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2009 Moscow


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The slides of the lecture Montessori conference Moscow 2009

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2009 Moscow

  1. 1. Freedom and restraint ( and ‘standards’) Moscow, April 25 2009 Jos Werkhoven ask I qu es tio n s
  2. 2. ask I qu es tio n s Not only the teacher... the child as well !!!!!
  3. 3. ask I qu es tio n s Freedom is a necessary condition for asking questions ‘Standards’ are comfortable and helpful, but be aware..... ask the ‘standards’ always questions !! e.g. “Do they fulfill my needs?”
  4. 4. used I Que stio ns t qu es Nico o study tio con M v a n‘ form ontes an Ewi nimals sta the sori jk ‘sta mat nd nda eria ard rds’ l s’ of t he A MI Questions for Dutch History J. Prins-Werker and Dr. A. Romein-Verschoor
  5. 5. Those are beautiful materials, but restricted. No restrictions anymore (e.g. schoolbooks). No demands of my government (e.g. what to teach). I myself wants to inquire what the needs are of the children of today and tomorrow. The children will help me............and they did!!!!!!!!!!!!! questioned I sp a ce a nd tim e
  6. 6. questioned I Kees Boeke - Dutch education reformer sp a ce ‘Powers of ten’ I will just show you the idea It’s online for free (I will tell on the end about free download) Search in Google on Powers of ten a beautiful CD at
  7. 7. And so we take another seventeen steps to explore kosmos and to discover patterns (’standards?’) The journey of Kees Boeke Powers of ten
  8. 8. To end here: a real photograph (Deep space) of our universe, 10 billion years ago
  9. 9. Yet we travel in the opposite direction..........
  10. 10. The journey of Kees Boeke Powers of ten And so we take another nine steps to explore our body and the structure of matter.
  11. 11. The journey of Kees Boeke Powers of ten Just 42 steps to explore the whole kosmos
  12. 12. questioned I Jos Werkhoven - The lines of life tim yet also in Russian language: e Montessori teacher and trainer for 30 years Now publisher for (Montessori) schools
  13. 13. Äåñÿòü ðàç ïî ìèëëèàðäó Ëèíèÿ âñåãî ñóùåãî Ëèíèè æèçíè ? ïîèñêå ãðàíèö ÷åëîâå÷åñêîãî çíàíèÿ Jos Werkhoven Äåñÿòü ðàç ïî ìèëëèîíó Äåñÿòü ðàç ïî òûñÿ÷å Ëèíèÿ êóëüòóðû Äåñÿòü ðàç ïî åäèíèöå Uitgeverij De Arend Ëèíèÿ ìîåé æèçíè
  14. 14. Maria Montessori asking questions Material for sentence analysis wat is het dat? wie is het die? ? an Dr. Maria Montessori rv at? a a lw ?w de id at? wie rw The Dutch word for m oo r d voo wat? ie? a n r w ie? a o ‘sentence analysis’ a a rt oe? vo n w aa w wat is de kern? waar gaat het over? also means: waarom? wat gebeurt er? wan wa nee oor ard r? ‘analysis of meaning of life’ ? in w aa w elk ho e van r? hoe? w e aa v w m ee l? rh at aar e e? en ? The ‘collaps’ of standards ? in Dutch Montessori history.
  15. 15. It’s all about: come into being
  16. 16. To explore..... ze de ls oa )z t os e m do os oor (k v ld s ere on w an a de h c zi n g ze ontst bei als de rdoet reld zo ar voo oolwe e lera in to de sch zich a an het kind en d me het kind co aan het k betekenis verlenen ind toepassen verwerken verwerven he wil te bu ro i ie te nt ge lera ge voor nw lli ne cht te in skra er gr ar el oe b er e ing d p eld rbe ide ve o mg eving ar vrijh ra eid pe le va ku dag de nw nd og ig is in ch er str e n ke um n o en nde re n n a l e re t v rw an ijs lands le - gn erve ren chap ra dit ar si s re n doen : we ook or hap: taal ob gist ere op sc landsc hool d en en lands re valu hap: k op school ch ap: reken en-wisk e landsc we oo dit unde es en dit do la nd doe la nti nd sc n te landsc sc ha we (voorh lands ha pe p: oo p: k m m op chap hap: co oto een sc ri ho t. ek aardr. : ol ac kennis socia did , ges le str gebied etc.) d.+ w pe is ch. ku uctur nd en n ig ge e din es en ou se de na rh nt me : ve ie n ein s m do (r de schrij fwijze n aantallen el en domein: or at en d ie we : laten len domein dome goed aanvul s) ze samen in: do hele m getal len do ei ma n: domein: dome m ge ei cht om n: en et in: br rie eu en ke kommageta vee n lvo uden llen str uc tuu r aa nt al vor m (v an op repe baken: aftrekken bo uw rtoi en re) grootte bak en: del en ba ke baken: optellen n: ver me nig vul dig en ver we ver bet ver nis sen we rke len eke rve n toe n pas oefen krale vermenigvuldigbord en mate nket riaal tinge conte groot n gouden materiaal xtopg verm aven enigv uldig bord