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Secondary research for Media Coursework


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My secondary research for my media coursework AS

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Secondary research for Media Coursework

  1. 1. Secondary Research By Amy, Sarah and Weronika
  2. 2. Cinema Audiences There are different categories of cinema audiences: • Age • Ethnicity • Gender • Social group • Religion Research has shown that 15-24 year olds are the biggest consumers of cinema showings.
  3. 3. Why do people like horror films? Horror films consist of 3 subgenres: • Psychological • Slasher • Paranormal People watch horror films because they enjoy the thrill it gives them. It’s a genre that’s said to be remembered by the audience due to the adrenaline rush you get whilst watching a horror film. Its quite different as appose to other genres such as comedy as this type of genre is aimed to make the consumer laugh.
  4. 4. Horror audiences Research has shown that the target audience is 15-24 year olds. There isn't a specific gender, however stereotypically it would be said that more men would watch horrors because they wouldn’t get as scared as women.
  5. 5. Similar Films Silent Hill Brief Synopsis: A woman goes in search for her daughter, within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill. Based on the video game. Only the beginning of Silent Hill is similar to our film idea. They are both based around a couple not knowing what has happened to their daughter.
  6. 6. Advertisements and promotions • Cinema websites such as ‘Vue’ allow the audience to see the plot, age certificate, release dates, trailers and reviews. • Online newspapers do the same as they give the same service to online consumers. • Lastly magazines allow target audiences to look at ratings and the plots of films etc.
  7. 7. Film Trailers They are a big part of advertising and can be shown in many different forms: • At the cinema • On TV • On film websites • Online apps (youtube)