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Solvia - English rev 01

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Solvia - English rev 01

  1. 1.                     What  we  do  at  Solvia     We  provide  consulting  services  and  our  MISSION  is  to  help  your  business  to  become  SUSTAINABLE.     But  what  does  that  mean  exactly?     sus·∙tain·∙a·∙ble  səˈstānəb(ə)l/  able  to  be  maintained  at  a  certain  rate  or  level;  able  to  be  upheld  or   defended;  able  to  bear  (load)  without  breaking  or  falling.     So,  at  Solvia  we  help  your  organization  to  devise  and  implement  programs  that  set  the  foundations  for  it   to  thrive!     How  we  do  that       In  the  phase  of  diagnosis,  we  review  the  macro  processes,  structure,  results  and  projections  of  your   enterprise.  The  analyses  will  be  the  basis  for  the  definition  of  improvement  PROGRAMS  to  be   implemented.  The  PROGRAMS  can  be  selected  among  the  existing  portfolio  of  solutions  or  can  be   designed  specifically  to  the  needs  of  your  business.  We  can  cover  the  macro  processes  in  the  value  chain   (finding,  pursuing,  negotiating,  closing,  executing,  delivering  and  servicing),  the  parallel  ones   (order/project/people  management,  HSE,  QA),  the  environment  they  are  inserted  in  (mission,  vision,   values,  culture,  strategy,  objectives  and  structure)  and  the  people  responsible  for  creating  value.     The  PROGRAMS  are  designed  to  help  the  business  prosper  by  doing  more  with  less  financial,  fixed  and   human  resources,  by  becoming  more  profitable  and  generating  the  corresponding  cash  and  by  making   efficient  investment  decisions  with  less  impact  in  the  environment.  We  work  together  with  our   customers  to  set  the  value  creating  goals  and  their  timeframe.       The  PROGRAMS  are  defined  and  designed  in  line  with  the  existing  strategy  or  they  can  be  a  result  of  a   revised  strategy  that  we  help  develop  and  implement.  Most  PROGRAMS  in  our  portfolio  are  field   proven,  having  been  implemented  in  real  organizations  in  the  past  with  positive  results.  For  this  reason,   we  work  on  the  definition,  design  and  implementation  of  the  PROGRAMS,  identify  the  roadblocks,   resistance  and  challenges  that  are  typical  of  changes  in  complex  organizations  and  the  measures  (route   corrections)  that  improve  the  chances  of  success.        
  2. 2.                       Solutions  &  Programs     SOLVIBIZ  -­‐  Business  Management  Programs       1.  Development  and  Implementation  of  Sustainable  Strategies  –  How  to  prepare  your   organization  to  thrive  in  a  changing  environment?     Definition  of  Mission  and  Vision,  Market  Analysis    &  Scenarios  (volume,  growth,  transparency  &  market   share),  Analysis  of  Business  Environment,  Competition,  Trends,  Market  Drivers  &  Growth  Opportunities   (Growth  Avenues),  SWOT  and  Resulting  Actions,  Portfolio  Strategy,  Action  Plan  &  KPI’s,  Evaluation  of   Strategic  Options  Based  on  Value  Creation  (Value  Drivers  &  Discounted  Cash  Flow  -­‐  DCF),  Balanced   Scorecard,  Restructuring.       2.  Go  to  Market  –  How  to  develop  the  existing  market  or  explore  and  develop  new  ones?       Analysis  and  Development  of  Segment  and  Accounts  (Share  of  Wallet),  Opportunity  Funnel  and  Expected   Value,  Account  Strategy,  Account  and  Relationship  Management  (Executive  Relationship  Program),  CRM   Tool  Management  (Garbage-­‐in/Garbage-­‐out),  “Flip-­‐Chart”  Meeting,  “Net  Promoter  Score”  (NPS)  and   Resulting  Actions,  Identification,  Creation  and  Marketing  of  Sustainable  Portfolio  (according  to  PRI  e  IFC).       3.  Sales  –  Quality  top  line  growth:  celebrate  the  order  and  its  delivery  to  customer!     Sales  Projection  Soundness  (“Smell  Check”),  Gap  Identification  and  Development  of  the  Sales  Leader,  The   Roles  of  the  Sales/Account  Manager  (Entrepreneur,  Group  Leader,  Partner  and  Ambassador),  Motivating   the  Sales  Team,  Identification  of  Styles  and  Costumer  Effective  Communication,  Transforming  the   Potential  of  value  Generation  in  the  Transaction  (transactional,  preferred  supplier,  partner  and  trusted   advisor),  Customer  Based  Sale  and  Conflict  Resolution).       4.  Operations  –  Efficient  and  optimum  structure,  on-­‐time  delivery  (OTD)  and  operational  reliability?     Analysis  and  Adequacy  of  Operational  Structure  (data  based  analysis),  Lean  Production  (eliminating  TIM   WOODS),  Managing  OTD  &  Lateness,  Mitigating  the  Hockey  Stick  Effect  (PRIORITY  LIST),  Improvement  of   the  Carbon  Footprint,  Cost  Reduction  Program  (WAFFLE),  Production  Costing,  Forecasting,  Planning  and   Absorption  Management,  Cost  of  Poor  Quality  Program  (Tracking  and  Assignment  of  COPQ),  Process   Improvement  Program  (“Twin  Peaks”),  Design  for  Manufacturing,  HSE  Shop  Programs.    
