 Hyundai Accent brochure provided by West Broad Hyundai located in Richmond, VA. Find the 2010 Hyundai Accent for sale in Virginia; call about our current sales and incentives at (888) 364-2152. http://www.westbroadhyundai.com/

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2010 Hyundai Accent Brochure West Broad Hyundai Richmond VA

  1. 1. West Broad Hyundai 7100 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23294 (888) 364-2152 "HMC's total commitment to the customers is helping them to live http://www.westbroadhyundai.com/ with confidence." Our constant innovations allow us to inspire our customers and deliver what they want at all times. Hyundai Motor Company 231, Yangjae-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, 137-938, Korea http://www.hyundai-motor.com GEN. LHD 0810 ENG
  2. 2. Modern forms, traditional values The shape is fresh and modern, but the name is one you know you can trust. This is Accent, the latest generation of Hyundai’s subcompact family car. It has all the time-honoured qualities you have come to expect of a Hyundai – reliability and durability, innovation and practicality, safety and economy – clothed in an eye-catching new profile. Accent, where pedigree is allied to progress.
  3. 3. Small makes big sense The latest Accent is marginally bigger than its predecessor. As you will discover when you try the car, though, there is a lot more space inside. Quite simply, the accommodation is best-in-class. The interior is practical as well, designed for the rough and tumble of everyday lives. While Accent is clearly a family-oriented model, its simple lines have a sporty, yet solid appeal. It is all indicative of the great care and attention that went into the design.
  4. 4. An Accent to trust We at Hyundai Motor Company are driven by the constant quest to do things better. Each new model bursts with new ideas, improved technologies and fresh efficiencies. What that translates into are ever-higher standards of quality, refinement and durability for all our cars. The latest Accent is no exception. It is a stylish, spacious and safe family car. It is also comfortable, quiet and economical. Accent is a car that you will be able to rely on. It will become a trustworthy and reliable ally over the coming years. Keyless entry The ignition key fob contains a remote control that can open and close all doors from a distance.
  5. 5. Whatever you want Irrespective of the weather outside, the fully automatic temperature control system will make you comfortable inside. Music on the move The comprehensive in-car entertainment system features an MP3 player, in-dash CD and six speakers as well as radio. What you want, where you want it Never has an Accent been more stylish. The light, bright interior features tasteful, two-tone finishes for the facia, door trims and seating. Bright metal touches embellish the console and fresh air vents. The overall appearance is of a car that costs twice as much. And there is order behind the good looks. For maximum convenience, our designers paid particular attention to the locations of the controls, their ease of use, and the clarity of the instruments. To complete the package, they included plenty of storage compartments and convenience features. Mission control Now hear this Tickets, please The instrument display is clear and well illuminated. High quality audio systems light up the refind interior. A ticket holder is on the back of the sun visor.
  6. 6. Folding flexibility The rear seat back has a 60:40 division that can act as useful variable extensions to the luggage compartment. Sitting in comfort Hyundai thinks of everything: the driver’s seat has adjustments for height in addition to the backrest angle. Space station Accent’s amazingly generous interior space combines with the comfort of the seats, the quality of the ride and the profusion of the convenience features to makes a long journey a task to be relished. Thanks to the car’s long wheelbase and very clever packaging, the head and leg room are the best in its class. Comfortable, well-padded seating is offered with a choice of two-tone grey or beige materials that complement the elegance to the rest of the interior. Storage space One size holds all Take it easy The glove box in the facia has large capacity. Rear cup holder is adjustable for different-sized containers. Driver’s seat has an arm rest for convenience.
  7. 7. Stopping power Easy to adjust Bigger front disc and booster sizes mean safer, faster braking. Adjustable headrest easily moves up and down. Inner strength Accent’s solid feel starts with the use of a safe, rigid body shell Your safety is our mission Hyundai engineers have raised standards in their quest to protect everyone in the event of a crash – and that includes any pedestrians unfortunate enough to be caught in the incident. For a start, the safety blueprint for Accent requires impeccable handling, which is now accompanied by larger anti-lock disc brakes. The reinforced body shell is complemented by solid steel side impact beams, six air bags and seat belts equipped with pre-tensioners. Scientifically monitored tests in our high technology laboratories confirm computer Cushioning the impact Safety first Occupants have the benefit of dual front air bags, another on Sure handling and anti-lock calculations that the Accent exceeds the toughest crash protection legislation from around the world. the side of each front seat, and roof-mounted bags that form brakes help to keep the Accent protective curtains along each side of the interior. on-line.
