Bonus Movie Review-Dead End


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Bonus Movie Review-Dead End

  1. 1. Bridger 1Robert Wesley Bridger JrProfessor ArguelloHistory 141, 711542 October 2011 Bonus Movie Review: Dead End New York in the 1930s was a place of unrest. In the Lower East Side there was a splitbetween the rich and poor that was so easily seen it was literally draw with the road thatseparated them. The poor had been living there for so many years that their apartments werefalling apart and the area was home to overcrowded families with nothing to their name. Baby Face Martin, a now grown gangster known for his violence, is one such person whohad grown up on these streets. Martin had come back to visit his old childhood home in hopes ofa happy reunion with his mother and old girlfriend. His visit had caused his mother to slip into adeeper depression than she had already been in, knowing she had raised such a dark hearted man.Also pushing his visit from hopeful to bitter was finding out that his old flame had become aprostitute, killing his short lived desire to settle down. Once he had pushed past happiness andback into his more suited evil bitterness, he began planning a kidnapping of a rich boy in theapartments across the street. Around the same time as this is being planned, a boy named Tommy Gordon pulls a knifeon a rich man living in the wealthy apartments and when he wouldn’t let him go Tommy cutshim. This all began because Tommy and his gang of poor kids had a scuffle with the rich mans
  2. 2. Bridger 2son, and ended up stealing his money, watch, and dress coat. Doing this puts Tommy on theradar of Police in the area, so he goes into hiding for a short while. Tommy’s sister Drina has been working hard to keep a roof over their heads and food onthe table since before she could even remember. She loves her brother and wants so badly tokeep him from the path he is heading towards, afraid he will end up in prison or dead. She triesto escape to the countryside with her brother once the police are onto him, but fails to do so whenTommy decides to go back and find the member of his gang who had ratted him out. While therehe gets snagged by the police. Dave Connell, a childhood friend of Drina, confronts Baby Face Martin early in themovie about leaving New York, and staying away from his friend’s kid brother Tommy. Later inthe movie when Dave confronts Martin and tells him he will inform the police of hiswhereabouts. This angers Martin so he stabs him then punches him into the river, yet still aliveDave comes after Martin and this time ends up killing him in a mix of self defense andaggression. Dave is then quickly recognized as the man who brought Baby Face Martin tojustice, and for this receives a large cash reward. Then, during the trying time with Drina’sbrother being pulled away by the police, Dave pledges his love for her and that he will help inany way he can to bring them all together again. Drina gets her dream man in Dave and themovie credits roll. Overall this movie helps viewers like me, who have never been to New York let aloneknow much of its history, see into what it was like during the 1930s. A new respect is gained forthe citizens who had to grow up there. It becomes easy to see how gangsters, like Baby FaceMartin, and others became the way they were when raised in such an environment.