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  1. 1. SHOPPING at the CONTENT MALL Understanding how viewers shop for content in today’s “TV” marketplace 1
  2. 2. IMPLICATIONS Optimize CC Brand at other stores 1 Improve & Elevate the CC Digital Store Experience 2 2
  3. 3. METHODOLOGY: Two-phase Qualitative Approach 1. FOCUS GROUPS We conducted two-phase qualitative research,beginning with 8 focus groups among comedy viewers in Austin, TX and Hackensack, NJ and spoke with: 2. ETHNOGRAPHIES We then conducted 6 follow-up ethnographieswith “All Star” comedy viewers to better understand their platform decision-making processes, drivers of platform engagement, and content consumption patterns. 3. REVIEW OF RETAIL/ SHOPPING BEHAVIOR Lastly, we consulted with Troika to understand Retail/Shopping Behavior and its parallels with today’s content viewing behavior to see what we can learn. Viewer Type Ages Gender Total Males Females Mixed Hulu Viewers 18-34 n=15 n=8 - n=23 Youtube Viewers 18-34 n=13 n=7 - n=20 Digital CC Viewers 20-30 - - n=13 n=13 Total n=28 n=15 n=13 N=56 Viewer Type Males Females Total Hulu Viewers n=1 n=1 n=2 Youtube Viewers n=2 n=1 n=3 Digital CC Viewers n=1 – n=1 Total n=4 n=2 N=6 ethnos 3
  4. 4. MILLENNIAL COMEDY VIEWERS are ADVENTUROUS SHOPPERS… …comfortable and confident venturing from one store to the next in order to find what they want THE EXPECTATION THE REALITY While comedy viewers may spend more time at some stores than others, to think of them as exclusive groups of viewers – confined to or only well-versed with one platform – is an overly simplistic look at how they actually engage with the landscape. Instead, while they may have their favorites, the vastmajority of comedy viewers aremulti-platform fluent – picking and choosing where to watch content (including Comedy Central episodes/clips) on a variety of factors. 4 + +
  5. 5. DECIDING WHAT to WATCH Viewers’ decision-making processes are multifaceted and far from straightforward. As such, they often struggle to articulate hard-and-fast fast viewing patterns because so often “it depends…” In any given moment of content consideration, before any content destination is consciously chosen, the viewer weighs a set of interrelated needs. While some needs may take precedence over others, all five seem present to some degree in any given decision-making moment. FACTORS THAT GO INTO DECIDING WHAT TO WATCH: The questions weask ourselves when deciding what to eat when we’re hungry are remarkably similar to those weask ourselves when deciding what to watch. CONCEN- TRATION EMOTION SOCIAL IDENTITYTIME
  6. 6. How much time do I have? Do I have 20 minutes left in my commute or a wide-open Saturday? TIME I generally pick showsor movies based on howmuch time I have to watch. For instance, right now I only have an hour to watch something, soI'lllook for a suggested TV show, not a movie. - Chris, 32, Hawthorne, CA CONCENTRATION Can I give this my full attention? How much focus can I bring to this viewing instance? Do I need to work or pay bills at the same time? Will my roommate likely walk in and distract me? Or can I give my mind over fully to the content and become completely immersed? Today I am feeling like I want to watch something that I don't really have to pay attention to so I will scrollto my list which contains a bunch of shows that I have already seen that I love. - Alex, 24, Washington DC EMOTION How am I feeling? Do I want something funny to either lift or reflect my mood? Something deep and meaningful to move me? Something thrilling to surprise me? I think about my mood…Right now, I'm feelinglike I can use a laugh after a tough day at the office, so I've settled on watching a comedy of some kind. - Marsha, 33, Bronx, NY Who am I watching with? Who do I want to connect with? What shows have peoplebeen talking about lately? What do I need to catch up on? To what extent will this viewing instance allow me to connect with others? Either in the moment (by watching with others IRL or online) or after the fact (by taking part in conversations and subsequent social discourse)? SOCIAL The choice to watch Murder She Wrote was made because that's a show my wife enjoys and we can watch together. - Keith, 32, Freeport, IL What will allowme to better tap into, reinforce, express, andshare my identity? To what extent does this viewing instance reflect, reinforce or compete with my identity? Does it reinforce my sense of who I believe myself to be? My gender, ethnic, racial, sexual, political, socio-economic, intellectual and moral identities? Or is this a guilty pleasure, competing with my outward social identity, but emotionally compelling nonetheless? IDENTITY As an African-American woman it would be great to see what content is trending among African-Americans. - Kelly, 39, Culver City, CA
  7. 7. While VIEWERS RELISH being atthe HELM… …sorting through all the options can admittedly be overwhelming at times
  8. 8. Cara knows she wants to watch “Broad City.” The ROLE of BRAND inthe CONTENT MARKETPLACE The role of brand in “search”… 8
  9. 9. VIEWERS USE MALL MAPS to HELP THEM NAVIGATE Viewers develop, self-reinforce, and rely on a number of heuristics and schemas to help ensure they optimize their comedy experience across platforms. Though these maps are not infallible, viewers take control of their experience and believe they know how to get exactly what they’re looking for. Platforms feel very separate in my mind. I know what platforms offers what. through themyriad ofcomedycontent inthe Mall 9
  10. 10. ToDETERMINE whether PLATFORMS are TRAVERSING the HIGH SEAS… …Viewers evaluate them based on a variety of features 10 Caters to the viewer’s mindset and mood STORE VIBE Social benefits and experiences (propelled by content formats and platform features) SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE Platform’s emotional benefits; the emotional payoff of the platform and its content SHOPPER PERKS Platform’s features and functional benefits; fundamental influencers of the user experience NOTEWORTHY FEATURES Types of content best suited for the platform ONE OF A KIND OFFERINGS
  11. 11. NEXT STOP: HULU …in their own words
  12. 12. ▶ Current episodes/seasons ▶ To a lesser extent, old favorites/classics HULU HELPS VIEWERS KEEP UP-TO-DATE on their FAVORITES… and maintain control over their viewing schedule… NOTEWORTHY FEATURES ONE OF A KIND OFFERINGS The Latest & Greatest ▶ New content, shortly after it airs ▶ Viewers stock-pile or keep pace depending on show priorities ▶ High-quality content Bountiful Possibilities ▶ Potential cable replacement ▶ Extensive library ▶ Both new and old favorites ▶ Broad range of genres ▶ Opportunity for mini-binges (a few episodes vs. entire seasons) Trusted Guide ▶ Clear communication about “new” content ▶ Best show recommendation algorithm COMEDY CENTRAL COMPETITIVE On Hulu, the shows I want to watch come out the next day, so I go there if I know it just came out.