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2017 Ohio Family Care Association (OFCA) Resource Family Conference


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It is time to talk, connect and build a better future for Ohio adoptive, foster, kinship and primary families

Join us for our 41st annual resource family conference June 16-17, 2017! Attended by over 150 resource families and leaders in Ohio’s child welfare and juvenile justice agencies, the conference is designed to connect, educate and build meaningful collaborations between people who share similar experiences. Out of this 2 day exchange of ideas, thoughts and information we will discover what we can do together that we cannot do alone.

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2017 Ohio Family Care Association (OFCA) Resource Family Conference

  1. 1. Ohio Family Care Association Annual Conference Designed for Adoptive, Foster, Kinship, Primary Families and the staff who care for them throughout the state of Ohio Whether through a public or private agency – come to meet others and learn together about the journey we share in caring for Ohio’s children Connecting Families – Healing Lives June 16-17, 2017 Doubletree Columbus-Worthington 175 Hutchinson Ave Columbus, OH 43235 614-885-3334 It’s easy to register on line:
  2. 2. Connecting Families – Healing Lives Schedule Friday, June 16, 2017 8:00 Registration & Coffee 9:00 Opening: Family Panel We Are Family 10:15 Workshop 1 or 2 12:15 Lunch: Youth Panel What We Need 1:30 Workshop 3 or 4 5:00 Support Groups Saturday, June 17, 2017 8:30 Registration & Coffee 9:00 Trauma Skill Development 12:15 Lunch. 12:30 Trauma Skill Development continued 5:00 Conference Over SAFE Travels 🚐🚗 Conference Facility Participants are responsible for their own room arrangements. To receive the reduced rate, please identify yourself with the Ohio Family Care Association Reservations for the Conference Rate Must be made by June 5, 2017 Conference Facility Doubletree Hotel Columbus-Worthington 175 Hutchinson Columbus, OH 43235 614-885-3334 or 800-870-0349 Identify Yourself as part of the Ohio Family Care 2017 conference June 5 deadline for conference rate of $129 + taxes Check in time: 4:00 pm Check out time: 11:am We cannot provide childcare. You may want to consider bringing the kids for a fun weekend and sharing days of the conference attendance with 2 adults (one gets training on Friday and other on Saturday), bring a sitter to accompany the kids on excursions, or arrange Respite at home.
  3. 3. 3 Opening Session: We are Family? – Extending, extended family Renay Sanders, MSSA, LISW Synergyforce, Moderator Those Ohio families caring for children that are impacted by the child welfare and juvenile justice systems each come with their own perspective of the life/work they are engaged in. This opening panel will address issues that are uniting and speak to issues that separate them from supporting each other. Panelists will provide perspectives from the various roles of children services, • Primary (birth) Parent • Foster / Adoptive Parent • Kinship Care Givers #1: What parents and youth need to know about Bridges Denise St. Clair, Moderator Panel: Colleen Tucker-Buck, BSS, MBA, & Sara Levels, ODJFS, Fawn Gadel, FYLaw The Bridges Program is a new program for youth emancipated (18-21) from the public children services agencies. Our panel will discuss how parents can assist youth in the decision-making and eligibility requirements for this program. The program and its legal processes will be described. #2: Healing Sexual Abuse Tool Kit Jim Miller, LISW-S is an adoptive parent, past foster parent, mental health therapist and retired CEO of the Village Network This workshop will present a tool kit of parenting techniques and approaches that help children overcome the trauma of child sexual abuse. It is a new extension of Jim Miller’s prior workshops. (However prior attendance is not needed to benefit from this workshop.) Youth Presentations – Colleen Tucker- Buck, BSS, MBA, ODJFS Program Manager This is an opportunity to hear from youth who have emancipated from the child welfare system of care. Youth will share from their perspective about how the system has impacted their lives, what the new Bridge program would have done for them as well as give insights into how families can serve them most effectively. #3: Life Long Connections: Permanency for Older Youth Brian Lowery, Lowery Training Associates & Jamole Callahan, OCWTP When planning for permanency with adolescents, we have to think and use approaches differently when planning for younger children. Permanency for older youth is not centered on the living arrangement, it is not simply providing independent living services, and itis not just offering adoption. Instead, it provides youth with the opportunity to forge lifelong permanent connections to people they identify as important. This training allows participants to experience the impact of permanent connections and why they are important. Finally, participants will come to understand how adolescent development relates to permanency. Friday 9:00 am Friday 12:00 pm Lunch Friday 1:30 pm Friday 10:15 am Friday 12:15 pm
