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Distance education presentation


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Distance education presentation

  1. 1. A Theory of Teaching-LearningConversations by Borje HolmbergPRESENTED BY LYNNE NIELSEN AND WENDY WOODFIELD NOVEMBER 7, 2011
  2. 2. Empathy Approach to Distance Education Empathy and personal relations is central to distance education. Feelings of empathy and connectedness between learner and teacher  Promote study and pleasure in learning  Tends to improve the results of learning  Support motivation for learning These feelings can be fostered by  well-developed self-instructional materials presented in a conversational style  more personal and specific feedback from teachers and the supporting organization
  3. 3. Critical analysis of Holmberg’s theory Favorable review  Mitchell, 1992: Underestimated the importance of teaching- learning conversations Unfavorable reviews  Rumble, 1992: Cannot be applied everywhere and under all circumstances; cannot conclude cause-effect in the learning process; unlikely to be conclusively falsifiable  Peters, 1998: Complicated academic texts cannot be written in a personal, conversational style. Holmberg’s response  Personal approach refers to study guides that are textbook supplements
  4. 4. Books by Borje Holmberg rje_Holmberg?auto_login_attempted=true