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Blog 5 becoming an online lead generation machine


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Becoming an online marketing machine by Wesley Yuhn

Published in: Marketing
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Blog 5 becoming an online lead generation machine

  1. 1. Becoming an Online Lead Generation Machine Perhaps the most difficult product to sell online is a service that is provided rather than a tangible product such as shoes or lipstick balm. As a result, generating any leads is exciting but the prospect of getting enough leads from a website is something that most service industries abort early on. If you want to know how to generate leads, you need to ask an expert, such as Wesley Yuhn& Media Oasis for tips and advice that are reliable. According to Mr. Yuhn, when dealing with services the most effective method is the use of content marketing in abundance and spread across multiple platforms on the web. Producing Fruitful Content Online lead generation can be easy or difficult depending on the industry and field that you are trying to feed. But, one thing that is always true, content is king and the following tips should help you improve your chances at becoming the lead generation machine of your dreams. • Don’t Use Industry Jargon • Only use original content • Make sure that your content is easy to understand • Make it relevant to your services in some way even if it is not about your business specifically • Use photos and videos as well as audio recordings on each page if possible
  2. 2. • Create content that is specific to your location and that is geo-targeted by mentioning your city and state in the copy • Make you content interesting Of all the tips that you can put into action, creating imaginative, interesting content is the number one method that supports all the rest of your marketing infrastructure. Marketing Infrastructures that Pay Yes, you do still need to market your services through other means of advertising. Realizing that some services are restricted in how they advertise, such as attorney and law firms, there are still many options that are available to everyone. • QR codes – so many services overlook this option but these squiggly squares can be a fantastic way to get the curious to find your business. Connect it to some interesting article, video or photo with links to your blog or main site. Place them on business cards, in restaurants on menus and at doctor’s offices or bulletin boards next to some intriguing photo or cartoon that does not tell them what your business is. • Make some videos of you and your staff doing something that is fun such as hosting an event for children in need. • Create videos that show people how to do something that is relevant to your service – if you’re a veterinarian, show people the right way to bath a dog including suggestions for the type of shampoo to use; if you’re a doctor, show mothers how to take an infant’s temperature accurately. • Take a position on some social topic such as the environment, helping those less fortunate, caring for military members that need an outreach program or saving abused animals. Use this as a discussion point in your blog even if it has nothing to do with your services. These types of topics give you a personality that cannot be faked. Post something about the topic of choice at least once a week especially if you cannot think of anything else to write about.
  3. 3. Each of these methods of marketing once you start being consistent in posting them will gradually gain you a larger audience that will remember you the next time they need the service you offer.