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Westminster Communities of Florida's 2017 Volunteers and Employees of the Year


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We honor the volunteers and employees who provide dedicated service to the residents of Westminster Communities of Florida and to our Mission.

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Westminster Communities of Florida's 2017 Volunteers and Employees of the Year

  1. 1. 20th Annual Awards Banquet Westminster Communities of Florida Volunteers and Employees of the Year
  2. 2. Volunteers of the Year — 2017 We are so thankful for our volunteers. They contribute thousands of hours in our communities, improving the lives of our residents, and we’re so blessed to have them. It’s our pleasure to recognize their contributions tonight. TOUCHING LIVES THROUGH SERVICE
  3. 3. MAGNOLIA TOWERS 2017 Volunteer of the Year Irma Anes “I do it with my heart,” says Irma of her work as a dedicated volunteer. This year, during Thanksgiving, we were fortunate to have packaged meals donated by Golden Corral. Irma sprung into action to identify who was home and needed a hot meal for the holidays. Irma serves in our community, volunteering with Friday bingo and our food pantry program. She also works at IDignity, where she helps individuals obtain proper identification like birth certificates and IDs. She even met her husband at Magnolia Towers! There are not enough words to describe the kindness within Irma.
  4. 4. RIVERSIDE PRESBYTERIAN HOUSE 2017 Volunteer of the Year Murry is most often seen helping his fellow residents, with a quiet dedication and a knack for finding those who need a little assistance and pitching in without being asked. He often helps residents with their purchases on shopping trips. Murry always says, “Why not?” He assists them into and out of our bus or their personal vehicles, and he says, “Looked like they needed help.” His daughters say that he can fix anything, from woodworking to car engines to boats, and for a time he even lived on his sailboat. In the Bahamas, he picked up a talent for cooking, and he often shares delicacies. We’re so glad for Murry’s help. Murry Cook
  5. 5. What a contribution to our community that Dick has made since he began volunteering in 2012. He logged more than 500 hours of service in the last year, including reviewing every tree on our campus with an arborist to save good trees and identify the ones to be removed or trimmed. His meticulous attention to detail saved countless hours on the part of contractors and the downtime to residents. He serves as a deacon at Deermeadows Baptist Church and is a retired army officer. He even holds two patents from his time working at General Electric. Dick’s passion for serving our community is beyond noteworthy. George “Dick” Dickinson WESTMINSTER WOODS ON JULINGTON CREEK 2017 Volunteer of the Year We’re so glad for Murry’s help.
  6. 6. RJ’s volunteer work exemplifies the eight dimensions of wellbeing. He volunteers with grace, serving on the Resident Council and a variety of committees. Through his involvement with our Eckerd College program, he promotes lifelong learning for residents and students. He is even an enrichment specialist at Southeastern Guide Dogs. In the past, he worked with Pinellas County’s Juvenile Welfare Board and its more than 80 social service programs, and served in the U.S. Army in Germany as chief of family and child services. He holds a Ph.D. in counseling from the University of Pittsburgh. Congratulations, RJ, and thanks for all you do! RJ Doody WESTMINSTER SHORES 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  7. 7. After nearly 500 performances, we’re pleased to recognize Jack for his role in founding our Ensemble choral group in 1997. Jack has made music his life’s work, as a former high school band director, and now with the Ensemble. He has devoted countless hours over the past 20 years to providing musical enjoyment for his fellow residents. He works closely with the chaplain and looks for new music, writes music to fit the Ensemble’s needs, and recruits for new members. He especially enjoys seeing someone come back to their music after a hiatus. Our community is so much richer for Jack’s hard work. Jack Emig WESTMINSTER WINTER PARK 2017 Volunteer of the Year Congratulations, RJ, and thanks for all you do!
  8. 8. With a contagious spirit, Arthur can be found smiling any time of day. If he sees someone in need of help, he goes right ahead. He always says that it’s the Christian thing to do. He is a longtime volunteer at our community and at Riverside Presbyterian Church, where he has been a member for many years. He cares for our gardens and takes care of other residents’ pets when they are away. Arthur found an interest as a child in hunting and fishing. Although he misses it, he took an interest in gardening and has continued ever since, including beautifying our community today. We appreciate your efforts, Arthur! Arthur Frazier RIVERSIDE PRESBYTERIAN APARTMENTS 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  9. 9. Whenever someone needs help, Janice is there. She volunteers in our Thrift Store and makes sure that our Thursday meal deliveries from local churches are organized and distributed to other residents, as well as bring them to their apartments if they are ill. If someone needs an item moved, she’s always there to pitch in, carrying items from Manor I to Manor II. She took on the task of reorganizing our library with pleasure. Janice’s broad smile and happy disposition brighten the room whenever she’s in it, and her energy and enthusiasm have a positive effect on everyone. Thank you, Janice! Janice Harper WESTMINSTER MANOR – FORT WALTON BEACH 2017 Volunteer of the Year We appreciate your efforts, Arthur!
