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Data Linkage and STP data challenges - Mark Barnes


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Published in: Healthcare
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Data Linkage and STP data challenges - Mark Barnes

  1. 1. Data Linkage & STP data challenges Mark Barnes
  2. 2. Background & Challenges Following the Health and Social care act NHS Digital became the data controllers for all identifiable secondary care data flows. NHS Digital provides this data to CCGs under a data access request (DARS) which stipulates the purposes that the data can be used for and how it can be linked. Organisations that are part of an STP that wish to use secondary care data must follow the rules stipulated in the DARS.
  3. 3. Background & Challenges Key challenges: • GP data cannot land inside a DSCRO • A DSCRO cannot provide its pseudo key logic to another organisation • A DSCRO can only release pseudo data for analysis • All organisations that are part of an STP must be included on the DARS application • All data processors for an STP must be approved by NHS Digital • All organisations need to have signed data sharing agreements and data processing agreements (where relevant)
  4. 4. The Solution The data linkage model created by SCW is compliant with all NHS Digital rules on data sharing and analysis of secondary care data. This was achieved by developing:  An IG framework and DARS application that outlines the legal basis for STP data sharing.  A technical implementation of the data linkage solution which has been approved by NHS Digitals solutions assurance, Information Governance and IGARD teams.
  5. 5. IG Framework (Internal steps) • Review appropriateness of data sharing • Identify who is the data controller for each dataset • Consult each organisations Caldicott Guardian • Undertake a privacy impact assessment (PIA) • Sign a data sharing agreement between each organisation • If GP data is to be used identify a data processor for the GP data
  6. 6. IG Framework (External steps) • Submit DARS andor amended DARS to NHS Digital – SCW has developed an approved wording that meets IGARD expectations to link secondary, primary and social care data • Sign amended data sharing agreement from NHS Digital
  7. 7. Technical Solution SCW has developed a data linkage solution that has been approved by NHS Digital for STP data linkage. • Two phase pseudo logic developed to meet NHS Digital requirements • Black box pseudo solution for GP and Social Care data • Sensitive data items are encrypted with an irreversible algorithm to protect patient data • Data submitted to an STP hub processor which links the data to the secondary care DSCRO pseudo
  8. 8. High level – De-identified System An NHS First: Approved solution to link NHS Digital Datasets with non-NHS health care datasets (eg. Social Care). SCW are the only organisation within the NHS that have NHS Digital approval to host a “Trusted Environment” solution enabling the flow of integrated datasets covering both NHS and Social Care providers. Copyright 2017 SCW Please Contact Mark Barnes Associate Director of Data Management Services NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit Omega House, 112 Southampton Road, Eastleigh, SO50 50PB