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Dementia Diagnosis Checklist for GPs


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A useful dementia diagnosis checklist for GPs

Published in: Healthcare
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Dementia Diagnosis Checklist for GPs

  1. 1. With thanks to Dr Helen Webb of St Clements Surgery Winchester for sharing this template from her surgery Dementia Diagnosis Checklist for GP’s  Hand out the Dementia information/numbers A4 Sheet.  Hand them ‘This is me’ document and encourage patient/carer to ensure we have a photocopy and for the patient to take it with them if they ever have to go into hospital.  Complete a care plan and read code as per the Dementia QOF template.  Identify any carer and read code the patient as ‘Has a Carer’ and read code the Carer as ‘Is a Carer’.  Ensure any Carer is aware they have access to yearly flu vaccine and health check.  Get permission from patient that you can copy in the Carer to any medical correspondence to help patient e.g. attend appointments.  Get permission from patient to put an alert in notes that all medical issues can be discussed with Carer or NOK.  Ensure you read code that the patient has Dementia and change from previous ‘Cognitive Impairment’ if necessary.  Put alert on patients blue alert screen that the patient has dementia and to offer double appointment if possible.  Put alert on the Carers blue alert screen that they are a Carer.  Consider booking Carer into the Carer Support Clinic with the Carer Support Worker from Princess Royal Trust for Carers who have a clinic first Wednesday of each month at St Clements. Give the name and number to Wendy Crookes who can book them an appointment.  Gain permission to discuss the patient at the next Whiteboard meeting so the extended team of district nurses/GPs are aware the patient has dementia.