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Plain language reporting


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Slides on the presentation about Plain Language Reporting to Parents

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Plain language reporting

  1. 1. Plain Language Reporting Dr Wendy Kofoed Building strong learning-focused partnerships with students, parents and whanau
  2. 2. Written Reporting – What a journey • Focus on the purpose • Focus on the audience • Focus on the student
  3. 3. Written Reports • Huge variety of formats • Trends • We all want to report well
  4. 4. “In maths he keeps himself entertained with personal items.” “She is able to use locomotive and non-locomotive movements when dancing to music. She can sing accurately. She is able to play an ostinato in a class setting.” “While your child has improved his behaviour in the playground, he does need reminding to manage his physical self.” He uses the strategies of chunking, knowledge of blends and context clues to work out unknown words. His inference is improving.” ?
  5. 5. Attempting to walk the talk… Feedback from parents - more effort needed! Plain Language Reports
  6. 6. Examples
  7. 7. Wendy‟s „work in progress‟ written reporting plain language comment examples can be found on Assessment Online website: Students •Use everyday language – especially for families of students who are English language learners.” •“Keep the information in the written reports positive, encouraging, and honest – always give the next steps to help the child’s learning.” •“It is good to put parents at ease through the language used in the written reports – if their child is struggling, they will want to know what help is needed. Also, be honest with parents and write about any problems.” •“Although it might be stated that the child is below expectation in the written report – I like how the teacher has gone on to mention the positive gains made with home support and the teacher’s work, as this is encouraging.” Resources Parents