  3. 3.                           5.  Services  (Aftermarket)  –  Prime  products  can  motivate  the  initial  purchase.  Prime  services  can   guarantee  the  continued  business.  How  to  excel  at  Services?     Identifying  the  Installed  Base,  its  Calories  and  KPI’s,  Service  Level,  Customer  Based  Finder,  The  “Trusted   Advisor”,  Cross-­‐pollinizing  Knowledge  with  Services,  Service  as  a  NPS  Driver,  Service  as  a  Margin  Driver,   Selling  the  Total  Cost  of  Ownership,  Customer  Sounding  and  SWOT  Analysis,  Service  OTD.     6.  Capital  Management  –  Freeing  capital  for  distribution  and/or  investment.  What  to  do?     The  Owners  of  the  Working  Capital  and  KPIs  (“no  one  left  behind”  in  inventory  and  receivables),   Managing  Payables,  Fixed  Asset  Approval  Process,  CAPEX  Assessment  based  on  DCF  and  ROI,  Pay-­‐out  vs.   Return,  Mapping  and  Projecting  the  Value  Drivers.     7.  Human  Resources  –  How  to  attract,  retain  and  develop  the  employees  of  choice?  How  to  avoid   the  adverse  selection?     Culture  Change  (“The  Hammer/Nail  effect”),  Identifying  the  Necessary  Values,  Valued  Traits  (Fit4Us),   Skills  and  Gaps,  Leadership  Development,  Dealing  with  the  Mourning,  Efficient  Communication,   Implementing  the  Culture  of  Feedback,  Performance  Evaluation,  Succession  Plan,  Retention  and   Development  of  High-­‐Potentials,  Diversity.       8.  Compliance  –  Doing  the  right  things  right!     Risk  Assessment,  Compliance  Breadth  (Program  Disciplines),  Program  Reinforcement  and  Automation   (“Conquering  Hearts  and  Minds”),  KPI’s,  Emotional  Traps,  Use  and  Abuse,  Making  the  Compliance  and   Integral  Part  of  the  Business.       9.  Safety  –  Investing  on  the  physical  integrity  of  the  employees!     Proactive  Safety  Programs  (Heinrich’s  Pyramid),  Program  Breadth,  Correct  KPI’s,  Promoting  a  Cultural   Change  and  Dealing  with  the  Emotional  Traps,  Communication  Protocol,  Safety  and  Accident  Reports,   Root-­‐Cause  Analysis,  Hazard  Identification,  Making  Use  of  Walkthroughs  to  Promote  Changes,  Daily   Dialogue  on  Safety  (DDS).      
  4. 4.                           10.  Merger,  Acquisition  and  Integration  –  A  business  strategy  is  never  complete  without   M&A!     Industry  Analysis  (Porter),  Business  Planning,  Identifying  Potential  Targets  and  Buyers,  Price  Range,   Critical  Analysis  of  Premises  and  Projections  Adopted  (“Reality  Check”),  Support  to  Negotiation  and   Evaluation  of  Indicative  Price,  Evaluation  of  Target  Price  and  Business  Risks,  Designing  a  Retention   Bonus,  Support  to  the  Preparation  of  “Teaser”  and  Sales  Book,  Evaluation  of  Potential  Synergies  (“Reality   Check”),  Evaluation  of  Multiples  and  Similar  Transactions.       11.  Specialties       Energy  Efficiency  (EPC  and  Project  Finance),  Water  and  Effluent  Treatment,  Water  Rationalization  and   Reuse,  Soil  Decontamination,  Distributed  Solar  PV  Energy  and  Other  Renewable,  Review  and  Monitoring   of  Adherence  to  the  Environmental  Legislation  (Federal,  State  and  Municipal)       SOLVINVEST  -­‐  Sustainable  Investments  and  Start-­‐ups       We  help  you:  selecting  and  formalizing  investments  in  and  lending  to  start-­‐ups  and  businesses  in   consolidation  (angel,  family  and  venture  investors  and  private  lenders),  transforming  your  idea  into  a   solid  BUSINESS  PLAN  (entrepreneurs)  and  finding  investors  in  your  starting  business.     Critical  Analysis  and  Development  of  Business  Model,  Analysis  of  Attractiveness  (Barriers,  Scalability,   Proprietary  Technology  and  Marginal  Cost  of  Growth),  Preparation  of  Business  Plan,  Valuation,  In/Out   Strategies,  Investment  Brokerage  (Equity/Debt).                                                                                                                                                               Alameda  Hercules,  39                    Santana  de  Parnaiba                    Sao  Paulo                    06543-­‐640      +55  (11)  4153-­‐5099  /  +55  (11)  96165-­‐5900