  10. 10. Pat, who has been a volunteer almost since the day she came to our community, works diligently to check on her fellow residents. She has served for a number of years as the chair of the Emergency Committee. She has led us through two successive years of hurricanes, making sure everyone had flashlights, batteries, bottled water and other necessities. After the storm passed, she walked the campus, checking on everyone’s needs and coordinating updates. She excels at our weekly trivia games, and she is also an avid bird watcher — and especially loves anything to do with people. We’re so thankful that Pat has been there for us when we needed her. Patricia Johnson WESTMINSTER OAKS 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  11. 11. How do you recycle _____? We know that John knows the answer. His true passion is recycling. His work as co-chair of our Green Committee has helped us recycle aluminum cans, turn plastic bags into waterproof mats for the homeless, and coordinates our bottle recycling. His energy is contagious, and he inspires many other residents to get involved. John is also a woodworker and carpenter, and a design engineer who worked on the Sunshine Skyway fishing piers, among many projects. John is a true leader who has a strong desire to serve. We’re so thankful he does so in our community! John Lefebvre WESTMINSTER SUNCOAST 2017 Volunteer of the Year has been there for us when we needed her.
  12. 12. Richard’s service at our community is extraordinary: He is always happy to help in any way he can, with a smile, contributing to our Manna food program, monitoring residents’ door cards, yard work and more. In his three years as a volunteer, he’s touched his fellow residents’ lives in a variety of ways, both large and small. Westminster Village is so fortunate that Richard is there to make our community a better place. Thank you! Richard Loomis WESTMINSTER VILLAGE 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  13. 13. Nancy has been a dedicated volunteer in our community for the last 12 years. She always places an emphasis on working behind the scenes, to keep our community a delightful place to live. She spends countless hours working in the White Elephant Thrift Store and is the co-chair of our Employee Christmas Fund. A longtime mental health counselor, she cares so much for everyone she meets. She is a past president of the American Mental Health Counselors Association. When she isn’t helping people, she loves decoupage, sewing, reading, puzzles and refinishing furniture. We appreciate all that you do, Nancy! Nancy McCormick WESTMINSTER TOWERS – ORLANDO 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  14. 14. We’re so thankful for Donald’s hard work contributing to our community. He volunteers more than 800 hours a year, raising funds for Westminster Asbury to provide activities and entertainment so his fellow residents don’t have to pay. Donald manages our bread deliveries, cooks holiday meals for residents, and helps residents fix their mobility devices. He also manages the Thrift Store and attends yard sales to purchase merchandise on the weekends. We have recognized Donald several times before for his generosity — and now we want to thank him again. Congratulations, Donald! Donald Miles WESTMINSTER ASBURY 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  15. 15. Carol is a willing and generous volunteer, and a long-time contributor to the greater St. Petersburg community, too. At our community she serves as secretary of the Resident Council and contributes to committees on scholarships, foundation, lifestyle and more. She also serves on the St. Petersburg City Beautification Committee, is active in her church, and is the past president of the Garden Club of St. Petersburg. When she’s not making other people’s lives better, she loves gardening, painting watercolor, sewing and needlepoint, reading and cooking. We are so grateful for Carol’s contributions to our community. Thank you! Carol Moore WESTMINSTER PALMS 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  16. 16. What community has a holiday party with an electronically enhanced blazing fire and mantelpiece? Whose apartment is a showpiece for the community? Who hosts themed socials with an extremely diverse selection of music? The answer is: Don, the man with the easygoing demeanor and the cheerful outlook on making Westminster Canterbury a better place. Over the last four years, he has made a positive impact to our community through his presence. He loves to create props for his apartment, and tinkering with electronics. Congratulations to Don, who makes our community a great place to live! Don Pennington WESTMINSTER CANTERBURY 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  17. 17. When Elder Care Services comes to our community to provide a good, hot meal to her fellow residents, Delores’s dedication shines. She has been volunteering for years by helping to order, monitor and distribute the food, as well as training responsible volunteers. These delicious meals provide a ray of sunshine to Westminster Gardens residents, and she truly enjoys overseeing this program. Delores also enjoys playing board games and helps organize game nights, providing entertainment as well as sustenance. We are so fortunate to have such a caring, dedicated and hard-working volunteer. Thanks, Delores! Delores Rush WESTMINSTER GARDENS 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  18. 