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16NTC: Use The News


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How To Fundraise When The Media Spotlight Shines on Your Organization’s Mission, by Whitney Broadwell of International Medical Corps and Wendy Marinaccio Husman of Mal Warwick | Donordigital

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16NTC: Use The News

  1. 1. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Use The News Whitney Broadwell International Medical Corps Wendy Marinaccio Husman Mal Warwick | Donordigital How To Fundraise When The Media Spotlight Shines on Your Organization’s Mission
  2. 2. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Housekeeping Collaborative notes: Get social with us! #16NTCopportunity
  3. 3. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio International Medical Corps Whitney Broadwell Senior Resource Development Officer International Medical Corps  Global nonprofit dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs  Strive to be first there, no matter where to provide medical care to survivors of disaster, disease and war and conflict – often within 24 hours  Train local health workers and rebuild health care infrastructure
  4. 4. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Mal Warwick | Donordigital Wendy Marinaccio Husman Account Director Donordigital  Integrated, multi-channel strategy  High-level and granular analysis  Full copywriting and design creative service  Production and management services
  5. 5. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Use the news  Prepare a fundraising and communications plan in advance  Implement that plan as quickly as possible when your mission is in the spotlight  Leverage unexpected events into more supporters for your organization
  6. 6. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Carpe momentum!  Be prepared logistically  Contact information  Approvals  Templates  Know your goals  Have something in your back pocket  Build on successful strategies  Be creative
  7. 7. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Speed is the critical factor
  8. 8. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Speed is the critical factor  You are competing with others for attention, so the perfect is the enemy of the good.  In many cases, you are competing with other nonprofits for donations.  Make quick decisions  Get buy-in ahead of time for a quick approval process  Success after one event increases the likelihood of success in the next one, because your supporters, email list, and media outlets will look to you again.
  9. 9. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Digital fundraising channels are a perfect fit  Website  Email messages  Facebook – organic posts (& promoted posts)  Facebook – ads  Search marketing – Google Grant, paid ads  Mail & phones are great but less nimble
  10. 10. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Sample Emergency Response Plan
  11. 11. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Sample Emergency Response Plan
  12. 12. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Be nimble
  13. 13. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio How to be nimble  Emergency email template  Donation form ready to clone  Pre-approved media budgets for paid ads  Social media strategy  Online/social media ads template  Don’t forget back-end operations!
  14. 14. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Donation Form Example
  15. 15. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio
  16. 16. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio
  17. 17. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Grow Your Email File
  18. 18. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Tap Into Powerful Partnerships
  19. 19. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio The Power of Oprah!
  20. 20. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio The Power of Oprah!
  21. 21. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio The Dude Abides
  22. 22. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio
  23. 23. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio
  24. 24. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio
  25. 25. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio
  26. 26. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio
  27. 27. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Common pitfalls
  28. 28. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio  Approval process is too long  Too many people  Too much second-guessing  Creating everything from scratch each time  Not tracking your performance Common pitfalls
  29. 29. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio  Communications/PR team ready to pitch your organization to media outlets  Agreements with celebrities or corporate sponsors regarding their support  Offline direct response strategies:  Direct mail urgentgram  Telemarketing vendor agreements & scripts prepared Take it to the next level
  30. 30. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio  Recipe to drop a mailing quickly:  Printing done and held at mailshop  Monthly data files sent to mailshop  Postage payment plan set up  Copy written immediately & lasered  Choose segmentation  We were able to drop this mailing the Monday after the Nepal earthquake hit (approx. 40 hours) Mail “Urgentgram”
  31. 31. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio  Ensure you have source coding/tracking systems in place so you are able to track your success  More…? Example of metrics spreadsheet? Tracking your efforts NEPAL RESTRICTED FUNDING *Cash Received Online Gift Count Average Gift Amount Main Nepal Donation Page/Email 2722$ 110.67 $ 301,244.76 Facebook Landing Page 8227$ 71.67 $ 589,664.50 Nepal Press Release Landing Page 598$ 120.84 $ 72,264.56 Facebook Ads 111$ 62.61 $ 6,950.00 Google Search Ads 17$ 46.76 $ 795.00 Google Display Ads 17$ 46.29 $ 787.00
  32. 32. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Case Study: Nepal Earthquake
  33. 33. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Saturday
  34. 34. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Sunday
  35. 35. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Monday
  36. 36. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Tuesday
  37. 37. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Tuesday + beyond…
  38. 38. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Tuesday + beyond…
  39. 39. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio A Note About Self Care
  40. 40. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Second gift conversion after a media event
  41. 41. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio  Thank donors immediately after they donate  Ensure they are tracked by people interested in that event and with the method they joined  Follow up to keep donors updated with news of your efforts on the topic they joined on  Steward them regarding how their gift helped After a media event: donors
  42. 42. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Welcome Series
  43. 43. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio  New donor welcome seriessecond gift conversion  Include the topic they donated to  Monthly giving ask  Incorporate their topic of interest in future email appeals  Include these donors in future mail appeals Renewing these donors
  44. 44. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Renew as acquired
  45. 45. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Monthly ask
  46. 46. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio  Welcome series  Ensure they are tracked  Follow up to keep donors updated with news of your efforts on the topic they joined on  Mention the way they joined in appeals After a media event: non-donors
  47. 47. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio
  48. 48. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio  Let your supporters know where their money/time went  Videos – news stories, in-house, external partners  Reports – 1 month, 3 month, 6 month Nepal follow-up
  49. 49. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Helpful tools
  50. 50. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Social share Easily create social sharing code for free on our website:
  51. 51. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Response significance  Ensure your tests have a statistically significant response  90% confidence indicates a 10% chance the result is not significant; best to be at 95%+  Use our calculator: calculator/
  52. 52. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Take-Aways
  53. 53. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Take-Aways  Don’t let an opportunity pass your organization by  Always be prepared  Know what you’re authorized to do  Track your efforts
  54. 54. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Questions?  Please take the survey:
  55. 55. @IMC_Worldwide @jwbroadwe @donordigital @wendymarinaccio Call us anytime! Whitney Broadwell (202) 828-5155 Wendy Marinaccio Husman (510) 473-0366