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Brochure of all IBM Maintenance and Technical support Services

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MTS Brochure

  1. 1. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support ServicesCan you afford not to?IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services offer value,technical excellence and outstanding service.
  2. 2. 2 Can you afford not to? IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services offer value, technical excellence and outstanding service. For organisations dependent on critical IT systems, assessing and engaging with the best technical support provider is a delicate balance between the needs of the business, the budget available and the service levels on offer. Market conditions and budget restraints are driving many organisations towards lowest-cost technical support providers, offering cheap commoditised services. Budgets are continuously squeezed, and service levels are lean and mean. On the other hand, there is a demand for extended operational hours, always-on Web presence and greater recovery guarantees. Will your technical support provider have the skills, personnel and financial resources to meet your business needs when it really counts? IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services offer a comprehensive set of multi- platform integration and maintenance services at exceptionally cost-effective price points. Advanced predictive, remote diagnostic and recovery tools built into IBM systems offer immediate response, cost and service benefits. By taking advantage of the global technical resources within IBM and its local service delivery capabilities, IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services delivers a unique combination of value and service.
  3. 3. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 3IBM Maintenance and Technical p04Support ServicesHardware and Software p06Support Services for IBM ServersIBM Proactive Maintenance p08IBM Maintenance for p10Multi-Vendor ProductsIBM Maintenance Solutions p1 2for Network ProductsIBM Support Line - Remote Technical p14Support ServicesIBM Enhanced Technical Support (ETS) p16IBM Retail Store Support p18IBM ATM Maintenance p20
  4. 4. 4 Can you afford not to?IBM Maintenanceand TechnicalSupport ServicesOffering value, technical excellenceand outstanding serviceChoosing the best support partner Engineering excellence into your systemsTechnical support issues tend to arise in a binary manner: In cases when on-site resources are needed right now –either there are no major issues, or you need to throw network consultants, hardware maintenance, and softwareresources at a problem immediately. solutions – IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services can call on people, products and patches from all corners of theWorking with IBM Maintenance and Technical Support globe. Advanced IBM remote diagnostics often mean thatServices for IBM equipment offers an instant advantage: when an IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services engineer visits, the cause and solution are already known,• Most IBM systems include software that monitors system reducing the time spent in discovery and providing a fast, health and offers predictive warning of failure. There is no efficient support service. need to load or pay for third-party tools, and many situations are resolved automatically by self-healing IBM systems. All IBM Customer Engineers participate in the latest education programmes on current technologies. In-house• IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services offer access to system, software and product designers keeps comprehensive remote diagnostic and recovery services, IBM engineers absolutely up-to-date, and the combination which often means that no engineer is needed to resolve of rigorous performance evaluations and training ensure that the problem. the best, most able people are retained by IBM.For support providers without the IBM advanced, integrated This outstanding store of knowledge is yours, on tap, as part ofremote management tools, it is only during actual failure that the IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services offering,action is taken, an unsatisfactory and costly methodology. providing a faster route to resolution and helping bring your systems back online at lower cost. By engaging with IBM, your enterprise gains access to the strength and depth of a global organisation, priced to fit your exact business and budget needs.
