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Top 10 steps to developing certificates 2012 lern we


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Understand how to develop a new certificate program or a group of courses AND have revenuesuccess!

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Top 10 steps to developing certificates 2012 lern we

  1. 1. TOP TEN STEPS IN DEVELOPING A WINNING CERTIFICATE PROGRAMBy Wendy EversSan Diego State University,College of Extended StudiesLERN 2012
  2. 2. 70%of employers say today’s employeesneed continuous education andtraining …to keep their jobs
  3. 3. 95%of employers say that they willfinancially support employee’scontinuing education
  4. 4. 36%Increase in employer learning anddevelopment spending between 2011and 2014See an opportunity?
  5. 5. $772 Bis spent on postsecondary educationand training each year
  6. 6. 9%of employers maintain a professionaldevelopment relationship with acollege or university
  7. 7. <20%of employers rated their companies’workforce readiness training programas “very successful”
  8. 8. 62%of employers say that it makes nodifference if employees enroll forcredit or non-credit
  9. 9. What’s So Special About Certificate Programs? They make money! They meet a need in the business world They develop and improve Current Job Skills Specialization and knowledge continues to grow Students network with other professionals
  10. 10. What’s So SpecialAbout Certificate Programs? Businesses and Associations ENDORSE and APPROVE certificates! Certificate programs continue to be profitable, even in the economic downturn Professionals want them for re- careering, refocusing their skills and improving skills
  11. 11. WINNING TOP TEN STEPS Review the top 8 Stages for Development and Assessment Learn to read Industry Trends in a larger scope Discover how to develop Advisory Boards that add Value Extend Business Partnerships in your Community & across the nation Expand and Reach out to the Military Offer CEU’s and Certifications Learn how to Refresh and Enhance Existing Programs
  12. 12. First things First…. Know your “Potential” Audience When you look around your city and county, what do you see going on? Opportunities in Emerging Markets Is there an upswing in a particular area? – Green or Energy legislation – Mobil Device Manufacturing – Electronic Healthcare & Medical Systems – Customer Service Skills – Defense areas getting big contracts – Infrastructure
  13. 13. “Innovation is the Ability to see Change as an Opportunity…… Not a Threat”
  14. 14. LERN 8 Stages of Development
  15. 15. RESEARCH Google – Are there other schools in the area doing the program or facsimile? Eduventure/UPCEA/LERN – look at surveys, marketing research Articles, blogs Are there LinkedIn Groups in your area – join them! Be as creative as possible Go to the association meetings Ask Questions!
  16. 16. Assessments & Surveys Once an idea becomes a plan, an assessment is crucial. It narrows the field from huge to workable. The assessment will let you know:  the needs of the potential audience  The needs of the area  A sustainable audience for 2-5 years  The competition  Face to face or online Try to send a survey out to 500-5,000
  17. 17. ADVISORY BOARDS A person or business who can add credibility and expertise in their field They are current on industry knowledge How about a potential client A Business An Organization An Association
  18. 18. USING ADVISORY BOARDS (cont)• What will this board do for the college?• Adds Credibility to the program• VIP business professionals in the community• Brainstorm New Trends for more courses• Choose Options for the industry• Define each course topic better
  19. 19. STOP HERE! REVIEW CHOICES!• This is the time to review all of the components so far.1. Does the research show competitive edge, innovativeness, a new trend?2.Does the research and assessment show a need or desire?3.Does the gathering of the advisory board give the thumbs up for moving forward?
  20. 20. LERN 8 Stages of Development
  21. 21. Partnerships• Key Factors: – Become an approved provider for your local and state Workforce Development Organization. – Get the new program approved with Workforce. – Become a Veteran/ Military approved educational provider. – Get the program approved with VA
  22. 22. BUILDING BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS Go to Economic Summits, conferences What is being developed in your area? What are experts in the county saying and predicting? Read press releases from companies Visit Association meetings Add your e-mail to all lists
  23. 23. EXAMPLES = BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS EDC - Economic Development CouncilWorkforce Partnership Offer your knowledge on a committee or board SHRM - HR group worldwide – Join! Be on a committee for a Job Board Offer to volunteer at career fairs  Network and gather cards from the employer booths  Add your to the speaker pool for educational expertise
  24. 24. THOUGHTS……..“Business has only two functions – Marketing and Innovation.” Milan Kundera
  25. 25. CEUs, ILUs & CERTIFICATIONS• Baby Boomers love to have CEUS in their professional development folders at work• More and more organizations want to know what their employee will receive from the program.• Professional or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are matched to professions• Obtain International Learning Units (ILUs)• Health Care offers Certification from the State or County
  26. 26. CUSTOMIZE OR GO ONLINE!Bundle differentlyIs it face to face? Blend it for more convenience…..1. Online Vendor or Blackboard?2. Customized….Core Courses…add Electives…mix and match………Repackage existing courses☺ Add trendy new titles☺ Add elective workshops
  27. 27. ADD SPECIAL EVENTSCreate an Event for a program: Emergency Contingency Workshop New Advanced Contract Management Certificate Green Sustainability Event with  breakfast and an industry panel Introducing the New Online Water Management Professional Certificate 2013- SDSU Veterans Sustainability Event  Free to Veterans
  28. 28. PROGRAM ENHANCEMENTSocial EngagementSocial Media - LinkedIn,FacebookPod casts …. Videocasts Blogs Photo Gallery Testimonials
  29. 29. …RERFRESH YOURPROGRAMS ... Convert an occasional attendee into a devoted customer (multi-buyer) Market to your alumni Capitalize on your expertise within the marketplace -associations, certifications Add more Credibility within the marketplace
  30. 30. FINALLY…………………………“Learning and Innovation go hand in hand. The Arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” William Pollard
  31. 31. IF ALL ELSE FAILS ………… Thank you!• Wendy Evers•