18. Steve exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism. He has served more than 400 hours a year as a volunteer over the last five years, working in the Country Store, leading hymn singing, serving on the Dining Committee and our Ambassador program, and leading the No One Dies Alone initiative. Steve is also busy contributing to making Bradenton a better place, serving at both local hospitals and at his church. A retired college professor, an administrator and a missionary pastor, Steve has done it all. Steve truly has a servant’s heart and gives freely of himself to improve the world. We’re so thankful that he can do so in our community. Steve Springer WESTMINSTER MANOR – BRADENTON 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  19. 19. Howard has been contributing to the life at our community for 10 years. He’s busy promoting the wellbeing of his fellow residents, heading and financially sponsoring our penny bingo program, assisting staff with activities and recruiting other volunteers. Howard is always happy to assist wherever he is needed. His support is invaluable in keeping our community engaged with fun lifestyle options. An Army veteran, Howard enjoys birds, gardening, Western movies and books. Howard is a force of positivity and support for our community. We are so thankful to him for it. Congratulations! Howard Stone COLLEGE ARMS TOWERS 2017 Volunteer of the Year in our community.
  20. 20. Congratulations to Lydia, a volunteer who truly does it all in our community. She helps out with our monthly parties, setting up, serving and cleaning up. She’s a good neighbor who takes the time to check on her neighbors, as well as helping them with transportation to doctors’ offices, the grocery store and more. She never minds helping anyone. She loves to fish, sew, paint and go for walks. Originally from Puerto Rico, Lydia worked for many years there before moving to Central Florida and working for Tupperware for 15 years. Lydia’s contributions make Westminster Plaza a wonderful place to live. Thank you! Lydia Videl WESTMINSTER PLAZA 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  21. 21. Sallie has transformed our Thrift Store into a real boutique through hard work and creative promotion. She has organized resident fashion shows, recruiting resident and staff models, to help sell her wares. At the fashion show, she helped sell donated outfits to raise funds for the Employee Scholarship Fund. She also serves as a volunteer for Gift of Presence and on the Women’s Retreat Committee. A registered nurse, Sallie went to New York City after the September 11 attacks with an American Red Cross national disaster team and was recognized by the Red Cross for her service. Congratulations, Sallie! Sallie Worl WESTMINSTER POINT PLEASANT 2017 Volunteer of the Year Plaza a wonderful place to live. Thank you!
  22. 22. Evelyn is a delightful cook and a former restaurant owner who receives great joy in nurturing others. When she first moved to our community, she immediately started cooking for the residents at our morning coffees, and all the card players in the evenings, as much as five days a week, all at her own expense. This delightful, nutritious and plentiful food didn’t go without thanks: Other residents quickly began to help out, bringing her food or gift cards. She has helped build our community over the last year by bringing us into her loving kindness. We’re so grateful — and so full — from her love. Thank you so much, Evelyn! Evelyn Yates HUGH ASH MANOR 2017 Volunteer of the Year
  23. 23. WESTMINSTER SUNCOAST We are so thankful for these wonderful individuals, who embody the Seven Habits of Legendary Service: Familiarity H Ownership H Respect H Appearance Communication H Thanks H Stretch Employees of the Year — 2017
  24. 24. There is no one reason Silvan is our Employee of the Year — instead, there are a thousand reasons. He takes on every task with vigor and takes the extra time to make sure something is done right. He is always positive and upbeat, greeting each day with a smile. Silvan loves his work at Westminster Suncoast, which allows him to use all of his skills: Electrical, plumbing, HVAC and carpentry. He also holds a black belt in Taekwondo and is an artist in pencil and ink drawings. Silvan is a true asset to Westminster Suncoast. Thank you! Silvan Brown Maintenance Engineer Date of Hire: September 15, 2014 WESTMINSTER SUNCOAST 2017 Employee of the Year
  25. 25. We are proud to acknowledge Anita’s outstanding performance as a home health aide at Westminster Home Care. Her sincere compassion and complete devotion to our clients are exemplary. Anita is committed to excellence, outstanding compassion, unwavering care, and excellent service to her clients and co-workers. She is a consummate professional, always willing to help a last-minute client in need. Rain or shine, she is there with a smile and ready to go. We can’t say enough about how valuable Anita is to us. Congratulations, Anita. Anita Caron Home Health Aide Date of Hire: April 14, 2014 WESTMINSTER HOME CARE 2017 Employee of the Year
  26. 26. Ismael first came to Westminster Manor when he was a student at a local high school and volunteered for a job training program. It wasn’t long after he graduated that he joined our team — his proudest accomplishment, he says. He is very proud of his wonderful wife, Nika, who is also part of the Manor family, and two beautiful daughters. When he’s not at work, he is doting on them. In 2017, he received three separate recognitions for excellence. He lives out the Seven Habits of Legendary Service every day, keeping our community beautiful. We’re so thankful to have Ismael as our Employee of the Year. Ismael Colon Aviles Groundskeeper Date of Hire: April 16, 2015 WESTMINSTER MANOR – BRADENTON 2017 Employee of the Year Anita is to us. Congratulations, Anita.
