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Train your Horse Holistically - 5 Elements for Equestrians


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Dr. Wendy Ying, Veterinarian and Equestrian from the Horse Radio Network explains 5 Element Theory used in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to help you train your horse holistically for a happier, healthier relationship and competition success without stress.

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Train your Horse Holistically - 5 Elements for Equestrians

  1. 1. Understanding Horse Behavior with Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Wendy Ying, DVM, MS, TCVMP
  2. 2. Wendy Ying, DVM, MS, TCVMP 5 Elements for Animals Holistic Veterinary House Calls Serving the Suncoast of Florida The Driving Radio Show Podcast on The Horse Radio Network Rider, Driver & Breeder of horses and ponies
  3. 3. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine 5 Modalities to a Balanced Life Herbal, Acupuncture, Tui Na, Food Therapy, Qi Gong
  4. 4. Acupuncture Stimulate the body’s energy to release chemical messengers to bring about a change at the cellular level. Histamine release - Dei Qi Response Redness - Wheal
  5. 5. Herbal Therapy Plants minerals animal products processed and packaged for topical, oral or injectable application
  6. 6. Tui Na Similar to myofascial release with gentle chiropractic moves Massage follows meridians joint range of motion Stretching Relaxation Body Symmetry
  7. 7. Food Therapy Energy of Foods Hot Cold Neutral Yin and Yang Blood and Qi Anhidrosis-summer heat Sweet itch-Blood deficiency
  8. 8. Qi Gong Similar to Tai chi Meditation and body movements for self healing For animals : “ Don’t Ride/Drive Angry ” Centered Riding/Driving “ in nature” Emil Jung
  9. 9. Holistic Treatment of Body & Mind Constitution History Discipline Housing Relationships Season
  10. 10. 5 Element Theory Master Blueprint of interactions of our bodies with the environment & other individuals
  11. 11. Elements Constitution = Personality Meridians and Organs Balance between Elements Support or Control 5 Element theory organizes complex dynamics into patterns to give guidelines for treatment
  12. 12. Fire The Diva Energetic, Shines, Intelligent Loving, 1st to gate Organ : Heart & Vessels Mind(Shen) An Unbalanced Fire : Anxious, Spooky, Irrational Shen Disturbance Anhidrosis “Bleeders”
  13. 13. Earth The Rock Patient, thoughtful, nurturing Can turn out with any horse Organ : Spleen,Stomach Mouth, GI, Muscles Unbalanced Earth Stubborn, Lazy Qi Deficiency Metabolic Disease Ulcers
  14. 14. Metal the School Master Rigid, Organized, Aloof Dislikes Change Organ : Lungs, Large Intestine Nose and Skin Unbalanced Metal Grief, Unwilling to Work Allergies Hind Gut Ulcers
  15. 15. Water The Organizer Intelligent Determined Strong Willpower and Endurance Lowest ranking in herd Organ : Kidney, Bladder Bones, Nerves, Repro Organs Unbalanced Water Fearful, Indecisive, Long Memory of Negative Episodes Arthritis, Jing Deficiency
  16. 16. Wood The General Strong, Athletic, Competitive Dominant Herd leader Organs ; Liver, Gallbladder Tendon, eyes, hoof Unbalanced Wood Angry, Irritable, Dominant Tendon Weakness Cracked Hooves Eye Problems
  17. 17. Interactions Mom Supports the Child Grandparent Controls the Grandchild
  18. 18. Fire The Diva Supported by Wood (General) Dominant Leader Direct the Energy of the Fire Help the Fire Shine Bright Controlled by the Water (Organizer) Plan ahead to avoid fueling the Fire Small Positive Steps to Goal Set Fire up for success Positive reinforcement Ignore vs Punishment High Energy Loves to be loved Axious Spooky Irrational
  19. 19. Earth The Rock Supported by Fire (Diva) Energetic, Fun Loving Inspire the Earth Makes Work Feel like Play Controlled by the Wood (General) Strength to Get Earth Moving Can overcontrol Food Motivated If Earth feels training is unfair, they will shut down Nurturing Patient Internal Worry Lacks Energy Stubborn
  20. 20. Metal the School Master Supported by Earth (Rock) Nurturing, Peacemaker Will go along with Metal’s rules Controlled by the Fire (Diva) Energy & Enthusiasm of Fire brings out the Brilliance of Metal Stick to a Routine Training, Grooming and in the Stable Enthusiastic Praise Organized Follows Rules Sadness Lacks Brilliance Doesn’t like Change
  21. 21. Water the Organizer Supported by Metal (School Master) Loves Rules Routine = No Surprises Solid Partner in Pair Controlled by the Earth (Rock) Nurturing, Calming “ Millenial Training “ Train with a Metal or Earth Horse Be Patient if you are a Wood or Fire working with a Water Intelligent Determined Indecisive Fearful Long Memory
  22. 22. Wood the General Supported by Water (Organizer) Intelligent and Determined Outsmarts Wood without Force Does not engage in arguments Controlled by the Metal (School Master) Forces Wood to stick to Routine Ignore vs Punishment Trainer needs to be Alpha Woods like to Work Athletic Competitive Irritable Angry Dominant
  23. 23. Living in Harmony 5 Elements make up the Whole One Element is Dominant = Constitution External Factors can Influence but not Change our Constitution External Factors Environment Relationships Life Stage Jing Over Control by Grandparent Lack of Support by Parent
  24. 24. Holistic Training Determine Your Dominant Element Determine Your Horse’s Element Use the 5 Elements Chart to Develop a Training Plan that Best Suits your Relationship Other Horses with a Supporting or Controlling Influence Can Assist your Training Be Flexible and Enjoy the Journey
  25. 25. Questions ?