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Bn module 4 - 2016 volunteer training on race route


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volunteer training #4

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Bn module 4 - 2016 volunteer training on race route

  1. 1. Introduction For those working on the race route, you will learn important information about your duties and the specifics of how certain activities function.
  2. 2. Route Sector Preparations Prior to Race Weekend, your Sector Leader will brief you on the following: • Identify your position and describe your role, duties and activities • Review pre-event and post-event activities and commitments • Provide instructions on where to meet your Sector Leader
  3. 3. How to Prepare for Race Weekend • YOUR CLOTHING – Dress in layers and plan for weather changes. Temperature can change quite drastically from morning to midafternoon. • YOUR TASKS - Know your roles, duties, and assignments. • YOUR LOCATION - Know WHERE you need to be and how to get there. • YOUR SCHEDULE - Know WHEN you need to be on duty and arrive on time.
  4. 4. Event Clothing Make sure you wear your Volunteer t-shirt provided and always wear the safety vest when outside the Halifax Scotiabank Centre, whether on the route/course, in the Red Zone, or in the middle of a park. You’ll be more visible and easily identifiable as a volunteer.
  5. 5. Youth Run The Doctors NS Youth Run takes place on Saturday May 21st. There are 2km and 4km distances for which we anticipate up to 4,000 registrants. That’s a lot of little feet on the street! This is their time to have fun so you must keep an eye out for hazards they may not see, in their excitement. Though participant safety is your most important role, don’t forget to cheer loudly, smile broadly, and enjoy the energy!
  6. 6. Lost Kids Area The Doctors NS Youth Run is on Saturday morning. What to do if you find a lost kid? Smile and tell the youth not to worry! Contact your team leader and grab another volunteer. Together, take the youth to LOST KIDS in section 13 in the Scotiabank Centre. Lost Kids area will be clearly marked. Volunteers will be easily spotted wearing a bright t-shirt.
  7. 7. Sector Leader If this is your role, in person Sector Leader training will be provided that includes information on water station set up and Course Marshals responsibilities. Follow instructions given to you. If you have an idea of how to do things better, tell us, we love to hear your suggestions.
  8. 8. Water Station If you have the very important task of setting up and working a water station, here is what it would look like. Don’t forget to practice safe lifting techniques – bend your knees!
  9. 9. Working your Sector • Keep the roadway clear of discarded cups – rakes are provided • Don’t forget to pack up the hose at the end of the day. • Recycle empty water bottles in the blue bags provided. • Mix Gatorade on an “as-needed” basis (about a third of the space you have for cups to start with). • Use the rubber gloves provided. • Remember spilt Gatorade is sticky!
  10. 10. Course Marshal Course Marshals are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in keeping runners on course. You need to know where the runners/walkers are headed. If you are a Course Marshal, here are some important hints: • Know the race events that are passing through your sector. Some sectors have ALL 5 races passing through. • Know the race route directions and turns in your sector. • Know the various bib colours. The colour indicates which race they are participating in and therefore the direction they are headed while in your sector. The race course maps can be found on our website. They will also be provided to you on course.
  11. 11. Course Marshal…part 2 • Know how to report emergencies and who to report them to. • Know the anticipated traffic flow through your sector. • If you are in a sector where there is vehicle traffic, you may need to provide directions to motorists in the absence of a police officer. • Give verbal and physical (arm movements) directions to runners. • Cheer your runners on… make noise!
  12. 12. Know your Bibs 5K FULL HALF 10K YOUTH Each event is identified by a bib colour which remains the same year over year. Course Marshals should be very familiar with these bib colours MARATHON TEAM RELAY
  13. 13. Please keep in mind… It’s not over until the last participant passes by. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure every runner, walker, or wheelchair participant has had an extraordinary experience. Water Station Volunteers and Course Marshals must remain in place until the ‘lag car’ passes. If you need to leave your position, please call your Sector Leader for relief.
  14. 14. Recap, Key Reminders! • Know your role (if you don’t, ask questions). • Be safe and keep the participants safe. • Don’t abandon your post! • Stay until the end of the event or your shift. • Last, but not least, have FUN!