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Heartfulness & Highsensitivity


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presentation about highsensitivity and how to deal with it, thanks to heartfulness techniques.

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Heartfulness & Highsensitivity

  1. 1. Heartfulness & Highsensitivity (ITZI Conference)
  2. 2.  What is Selfcompassion? Breathing space with compassion
  3. 3. a personality trait 20% of the population 1997 Aron & Aron ‘Sensory- processing sensitivity’ (SPS)  depth of processing  overstimulation  emotional intensity  sensory sensitivity What is Highsensitivity?
  4. 4.  Running around like a headless chicken Overstimulation stress brain
  5. 5. Differential susceptibility (vantage sensitivity) Biological sensitivity Rejection sensitivity Theories that can bring clarity
  6. 6.  Overstimulation  Sensitivity  Reactivity Van Hoof (2016)
  7. 7.  deal with negative anticipation  depth of processing in a battle against themselves  selfcompassion can buffer  with selfregulation Interventions that can help
  8. 8.  Safe harbour (Dr. David Dewulf)  Kangooroo (Prof. dr. Elke Van Hoof) Meditation
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