  27. 27. Westminster Point Pleasant couldn’t be more glad that Tina is our Employee of the Year. She was nominated by 20 different individuals for Legendary Service Awards throughout last year. Her recognition ranges from her service during Hurricane Irma, to volunteering to help residents move in and out on her own time, to helping out at the Health Center reception desk. She does all of these things while making sure that she does a great job in medical records. Tina is a valuable asset to Westminster Point Pleasant, and this is how we wanted to thank her. Tina Davis Medical Records Clerk Date of Hire: March 14, 2013 WESTMINSTER POINT PLEASANT 2017 Employee of the Year
  28. 28. Here’s someone so good, he was Employee of the Year at his last company, too! Koran is an excellent and versatile cook. At times when we’ve been challenged, he was willing to change both his personal and professional schedules to make sure we continued to deliver the great dining experience residents expect. He will work any station and does so with a positive attitude and a smile. Long ago, someone told him that he would never go anywhere — so he just worked even harder to make sure he succeeded, and he has. Without a doubt, having Koran in the kitchen makes each day easier and more fun. Congratulations! Koran Emanuel Cook Date of Hire: April 17, 2008 WESTMINSTER SHORES 2017 Employee of the Year
  29. 29. Melba is an exemplary team member at Westminster Winter Park. She takes ownership of our assisted living services. For example, when a new resident changed levels of living, Melba assisted by helping her to adjust to her surroundings and gave her newfound dignity. She builds effective relations with residents, families and staff, exceeding their expectations with her excellent communication. Melba is especially proud of her two children, one a teacher and another a businessperson. She loves to bake and spend time with her grandchildren. We are so delighted that Melba is our Employee of the Year! Melba Gilbert AL Certified Nursing Assistant Date of Hire: February 2, 1982 WESTMINSTER WINTER PARK 2017 Employee of the Year
  30. 30. Jackie was raised by her father to give 100 percent in everything she does. Today, she provides outstanding service. During Hurricane Irma, Jackie drove one of the buses and safely transported residents to Westminster Oaks. After we arrived, she helped with activities and housekeeping, served meals, and spent time comforting the residents. Jackie’s tireless energy and selfless acts of kindness during this stressful time were remarkable. Her favorite saying is, “I’m going to make it work!” Last year, she received four separate recognitions, and we’re proud to announce that she is our Employee of the Year! Jackie Godwin Bus Driver Date of Hire: April 18, 2016 WESTMINSTER WOODS ON JULINGTON CREEK 2017 Employee of the Year is our Employee of the Year!