  5. 5. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 5Technical excellence offered by IBM FAQsThe intelligent and efficient use of information technology • What is the business impact if your systems fail? – With IBMincreasingly forms a central part of competitive advantage, Maintenance and Technical Support Services you have accessand is a major contributor to business success. to the world’s leading technical expertise.The underlying support services encompass all the hardware, • Will your service provider be able to meet your responsesoftware, planning, design, installation and relocation tasks that requirements? – IBM Maintenance and Technical Supportmodern enterprises require. Maintaining the IT infrastructure Services has access to the right resources, skills and peopleis essential to meeting the business demands and objectives. to meet even the most demanding response service level agreements.Balancing needs, value and service for technical supportNot only does IBM Maintenance and Technical Support • Does your support provider have the ability to resolve problemsServices provide comprehensive support packages to suit every remotely? – IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Servicesbudget and business need, it also offers advanced technologies resolves around 40 percent of support issues remotelydesigned to reduce costs and increase service levels into providing a faster, lower cost service – with free-of-chargethe bargain. remote alerting tools available.• As much as 40 percent of all service issues can be resolved by • Can you afford to work with technicians who may not be using remote maintenance tools that do not require a visit by trained to the highest levels? – IBM Maintenance and Technical an engineer – offering faster, more effective resolution Support Services engineers are trained to exacting standards and are all fully qualified for their specific area of expertise.• Remote management and monitoring tools are integrated offerings from IBM Software Group, in some cases at no • What is the potential impact of not having a full manufacturer’s additional cost, as part of the Service and Support agreement warranty? – All IBM replacement parts carry the full IBM warranty, installed by IBM engineers; IBM Maintenance and• All IBM service engineers are fully trained and all replacement Technical Support Services understands the business impact parts carry full IBM warranties, supported by the IBM of downtime. Corporation worldwide. • Is it wise to rely on a service provider with limited resources? –IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services provides IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services can call ontotal solutions that offer best value: a combination of the vast reserves of IBM know-how, people, products andcost-effective price points, very high service levels and finance to ensure that your business needs are met in full.outstanding technical and personnel resources. By engagingwith IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services, your • Does a third-party support provider have access to the physicalenterprise can resolve the downward pressure on costs and components? – Only IBM Maintenance and Technical Supportthe upward pressure on service, with an unbeatable business Services has immediate access to IBM’s global distribution ofvalue proposition. components, ensuring that critical parts are always available to keep your company up-and-running.
  6. 6. 6 Can you afford not to? Hardware and Software Support Services for IBM Servers Access cost-effective server hardware and software support Your business relies heavily on the mission-critical applications and data Highlights that reside on your IBM server. However, supporting daily operations and troubleshooting complicated hardware and software problems can • Helps simplify maintenance and reduce be challenging and requires expertise that you may not have. And, while costs with single-source support for your environment unplanned downtime can be costly for your business, dedicating your experienced in-house IT staff to traditional support activities can • Helps prevent outages and improve escalate your overhead costs and result in delays of other projects. availability through rapid problem identification and resolution With Hardware and Software Support Services for IBM servers, you • Enables in-house staff to focus on critical can leverage our experience and access our network of remote, online business activities by leveraging extensive and easy-to-use tools to more quickly identify and resolve problems. IBM expertise. We offer around-the-clock access to IBM support specialists to help prevent and resolve problems up front. In addition, our single-source support can help reduce your administrative costs while freeing up your in-house resources. With the flexibility to upgrade from base support services to enhanced support, we can provide a solution tailored to meet your needs. Helping simplify maintenance and reduce costs with single-source support By offering a single point of accountability for your hardware and software support services, we can help simplify your IT maintenance. Instead of having to contact and coordinate multiple vendor support teams, you can rely on us to deliver integrated and consistent support for IBM and non-IBM products in your server environment. Also, our service allows you to minimise your internal IT maintenance staff or multiply their effectiveness, helping you reduce costs and improve your return on investment. Helping prevent outages and improve system availability With IBM, you get the advantage of high quality, professional support that can help you anticipate and resolve IT-related problems. Direct access to IBM support specialists and our vast realtime databases can help you quickly diagnose and resolve problems to maintain efficient operations. Proactive notifications of problems and the ability to electronically download fixes also helps prevent potential outages and enhances your system availability. When systems are up and running you get more value from your investment.
  7. 7. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 7Enabling your in-house staff to focus oncritical business activities Why IBM?From preventative maintenance to problem resolution, our IBM gives you single-source support and direct access totechnical support gives you the confidence that your server a comprehensive set of online tools for the rapidenvironment is working at peak efficiency. By leveraging IBM identification and resolution of problems. With electronicexpertise, you can gain around-the-clock access to specialised services, IBM proactively monitors the heartbeat of your servers, taking preventative action to maximise systemskills for troubleshooting complicated hardware and software availability. With our global network, we can provideproblems. This helps increase the productivity of your around-the-clock access to support specialists who arein-house IT staff by reducing the time spent solving support backed by vast IBM resources.issues and also frees your staff to focus on core business needs. With our wide range of expertise on multi-vendor products we can support the most complex environments. And with a variety of support options, we can tailor our service to deliver the level of support that meets your unique needs.Hardware support services FeaturesBase hardware Base Limited Warranty comes with server or device. Can be extended via hardware maintenance. Standard proactive support. Electronic downloading for specific fixes.Hardware (Enhanced support) Extended hours of cover up to 24x7. Enhanced response and committed fix time. Upgrade options are available for all servers.Software support services Features BenefitsBase software Applies to server operating system. Release upgrades at no increase in Offers monthly license charge, which includes the right to use monthly license charge (MLC). the product on the licensed machine. Available maintenance and fixes. Defect support (if available). One set of documentation media (tape) refreshes as required.Availability Management Your primary focal point into IBM Service. Total IT support consolidated in a single Would manage all your contracted service support on IBM contract with IBM. and non-IBM products. Maximising availability of your IT Incident reviews and reporting. investment, allowing your resources to Developing service improvement plans. focus on your core business. Major incident management.
