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Strategy for an Effective Social Media Plan

Particularly for small businesses, how would you determine which social platform is best? Is it necessary to be active in all of them, or would it be more appropriate to select the few that are reflective of the customer profile you'd like to reach? What are reasonable goals for investing the time and energy (and sometimes money) into establishing and executing a social medial plan? How can you find free resources to facilitate this effort? What should be considered when developing a plan? Once that plan is established, can you commit to it? This is a synopsis of concepts presented at the Connecting Women to Power Business Conference, courtesy of Wesley Enterprise, Inc.

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Strategy for an Effective Social Media Plan

  1. 1. Strategy for an Effective Social Media Plan Loosely based on a presentation by Michele Ruiz at the Connecting Women to Power Business Conference June 20, 2014 California State University, Dominguez Hills All images released through CREATIVE COMMONS
  2. 2. Determine Your Social Platform of Choice • LinkedIn is largest professional network • Google+ offers an open platform o Searchable on Google search engine • Facebook is a closed platform o Allows control for the level of exposure I work at a biotech company I like the biotech company I work for I have a question about telecommuting options The biotech company I work for is hoping to improve its search rankings for career opportunities This is a collection of pictures from the latest charity benefit function Watch a video of the biotech drug manufacturing process Let’s get together at the next scientific congress
  3. 3. Establish Measurable Business Goals Examples • Attract ≥ 200 relevant LinkedIn followers within 3 months • Receive ≥ 5 inquiries for a capabilities presentation over the next 6 months • Increase revenues by ≥ 10% within 12 months A measure we already use will increase / decrease number % by date as people DO something Revenues Inquiries Followers
  4. 4. Identify Available Resources • Many tools are freely available, but require time and effort to implement o o o o brand/0572587.html o
  5. 5. Develop a Social Media Plan • What should be shared? o Limit promotional tactics to < 20% o Provide something of potential value to your network • Leverage other people’s content • Create new content • How often should something be shared? o Avoid spamming but frequent enough to keep the connection valuable • When is the best time to post? o Most social media interactions occur on Fridays, and 6pm–10pm PST Su M Tu W Th F Sa    
  6. 6. Execution of the Social Media Plan • Once frequency of social interaction is established, be consistent o Note that inconsistency conveys a negative image
  7. 7. Synopsis Courtesy of Wesley Enterprise, Inc. Content Solutions for Pharmaceuticals Presentation Slides ~ AMCP Format Dossiers ~ Manuscript Preparation Drug Monographs ~ Training Strategies & Tactics ~ e-Learning e-Databases ~ Pub Planning