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  1. 1. A memory card is a flash memory digital data storage device, used extensively invarious host devices like cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, camcorders, video games, portable MP3 players and laptops. Being small and re-recordable, they offer a great degree of ease and convenience to a user. Photo enthusiasts love to opt from a varied range of memory cards (SD, SDHC, MMC, MMC plus) to satiate their high storage needs. All they have to carry is one or two cards depending on the camera and shooting assignment.recover deleted pictures from memory card
  2. 2. Managing with more than one card is no childs play, it requires auser to be full aware of the handling instructions A minor mistakecan end up jeopardizing an assignment if a photographer loses hisprecious pictures owing to a problem with a card Corruption is themost common phenomenon which requires a photographer to seekrestoration of pictures from a valid backup
  3. 3. However, if a backup is not available, he can look for various picturerecovery options available on the World Wide Web (internet) thesedays Memory cards preserve the pictures stored on them till thetime something goes awry with them The moment an abruptiontakes place, a card will get corruptted, rendering the picturesinaccessible
  4. 4. As a cautious user, he must be aware of the followingcircumstances which are responsible for card corruption: 1Switching off the camera while a picture is being written on to thememory card 2 Removing the card from the camera while it is stillon 3
  5. 5. Removing the card while transferring pictures from a digital camerato a computer 4 Removing the card from a computer while itscontent are open on a computer 5 Opening, renaming, deletingpictures from a card while its content are open on a computer 6
  6. 6. Formatting the card in a computer instead of a camera and manyothers The bottom line is that if a user handles a memory cardcarefully as per instructions, the chances of data loss can bereduced dramatically It is because of the negligence of a user thathe gets subjected to dreadful scenarios where he ends up losing hisvaluable pictures
  7. 7. Thankfully, to rescue such users who dont even maintain properbackups, recover deleted pictures from memory card there are plentyof picture recovery software available However, a user cannotblindly trust just any digital picture recovery utility from the Internet
  8. 8. Thorough scan and information gathering should be observedbefore selecting any tool The Picture recovery is a trusted tool whichrecovers pictures and other multimedia files (audios, videos etc) fromalmost all memory cards
  9. 9. This software is available in two versions for both Windows and Macusers that recovers all picture formats such as JPEG, RAW, Exif,PNG, TIF etc
  10. 10. recover deleted pictures from memory card