  8. 8. 8 Can you afford not to? IBM Proactive Maintenance Reducing outages, decreasing downtime If you are building a smarter business, you are going to need smarter Highlights computing to build it on. Relying on traditional ‘break-fix’ maintenance to support the high availability your systems require can be a gamble. • Access to expert technical ‘Advocates’ Waiting for a problem to happen and then reacting at that point for your IBM operating systems and 30-minute telephone response times for introduces unnecessary risk, anxiety and delay to your business. your critical calls IBM offers a smart solution – IBM Proactive Maintenance, aimed at avoiding outages in the first place. • IBM software updates that allow you to gain the full benefits from new features and innovations For organisations dependent on critical IT systems, assessing and engaging with the best technical support provider requires a balance • Two-way electronic service to enable between the needs of the business, the budget available and the service download of fixes levels on offer. • Remote monitoring of your systems, proactively identifying errors that may lead But the consequences of system outages can be expensive. to system degradation Research shows that the cost of system downtime per hour can • Error logs and vital product data range from £25,000 to over £3 million depending on the size of automatically sent to IBM to enable fast your organisation and the business you are in. problem resolution • Finance options to defer cost to future IBM Proactive Maintenance helps you to keep outage costs down contract years or build a payment plan to through the use of advanced IBM analytical tools which help you stay meet your budget requirements. ahead of critical threats and reduce the risk of expensive downtime. It includes an IBM Gateway Web Portal that delivers: • Proactive notifications regarding your system’s maintenance and security • Detailed graphical information on system performance and capacity to help predict performance bottle-necks before they happen • Reports which compare the fixes installed on your system with the latest available from IBM Laboratories • Updated views of your system configuration data.
  9. 9. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 9Resolve system problems before they Timely access to the latest softwareaffect business operations updatesBy monitoring your systems 24x7x365 with automatic error With the number of critical releases and security updatesreporting, IBM can respond faster with more accurate data to increasing daily, it is more important than ever that you stayquickly resolve problems. And faster problem resolution means on top of business-critical software issues. With IBM softwarehigher systems availability. maintenance, you can receive timely delivery of updates and fixes, reducing the complexity of maintaining your serverProblems are automatically sent to IBM Customer Engineers, software and managing upgrades.communicating quickly and more precisely the sameinformation you would normally need to provide to a Committed service levelstechnician verbally. Service issues are then directly routed to High availability of your IT is the key to minimising disruptionthe most appropriate IBM specialist, meaning that the right and lost productivity. Depending on your business needsperson with the right skill set is working to resolve the IBM can commit to deliver fix or response time service levels.problem right from the start. These are a cost-effective way to deliver faster contact and recovery times for your hardware systems in the event ofPrevent service problems before you learn a failure.about them the hard wayWith IBM Proactive Maintenance based on IBM’s knowledgeof your systems, we are better able to identify and fix potential Why IBM?problems before they cause system failure. With Proactive Maintenance IBM pre-empts problems with the resilience of your infrastructure, using open source,IBM Proactive Maintenance helps prevent unplanned automation and analytical technologies. IBM has the toolsdowntime. IBM has unique access to Predictive Failure needed to predict outages, so that we can avoid them.Analysis with the ability of components to warn of impending IBM can perform the detailed analysis, accessing productfailure before the component actually fails, meaning we can data, to determine the root cause of a problem.often replace components before failure occurs or you evenknow about it!System Support Representative (SSR)A named IBM Customer Engineer will act as your point ofescalation for service delivery and will meet you on a regularbasis to discuss service quality. This SSR can provide assistancefor out of line or pervasive support issues and work with youon microcode management. He or she can also advise on theuse of remote support tools and diagnostic aids such aselectronic service agents to perform system health checks andto improve the timely resolution of service calls.