  8. 8. 1.6-litre DOHC CVVT petrol Variable valve timing and extra displacement produce 82.4kW (112 PS) 1.4-litre DOHC petrol 1.5-litre CRDi turbodiesel A small displacement increase takes power output to 69.9kW (97 PS) Common rail fuel injection helps to produce top-class 81kW (110 PS) The best of everything Accent’s trio of engines have it all: economy, power, refinement and durability Stop and go Front brake disc diameters are bigger for more stopping power. Well-proven MacPherson strut-type front suspension gives excellent Accent revives the time when driving was fun on-road performance. Driving today can sometimes be a chore, but Hyundai does not believe that means cars should be dull. Quite the contrary. Our aim is to put the sparkle of enjoyment back into driving. Accent is an example of what we mean. The stiffness and strength of the new platform and body shell make the car solid and secure. Our engineers paid particular attention to reducing what they know as NVH – noise, vibration and harshness. Automatic transmission In stop-start city traffic, drivers may prefer to opt for our The steering is light and precise and the anti-lock disc brakes are world-class. The suspension combines high levels of ride comfort and road four-speed automatic gearbox, which is available on the two petrol engine Accents. holding. There is a choice of three engines, each of which combines high performance with fuel efficiency. The two petrol units are more powerful than others of similar size, and the performance of the common rail injection turbo diesel is the best in its class. We’re proud of what Manual transmission The majority of drivers prefer to change gears themselves. we achieved. We think you’ll be impressed too. In fact, we believe Accent is a prescription that will put a smile on your face. That’s why we decided to design a new, super-slick manual with five forward speeds.
  9. 9. A car of many colours Accent’s dynamic new shape deserves fresh colours. It is now available in more solid, metallic or pearl finishes, from lively blue and yellow to more subtle silver and beige.
  10. 10. FEATURE More Accent Front lights Radiator grille High-mounted stop light Door handle Power sun roof Windscreen washers The headlights and turn indicators are grouped under This is the new face of the four-door. Four horizontal strips The centre, high-mounted brake warning light is located Exterior door handles become part of the overall Accent A sun roof with slide and tilt mechanisms is available as Powerful multi-directional jets and a large waterwasher simple, yet stylish, transparent covers that blend beautifully and the Hyundai logo produce an attractive simplicity. It unobtrusively in the rear window. style when finished in the same colour as the car. an option. reservoir ensure the windscreen can always be cleaned. into the frontal treatment. gives a full accent to the already refined frontal look. Fog lights Rear lights Back-up warning Interior mirror Door switches Sunglasses holder The fog lights are neatly tucked into the corners of the The simple rear light clusters are mounted high on each Sensors in the rear bumper detect objects the driver The rear view mirror operates in two planes: in daylight Controls for the electrically powered window lifts and How often have you searched for them? In the Accent, full-width air intake below the radiator grille. corner for maximum visibility. cannot see when reversing and sound a warning inside. and dipped at night to avoid glare from other lights. exterior mirrors are conveniently located in the door trim. there’s a permanent home for your sunglasses. Radio aerial Outside mirror Cup-holders Multi box Solar glass All shapes and sizes To pick up radio signals, a micro antenna is mounted on The exterior mirrors are electrically operated. The design means the pair of cup-holders between the The pull-out cubby hole is useful for small items. It is part Tinted glass is standard, and high tech glazing that cuts Adjustable seatbelt mountings help to make everyone the roof for maximum reception. front seats can keep large as well as regular containers of a wide array of interior storage spaces. ultra-violet rays is available as an option. comfortable. stable.
  11. 11. BODY COLOR FEATURE Noble White NW Ebony Black EB Hip-hop Red HL Space Silver 5S Midnight Grey 2M Rear headrest Portable ash tray Storage tray Door map pocket The rear headrests are adjustable for height to suit the The lidded pot for cigarette ash can be removed by non- More space for everyday items – such as this small Each door has a sizeable pocket for maps and oddments. seat occupants or to enhance the driver’s vision. smokers to create another storage space. umbrella – is provided by a tray below the steering column. It is also shaped to accommodate a bottle. Gold Beige 9G Sheer Yellow 3W Wine Red 5R Sky Blue 2B Blue Onyx 3E CLOTH SEAT TRIM Manual air conditioning Steering wheel adjustment Luggage net Tool tray Simply set the temperature and directional controls you The steering wheel has a tilt function to help the driver Loose items can be prevented from rolling around the A full complement of all the necessary tools and accessories want, and you can relax in air-conditioned comfort. find a comfortable seating position. boot with the use of a net anchored to the inner boot trim. storage space are located alongside the space tire. Cloth Beige GLS Cloth Grey GLS Cloth Beige GL Cloth Grey GL DIMENSIONS WHEEL 1,470 1,470 840 2,500 940 1,460 4,280 unit : mm Some of the equipment illustrated or described in this catalogue may not be supplied as standard equipment and may be available at extra cost. Hyundai Motor Co. reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without prior notice. The color plates shown may vary slightly from the actual colors due to the limitations of the printing process. 5.0J x 14” Steel Wheel with 175/70 R14 tires 5.5J x 14” Steel Wheel with 185/65 R14 tires 5.5J x 14” Alloy Wheel with 185/65 R14 tires 5.5J x 15” Alloy Wheel with 195/55 R15 tires Please consult your dealer for full information and availability on colors and trim.
