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Case studies

Dementia training resources, case studies.

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Case studies

  1. 1. Case studies Dementia training resources
  2. 2. Case studies • Mrs Evans comes up to reception requesting her medication – she came to the surgery yesterday and collected a month’s prescription – what would you say to her and what would you do?
  3. 3. Case study 2 • Mrs Taylor appears distressed and you approach her in the waiting room, you ask her what is wrong and she says it is her leg and before you can stop her she has taken off her trousers and is showing you the problem, what would you do?
  4. 4. Case Study 3 • A family member raised their concerns about a relative with you on a routine visit about another issue. “I am worried about my dad, his memory and behaviour seem to be changing.” How would you respond and what action would you take?
  5. 5. Case study 4 • Miss Sims is waiting in reception and is calling out “help me” repeatedly. When you speak to her she says she is ok but when you return to the desk this continues and other patients are looking to you to deal with the situation when it happens again in a few minutes. New patients arrive and wonder why you are not intervening. What do you do?