  10. 10. 10 Can you afford not to? IBM Maintenance for Multi-Vendor Products Single point of support for all your IT hardware IBM has supported other manufacturers’ products for over 20 years. Highlights With approximately 50 percent of our service calls for non-IBM products, our breadth and depth of skill ensures the same high levels of • IBM service on non-IBM products service quality for all products. • Single point of ownership for IT hardware problems IBM uses a common approach to service provision irrespective of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and in support of this we • Competitive prices, saving you money on the manufacturer’s own price have developed our own tools to provide remote proactive service on OEM servers. • Same service levels and contract terms as for IBM products Our aim is to provide you with a single source for your IT • One contract for multiple vendors/ maintenance which enables you to speed problem isolation and platforms resolution, whilst meeting demanding service level commitments. • Support for major vendor products, including HP/Compaq, Dell, Sun, CISCO By taking advantage of our maintenance services in a diverse IT and others. environment you get more consistent service levels and a single view of support across your estate, without the time and expense of managing multiple vendors and contracts to achieve the same end result. As well as great service, simplified contracting processes, consistent service level performance and a single point of accountability, our prices are usually cheaper than the OEM’s. We provide a range of multi-vendor maintenance support options on many manufacturers’ equipment, such as Juniper, Sun Microsystems, HP, Dell, Motorola, EMC and STK.
  11. 11. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 11Support for your Sun servers Support for your CISCO Network• Hardware maintenance for a wide range of Sun servers • Hardware maintenance for CISCO Networking products, including: including CISCO Telepresence – Sunblades, Ultras, Sparcstations, Nectra, Sunfire • CISCO manufacturing and IOS support embedded in the – Entry Level V125 – V445 range support solution – Sun Mid-Range V690 – V890 • Highly competitive pricing when compared to – Sun UNIX® up to E25K OEM Support• Flexible contract model (not restricted to prepaid • Trusted IBM Customer Engineers providing service to 12-month contracts) CISCO’s own maintenance clients• Same Business Day and Next Business Day service levels as • Global Alliance between IBM and CISCO, providing joint standard, plus a variety of service hours client support for over 10 years• Highly Competitive Offering for equipment where the • Additional support services available, including IBM Support environments are stable and there is no need to upgrade Line for CISCO and IBM Network Assist the firmware. • Audits of your networking inventory available.Support for your x86 servers• Hardware maintenance for a wide range of non-IBM x86 servers including: – HP x86 Servers – Proliant ML, DL, C and P class Blades – Dell Poweredge Servers• Access to technical expertise on HP, Compaq and Dell equipment• Cost effective alternative to the OEM’s support• Remote technical support model which means that around 40 percent of problems are resolved quickly, without the need for on-site support• Comprehensive Operating System Support available, including Microsoft®, Linux® and VMware.
  12. 12. 12 Can you afford not to? IBM Maintenance Solutions for Network Products Supporting your networks, regardless of manufacturer IBM offers a comprehensive maintenance service for network products, Highlights using tried, tested and trusted maintenance services. In most cases this is in partnership with the original manufacturer. • Total end-to-end client support for maximum client satisfaction IBM can provide multilingual call management from our UK based call • Expandable services to other centre, along with escalation, and client satisfaction responsibility up to multi-vendor environments manufacturer third level support. We also offer limited operating • Wide range of service level availability system support, software ‘how to’ support, first and second level remote allows smarter maintenance solutions support and on-site engineers with parts (typically manufacturers’ own spares) at variable response times to suit your needs. • Network engineers covering all of the UK • Agreements with major network Customers who buy Network Maintenance from IBM often benefit product manufacturers from substantial cost savings compared with the manufacturers’ own • Contracted access to manufacturer’s own support. In addition, in the case of CISCO, Juniper and Riverbed 3rd level support and spare parts. support, IBM service is delivered in collaboration with the manufacturer to ensure the highest level of support. IBM provides software application support for CISCO products via the IBM Support Line, delivered in collaboration with CISCO.