  4. 4. 4 #4: Connecting Across Difference Dot Erickson-Anderson, MRE, LSW & parents from different life experiences In a time of change and adversity, as families within the child-welfare arena, we are challenged to relate to many other parents, workers, and children who do not share our understanding of the work we do or even the world we live in. We will Identify the opportunities and challenges inherent in creating a partnership with others that opens the door to solutions that are in the child ’s best interests and an outcome of permanency. We will hear of the positive outcomes that have arisen in this work and explore concrete communication skills that help us in connecting across our differences. Support Group Hour. Trainers and OFCA Board Members are available to meet one-on-one or in small groups with participants who want to connect over specific issues. Participants are asked to suggest the topic they would like to discuss on their registration form. Examples of topics include: • Moving from foster care to adoption • Getting along with my child’s birth family • Experiencing allegations • Difference in public & private agencies • How to build a support system • Fostering after age 60 • Permanent children support • Etc. ⛱Enjoy Your Evening Trauma Systems Therapy – Foster Parenting – Maureen Heffernan, LISW and Laura Neil, M.Ed. The Annie E Casey Foundation Foster and adoptive parents and kinship caregivers share their hearts and their homes with children teens who have experienced trauma. This all-day session will review the impact of trauma on children and caregivers and provide knowledge and strategies for understanding and responding to the needs of children and teens in care. Specific strategies will be provided to assist caregivers with managing their emotions as well as the emotional and behavioral responses of the children in their homes. Part 1: The Impact of Trauma: Defining trauma and its impact on children in out of home care. Part 2: Understanding and assessing children’s trauma responses: Strategies for addressing Child Traumatic Stress: Learn to identify trauma related patterns and strategies you and the child can use to promote regulation of emotion and behavior. Lunch Special Guest: Cora White, Founder & CEO, Partners in Foster Care Part 3: Learning about Revving, Re- experiencing and Reconstituting: Promoting emotional regulation, providing support to children when they are experiencing trauma responses, and setting personal goals for your behavior Part 4: Generating Signals of Safety: Communicating signals of safety to children and developing your own self-care plan. Saturday 1:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am Saturday 12:15 pm Friday 5:00 pm
  5. 5. 5 Conference Registration May be handled by mailing in this form or processing your registration on line. Deadline for Meal Confirmation is: June 5, 2017 Name: _______________________________ Street: _______________________________ City:_________________________________ County:______________________________ Email: _______________________________ Phone: ______________________________ Agency Affiliation:_____________________ Role: Check all that apply ☐ Adoptive Parent ☐ Foster Parent ☐ Kinship Provider ☐ Primary Parent ☐ Respite Provider ☐ Agency Staff ☐ Professional Partner/Stakeholder Workshop Selection Choose One ☐ #1 Bridges OR ☐ #2. Dealing with Sexual Abuse Tool Kit •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Choose One ☐ #3. Life Long Connections OR ☐ #4. Connecting Across Differences •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• If you plan to stay for the 5:00 discussion, list the topic which you would like support on ☐ #5 My Support Topic Request. I would like to discuss: ___________________________________ Questions: Email: Lunch Preference ☐ Meat Based ☐ Vegetarian ☐ Other_____________________________________ Attendance Options and Fees √ Options Please check the options that apply to you. I will attend on Friday I will attend on Saturday Both Days $198 Both Days: Member Discount $180 One Day Only: $99 One Day Only: Member Discount $89 CEUs (# 6.75-Friday; 7 Saturday) Social worker (CEU) credits have been applied for. Sign-in at Conference $25 OFCA Membership – July 1,2017 – June 30, 2018 $25 ☐ Send a check with registration costs to Ohio Family Care Association 303 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215 ☐ Agency Paying Registration Contact Person:__________________________ Contact Email:____________________________ Contact Phone:___________________________ Agencies may request to be invoiced for registration. Agencies wishing to be billed email for arrangements. ☐ I want to apply for a scholarship. A limited number of scholarships are available to individuals not connected to an agency. ☐ To pay by credit card, process your registration online.
  6. 6. Thank You to Our Sponsors Institute for Human Services Beacon Capital Distributors, Inc. 2017.04.01