  12. 12. SPECIFICATIONS The security of Genuine Hyundai Service ENGINE Type 1.4 DOHC (Unleaded) 1.6 DOHC CVVT (Unleaded) 1.5 CRDi (Diesel) Hyundai Service Rust Protection Hyundai Recycling Pledge Displacement (cc) 1,399 1,599 1,493 Hyundai has over 5000 service centers throughout the Another major advantage that Hyundai owners enjoy is Our attention to quality extends right to the end of your Bore x Stroke (mm) 75.5 x 78.1 76.5 x 87.0 75.0 x 84.5 world. All of them highly trained specialist staff are ready freedom of worry over rust. Our advanced paint and i30s active life. Not only is every part marked with a Compression Ratio 10.0 10.0 17.8 and waiting to ensure that every minute you spend with coatings technology means we can confidently extend a recycling code, but Hyundai actively participates in Max. Power (kW/rpm) 69.9 (95PS) / 6,000 82.4 (112PS) / 6,000 81 (110PS) / 4,000 your Hyundai is time well spent. The Hyundai Academy and five-year guarantee against rust penetration. ensuring that none of its products becomes a long-term Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) 124.5 (12.7kg.m) / 4,700 145.1 (14.8kg.m) / 4,500 235 (24kg.m) / 1,900 ~ 2,750rpm our full range of specialist training schemes mean that pollutant. In fact our car for the environment extends Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 45.05 On leaded fuel engines, power & torque figures vary in accordance with local fuel and climate characteristics. whatever your car needs, and whenever it needs it, there Hyundai Genuine Spare Parts right from the drawing board to the recycling plant. Please ask your dealer for available engines. will be fully qualified Hyundai service personnel to provide Hyundai Genuine Spare Parts are built to the same it, quickly, efficiently and effectively. Also if you have any specification as the original equipment on your i30. That DRIVE TRAIN queries over any aspect of Hyundai service or guarantees, means they have been rigorously tested until we are Type Manual Automatic just call your local Hyundai service hot/help line, there will confident that they meet the rigid quality and 1.4 DOHC 1.6 DOHC CVVT 1.5 CRDi 1.4 DOHC 1.6 DOHC CVVT 1.5 CRDi Gear ratio 1st 3.615 2.846 2.919 be a specialist ready and waiting to advise you. dependability standards of the Hyundai Motor Company. 2nd 2.053 1.962 1.581 1.551 Our quality control not only assures you of the best 3rd 1.370 1.257 1.000 New Car Guarantee choice of spare parts, it also extends to our worldwide 4th 1.031 0.905 0.685 0.713 Hyundai quality control extends from the beginning of delivery service. No matter where in the world you are, 5th 0.837 0.702 - - your cars life until it is recycled. Quality of design, you will usually have any part you require within 24 Reverse 3.583 3.583 2.176 2.480 Final gear ratio 4.056 3.706 4.041 3.333 materials and manufacture are then matched by quality of hours, no matter what age your vehicle has reached. Lubricant capacity (liter) 1.9 2.0 6.1 6.2 service. In this way the Hyundai underwrites its promise of quality through every stage of the vehicles life cycle. SUSPENSION BRAKES Front MacPherson Strut General Dual - diagonal, split - circuit, power - assited brakeing system Rear Coupled Torsion Beam Axle with pressure proportioning valve Shock absorber Gas type Front Brake type Disk type (Ventilated with floating caliper and pad wear sensor) Caliper Size : 54, Disc Size : 256 x 22t (10") STEERING WHEEL Rear Brake type Drum type (CBS/ABS) : 8" Drum (Inner Dia : 203.2) Type MANUAL POWER MDPS Overall steering gear ratio 21.6 15.5 15.5 Vacuum Diameter (inch) 10" Single Steering Wheel turn (Lock to lock) 4.3(175 tire only) 3.1(175 tire) / 3.01(185 tire above) 3.01(GSL) / 3.2(DSL) Booster Boosting ratio 7:1 4.92 0.2(175 tire) / Master Type (Primary/Secondary) CBS : AS/AS , ABS : AS/TC Minimum turning radius (m) 4.98 0.2(175 tire only) 5.05 0.2 5.05 0.2(185 tire above) cylinder Diameter (inch) 0.874"( 22.22mm)