  13. 13. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 13Benefits 24x7 support Our on-site Customer Engineers have instant access to theReduce costs and effort IBM Knowledge Database, where they can access provenIBM Maintenance Solutions for Network Products helps your solutions to networking questions around the world. They alsoorganisation avoid and reduce downtime whilst protecting the have access to IBM Centre of Excellence support specialists,security and resilience of your operations. 24x7, for help in solving complex problems with contracted manufacturer support if necessary.Reduce in-house resources and educationalexpenses PartsYou can reduce the cost of in-house product education and Parts are typically provided direct from the manufacturer,certifications by choosing IBM to fix and support your but in some cases, depending upon the service level andnetwork equipment. geography, logistics may be shared between IBM Global Logistics and the manufacturer.Better contract conditionsIf you already have an IBM Maintenance contract you caninclude your network equipment and profit from better volumeconditions which may apply. Also benefit from flexible contract Why IBM?duration terms from one to three years or open ended. IBM supports a large number of network clients across manyCoverage and skills sectors in the UK today, covering various service levels fromIBM UK is a CISCO Gold and a Global Services Alliance next business day to 24x7, up to 2-hour on-site responsePartner, and a Riverbed Authorised Support Partner with many times. IBM has successfully delivered multi-vendor servicesCertified Service Engineers, ensuring excellent first level to its clients for over 20 years. Our technical expertise andand field services whilst benefitting from special terms and proven support methodology helps us ensure our clients’ networks are supported and maintained in the best way,conditions with the manufacturers. regardless of the manufacturer.
  14. 14. 14 Can you afford not to? IBM Support Line - Remote Technical Support Services Software Support on Linux, Windows® and VMware OS running on IBM and non-IBM Intel® x86 based machines Competitive and comprehensive software support for Red Hat, Highlights Novell (SUSE), VMware and Microsoft. IBM also offers Linux Subscriptions from Red Hat and Novell (SUSE). Assistance with: • Usage and installation Benefits • Compatibility and interoperability issues • Speeds problem determination and resolution • Enhances IT reliability and performance • Interpretation of product documentation • Eliminates client need to add staff for implementation • Problem determination and resolution and support • Allows unlimited support calls from an unlimited number • IBM and multi-vendor database searches of callers • Defect support, including change team • Enhances IT staff productivity. assistance and emergency fixes. Based on its partnerships with vendors IBM offers a lower cost alternative but provides a more comprehensive support solution. For Clients who need a single, trusted, knowledgeable support team to manage and resolve IT problems regardless of platform/vendor, IBM offers faster problem determination and resolution and reduced IT support costs. IBM Support Line for Linux, Windows and VMware helps eliminate the need to coordinate support among multiple vendors. • Are you running Linux and/or VMware? • Do you need to simplify your Linux technical support processes and structure? • Would you like to have a single-source for Linux technical support and subscription ordering services? • Are you sure your Linux subscriptions are current? • Are you having difficulty managing multiple subscriptions all with varying expiry dates? • Is maintaining a support agreement with multiple vendors straining your IT budget? • Would you be interested in one-stop, comprehensive support that provides flexible and affordable services for your IT environment?
  15. 15. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 15IBM Support Line options IBM Support Line is designed for multi-vendor enterprises Support Line covers IBM and other popular software Support Line • Products Supported running on a mix of hardware, including: • IBM System z and IBM System x • Non-IBM Intel and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) servers including Sun, Dell and HP • Windows, Microsoft Applications • Red Hat and Novell SUSE Linux distributions Support Line (e.g. SQL, Exchange, Office etc) • VMware. for Windows and IBM Director IBM has a cheaper and competitive pricing methodology priced at system level for support. • Red Hat, SUSE Enterprise Linux Support Line and IBM Director for Linux • Option for Red Hat and SUSE Subscriptions • All the above plus VMware Support Line • i.e. Windows, Linux, Director, VMware for VWware • Option to renew VMware subs
  16. 16. 16 Can you afford not to? IBM Enhanced Technical Support (ETS) Personal, integrated, proactive problem prevention and management Waiting for a problem to happen is like sitting on a time bomb. Too late Highlights you discover a problem, which had it been addressed earlier, would have avoided the breakdown in the first place! • Dedicated account advocate working on your behalf within IBM For organisations dependent on critical IT systems, assessing and • 30-minute rapid response to severity engaging with the best technical support provider is a delicate balance 1 problems between the needs of the business, the budget available and the service • Scheduled outage support, making sure levels on offer. IBM technical teams are aware of your scheduled changes You need an IT infrastructure you can rely on. But enterprise • Monthly reports with proactive system systems are becoming increasingly complex and resources are finite. information and support activity specific Trying to manage multi-product and multi-vendor environments is to your needs a major challenge – let alone trying to pinpoint the problem when • Seamless problem determination of your something goes wrong. In a critical situation, IT downtime can cost problem Hardware or Software your business dearly. • Problem isolation assistance on Enhanced Technical Support bridges the gap between hardware and multi-platforms or multiple IT environments. software support, providing you with a dedicated account advocate who works for you and for your IT systems availability. Proactive monitoring of your system allows your account advocate to pre-empt and resolve potential problems before they arise, saving you from system downtime and any associated costs and revenue loss.