  31. 31. We are so thankful for Desrene. She is well-known throughout our community for her compassion and energy. She is always courteous and helpful to others. She is highly respected by her fellow team members, and appreciated by the residents because of her compassion and consideration — they say she is well-known for working hard and always thinking of others. Desrene says that working at Westminster Towers has really helped her so much in life. At home, she enjoys sewing, knitting and listening to music. Desrene is a role model, striving for excellence in caring for those we serve. Thank you for all that you do. Desrene Lloyd Housekeeper Date of Hire: June 7, 2016 WESTMINSTER TOWERS – ORLANDO 2017 Employee of the Year
  32. 32. Tron first came to our community as a part- time security guard, when he wanted a change in his career. He transitioned seamlessly from security to maintenance mechanic. He has excelled beyond our wildest imagination. This year, he was a Hurricane Hero, and was also recognized for saving a resident’s life. He even volunteers to play games with Health Center residents. He greets everyone with a big smile and a positive demeanor, because he has a big heart. Tron shows genuine care and hospitality to everyone he meets. We’re so thankful that Tron came along. He lives out the Seven Habits every day. Congratulations! Tron McLeod Maintenance Mechanic Date of Hire: January 26, 2016 WESTMINSTER PALMS 2017 Employee of the Year those we serve. Thank you for all that you do.
  33. 33. Sarah is one of our most dedicated employees. Each day, she strives to do her job accurately, taking care of the needs of the residents we serve. She is proud of her work, ensuring that medications are refilled seamlessly. Without hesitation she will go above and beyond to help a resident obtain the medication they need, alongside maintaining precise medical records. She is a big foodie and enjoys finding great food with her best friend, Sam, her husband of nearly 40 years. Her hard work and dedication is what makes Sarah our Employee of the Year. Thanks! Sarah Miller Medical Records Date of Hire: September 14, 2007 WESTMINSTER PHARMACY SERVICES 2017 Employee of the Year
  34. 34. Known for his compassion, energy, courtesy and helpfulness, Jim consistently finds ways to help not just the communities he’s responsible for, but the entire organization. He holds high ethical standards and is an excellent mentor and role model. When Westminster Towers needed help, he showed up late at night with five maintenance directors to help. When Hurricane Irma arrived, he hunkered down at Westminster Manor – Bradenton and helped to keep everyone calm. Jim is a true humanitarian and lives his life with energy and enthusiasm for those we serve. We couldn’t be more glad that Jim is our Employee of the Year! Jim Polaski Regional VP of Operations/West Coast Date of Hire: August 26, 2014 MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SERVICES 2017 Employee of the Year
  35. 35. Gerald is the team member who helps everyone with everything. If someone has no need for a piece of furniture, he brings it to a resident who needs it. When our community flooded, he helped clean the water-damaged apartments. What makes him stand out is that he is an advocate for residents who won’t or can’t speak up for themselves. A retired soldier, Gerald is proud of his service to our country and especially proud that his son is an officer in the Marines. He prides himself on his collection of antiques. He says he wakes up each morning loving what he does. We’re so thankful that he’s part of our team. Gerald Thomas Custodian Date of Hire: July 9, 2010 RIVERSIDE PRESBYTERIAN APARTMENTS 2017 Employee of the Year
  36. 36. Care and compassion for those we serve are at the core of what Natalie does. She goes out of her way to assist the residents, helping them across the street or assisting with technology. She even helps residents load groceries into their carts. Residents say that, in addition to all of this, she makes them feel “extra safe” in our community. In a funny twist, Natalie’s mother was a resident at Westminster Manor before she came to work here. She is very proud of her 14 grandchildren. Thank you, Natalie, for being so dedicated to our residents. Natalie Wanless Security Guard Date of Hire: July 27, 2015 WESTMINSTER MANOR – FORT WALTON BEACH 2017 Employee of the Year thankful that he’s part of our team.
  37. 37. Marion is our Employee of the Year for her exemplary dedication to our community and the dining department. She has served as interim Dining Services Director, Dining Supervisor and Clinical Nutrition Manager, when she helped fill vacancies. She has a passion for her work: Marion believes that people should be able to decide what they want to eat. She is an excellent communicator and has earned the respect of our dining team for her work ethic, direct manner, and loving personality. Her passion makes life better for those we serve, and we couldn’t be more thankful for her hard work. Congratulations! Marion Wilson Clinical Nutritional Supervisor Date of Hire: March 11, 2014 WESTMINSTER OAKS 2017 Employee of the Year
  38. 38. thankful for her hard work. Congratulations! Please join us tonight in congratulating employees of our organization who, as of this month, have achieved the milestone of 35 years or more of service. These individuals have accomplished a lifetime of service to our residents in a variety of positions, and we congratulate them. Westminster Winter Park Melba Gilbert AL Certified Nursing Assistant Date of Hire: February 2, 1982 We Honor Long- Serving Employees
  39. 39. 20th Annual Awards Westminster Communities of Florida