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Werdia Leads


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For increasing the number and quality of sales deals, and controlling calling lists.

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Werdia Leads

  2. 2. Leads Stagnating sales customers who, for one reason or another, could be more interested in taking out insurance. For Insurance companies are increasingly using agents example, a customer may have requested addi- and outbound call centres in sales. Commission tional information or could obtain additional agents who are actively making calls to customers benefits by taking out new insurance. With the require high-quality selling leads in order to enjoy Leads system, different registers can be used in their work and maintain a high level of income. sales in a more inventive manner.Leads – for increasing the number and quality of sales deals, Sellers become frustrated if their registers are not In the Leads system, sales leads can be distributed updated and calling lists do not offer help in sales and searched for using different criteria, such asand controlling calling lists work. Leads received on small paper notes are insurance type, product group or region on the easily lost. basis of an area code. A prioritisation order can also be created for the leads. e system addsWerdia has introduced a customer relationship management system designed for the needs of Leads produces inventiveness in sales urgent leads to the top of the calling list. ForFinnish insurance companies that enters fresh sales leads. e browser-based Leads system is example, insurance companies can tempt custo-easy to use and produces significant competitive benefits for insurance companies. Leads is a customer relationship management mers to order urgent contacts through SMS system developed for the needs of insurance messages. In this case, the system will search for companies. Sales leads from all possible electronic the caller’s personal information, and the seller registers can be uploaded to the Leads system and will call the customer within 30 minutes. e goal sent to sellers as desired. rough the system, is to improve results in sales and marketing. Leads sellers can obtain recent information about and prospects constitute the most important capital for sales organisations! A favourable buyer increases the seller’s motivation
  3. 3. Quick reactions mean better services Leads is a sales tool e Leads system is light and easy to use. Any text e Leads system is a versatile tool for sellers.files can be uploaded to the system if the informa- Notes can be entered in the system for potentialtion matches the interface description. Informa- customers, improving the level of quality andtion can be compiled from the contact form on the system in customer services. All data entered inwebsite. Leads can also be entered manually. the system will be stored. As a result, a person to e system contains an alarm system, i.e. informa- whom a seller has called on the basis of a previoustion about a potential customer is moved to the lead will not be entered in your calling of the calling list at the time of contact e Leads system increases efficiency, comfort andrequested by the customer. Sales work can also be diversity in sales work. Successful sales improveorganised so that good sellers of specific insurance the level of motivation and income. With thetypes receive related leads. It is also possible to system, sales management can easily monitor thesend leads between partners that use the Leads functionality of sales leads and the ability of singlesystem. sellers or groups to utilise leads. If a sale cannot be completed, information on the reason for the unsuccessful transaction can be added to the sales lead. As a result, sales management obtains valuable information in support of product deve- lopment and pricing.Information about a potentialcustomer moves to the top ofthe calling list at the time ofcontact requested by thecustomer
  4. 4. Technical system specifications e user-friendly user interface enables quick adoption of the software logic. Werdia organises user training for system administrators. Because the system is browser-based, the software is also available to remote employees 24/7. Login is carried out using an individual user ID and password. Administrators can quickly create or deactivate user IDs in the event of new recruitments and discharges. Different levels of user rights can be created for different user roles. e open documented interface enables data transfer from different information and insurance systems. Werdia organises the required hosting, maintenance and support services. Software version updates are automatically available to customers without any separate installation. If required, Werdia can edit the system according to customer needs and develop new functions. e Commissions and Leads systems are easy to integrate. ey can also be installed separately. e system has been implemented using Microsoft.NET technology, and uses the Microsoft SQL Server database. Sales management obtains valuable information in support of product development and pricing
  5. 5. Werdia Oy is a profitable Espoo-based growth-seeking company that producesinnovative software solutions for its customers. e company has committedpersonnel with thorough competence in the insurance, infrastructure andtraffic industries, in particular.Werdia Oy produces demanding located in HTC Keilaniemi, in products and services that We have long-term customer relation-significantly facilitate the business ships and highly professional andoperations of its customers. We have committed personnel. We workvast experience in the development of efficiently, but with a human approach.innovative software products in close Werdia is a financially profitable andcooperation with our customers. stable company with a credit rating ofWerdia has thorough and extensive AAA (Dun & Bradstreet). e companyexpertise in the insurance and banking is wholly owned by its management andfields, in particular. We have designed board members. Werdia will stronglyseveral products for the insurance field increase its operations in the nearthat, for the first time, solve typical future. Our competitiveness andproblems faced by sales organisations competence are built on a firm founda-and improve the efficiency of their tion. We can implement demandingoperations. Furthermore, Werdia has software solutions with highlylong-term expertise in the infrastruc- competitive cost-efficiency. We canture and traffic fields. invest in growth, recruit new andWerdia is a stable and reliable software top-class professionals and developcompany established in 2000. Our new innovative products for themodern and comfortable office is market.Werdia OyKeilaranta 15FI-02150 Espoo, FinlandTel.: +358 20 755 9670Fax: +358 20 755