  17. 17. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 17What do you benefit from? FAQs • Can I contact my Remote Account Advocate at any time? – Remote Account Advocates (RAAs) operate within normal business Primary Contact hours (09:00 - 17:00, Mon - Fri). However, any severity Planned Outage Preparation 1 service request still has a 30-minute response, 24x7. Problem Management • If I require assistance outside prime shift hours, who can I contact? Review Calls – If your Account Advocate is already aware of the issue, they Remote Account Performance Management Advocacy will have made arrangements as appropriate with you andService Privilege(s) IBM 1st or 2nd level support. If the issue has only just arisen, Proactive Tech Advice please call 0870 010 1952 (Software) or 0870 550 0900 Critical Call Monitoring (Hardware). If you need to escalate, please follow the Regular Contact Hardware or Software escalation routes. Your account advocate will contact you at the first opportunity during Monthly Reports prime shift. 30-Minute Response • My PMR is not a Severity 1 but business critical – can IBM help? Rapid PD Response – Issues such as time-critical updates within a strategic project H/W Break Fix can be just as important as a Severity 1 problem. If you find Base Support S/W Break Fix yourself in such a situation, please contact your RAA. He or she will ensure that all relevant support functions are aware of Base Support ETS your particular PMR and handle it accordingly. • Can I contact my RAA for issues not directly related to the IBM support? – Yes. Whilst your RAA might not be able to help directly, he or she will know where to channel your issue and who is the right person to contact you. Why IBM? The resilience of your infrastructure is paramount. It is therefore crucial to find a technology and service provider who will help you to pre-empt problems proactively, allowing you to concentrate on your core business processes.
  18. 18. 18 Can you afford not to? IBM Retail Store Support Tailor-made service solutions for your store operations Delivering comprehensive support services for Highlights your retail IT infrastructure In today’s fast-moving retail business climate, there is intense pressure • Provides a single point of ownership for IT problems on operating budgets that is coupled with an equal pressure to maintain high levels of customer service. Your IT systems are an integral part of • A bespoke service for the retail your business and are a key element of the buying experience and environment with flexible support options interaction with your customers, so the business impact of IT issues is • Multi-vendor support for all your more critical than ever. With this in mind, you need to work with in-store IT service providers that understand these challenges and can deliver a • Remote support model to maximise range of services to meet your business requirements. IBM has been downtime and first-time fix delivering business critical support to the retail industry for over 30 years and we provide service to some of the largest retailers in • A UK wide service, available 24x7 the world. • Broad range of services from maintenance to total store support. Our service model is designed to provide rapid resolution to your IT hardware issues with minimum impact to your day-to-day operations. The retail environment is a complicated one and involves a wide range of IT products to support the store operations and enhance your customers’ experience. This complexity only adds to the challenges you face every day but having a single support provider for all your store requirements can take away the pain of managing this environment. IBM has a wide range of alliances and partnerships with leading IT suppliers in this market to enable us to provide service on all the leading retail products. This includes such names as CISCO, Motorola, Ingenico, Verifone, Zebra and many more. We can also manage other specialist suppliers to give you a single point of contact for all service related issues in your stores.
  19. 19. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 19Our service solution can be tailor-made to meet your • A remote support model that is designed to resolve issuesrequirements. Our capabilities extend to all aspects of your without on-site support or to maximise first-time fix rates forIT infrastructure, including Point Of Sale, Self Checkout, calls that need an engineer visit – over 90% of calls have ankiosks, mobile solutions, RFID, digital marketing and many effective first fix action planmore. We can extend the service beyond basic maintenance • A UK wide multi-vendor support capability using IBMto include deployments, IMACs, refurbishments, inventory Customer Engineers. We maintain a wide range ofmanagement, remote management and a whole range of non-IBM productscomplementary services. Whatever your requirements, IBM • Tailored management information to give you an accuratecan deliver your solution. view of your store support services and enable you to make informed decisions based on accurate data• A single point of contact for all your store support calls – we’ll • Dedicated Service Management will help drive service take problem ownership through to resolution improvements, conduct service reviews, perform trend• A single contract for all your store support requirements – analysis and be the single point of contact for all service issues we’ll even manage other suppliers on your behalf to help • Service requests can be placed electronically or via telephone reduce your supplier management activities – we can even integrate your support desk with ours to enable• Flexible service levels tailored to your needs – they can be automated call transfer and management varied by product, store, season, situation, etc • Your support solution can be tailored to include a range of• Service is available 24x7x365 including public holidays – and additional services – inventory management, refurbishments, options for seasonal variations to meet your business deployment projects, Installations/Moves/Adds/Changes, etc requirements • Remote management tools can be deployed to increase the• Access to IBM technical expertise, backed up by a worldwide effectiveness and scope of the support capability. support infrastructure
  20. 20. 20 Can you afford not to? IBM ATM Maintenance Reliable, flexible and cost effective Changing patterns in work and social behaviour have seen the decline Highlights in face-to-face transactions and a growth in the use of self-service technology. Consequently the availability of self-service equipment • IBM service on non-IBM products directly impacts customer satisfaction and brand perception. including NCR, Wincor and Diebold • Over 15 years experience maintaining IBM has been successfully maintaining NCR, Wincor and Diebold original equipment manufacturer ATMs for over 15 years, offering leading SLAs and network availability (OEM) products using a dedicated workforce of over 100 support staff and engineers. • Service delivered by IBM’s dedicated ATM Our ATM Engineers have many years experience working on all makes and Self-Service Engineers and models of ATMs including the CCDM. Using a proven fix • High network availability methodology we are able to reduce call volumes and deliver low RA rates. • Flexible service levels tailored to meet business requirements Recently, IBM increased its investment in ATM and self-service • Reduced call volumes and low RA rates maintenance with a dedicated multi-vendor centre near Bristol for ATM training, ATM refurbishment and parts repair. • Single meet model for remote ATMs • Supplier managed service. Using IBM’s proven ‘Single Meet’ model we are able to reduce your annual maintenance bill with fixed pricing for all remote located ATMs. This model removes the need for a joint meeting between the Cash in Transit (CIT) and the ATM engineer. Our strategic partnerships with both the CIT companies allows IBM to provide the correct parts and technical support to the CIT who will deliver the service to these remote ATMs. This model has resulted in an increase in network availability, reduced maintenance calls and drives higher ATM profitability. With our ‘Supplier Managed’ model IBM will take full ownership of the ATM and manage all subcontractors who are essential to the day-to-day operation of the ATM including ATM cleaning and locking bars. Contact IBM to find out if we can reduce your ATM support costs and lower the burden of managing your ATM infrastructure.
  21. 21. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 21Benefits• A reliable and cost-effective alternative• Ability to support any mixed technology within an ATM network including NCR, Wincor and Diebold• Flexible service levels to meet your business requirements ranging from next business day service up to a 4-hour call to fix• Single point of contact for all your ATM support calls• Genuine OEM parts – 85% of calls fixed first time using a part that our engineers carry with them• Dedicated ATM and Self-Service workforce with over 15 years experience• Our service delivery methodology provides you with high network availability allowing you to increase your ATM link revenue• An innovative model for remote ATMs that removes the need for dual meets with fixed costs delivering increased remote network availability• A range of additional services that includes cleaning, installations software and hardware upgrades.
  22. 22. 22 Can you afford not to? For more information Support for every technology at the right price. To find out more about IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services complete packages, please contact your IBM Business Partner or IBM Sales Representative. Visit:
  23. 23. IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services 23
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