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Musical movie

  1. 1. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Tan Wei HowContrast Two Musical MoviesEnglish 2 (ENGL 0205)Class Assignment 2Tan Wei How (0310707)
  2. 2. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Tan Wei HowContrast Essay of Two Musical MoviesMusical movie is defined as a motion picture consisting of a plotintegrating musical numbers. America, Japan, Italy, France, Great Britain, andGermany are those countries that have contributed to the development of thismovie genre. Musical movie triggers emotional responses in its audience dueto a complex intermeshing of factors, simultaneously personal, neurological,cultural, and universal.I have contrasted the differences between two musical movies, whichare “School of Rock” and “High School Musical”. “School of Rock” is a 2003America musical movie with the theme of rock passion. “High School Musical”is a 2006 America musical movie which is also the first installment in the HighSchool Musical trilogy with the theme of love story together with singingpassion. There are three big differences in these two movies such as the waythey perform their music, plot and environment of the movies.The characters inside the movies used different methods to performtheir music. In “School of Rock”, Dewey Finn, the main character who a rocksinger and guitarist. The style of music in this movie is more on rock, so mostof the music parts are on the stage and inside the classroom. The studentsand Dewey Finn perform the musicby forming a band with rock musicalinstrument such as electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards and so on.On the other hand, the characters in “High School Musical” use totallydifferent method to present their music. The main instrument that is being
  3. 3. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Tan Wei Howused in this movie is voice. The two main characters, Troy and Gabriella singthe pop songs with musical accompaniment. Piano is the only instrument thathas been used inside the movie besides speakers. They do not just performthe music on stage but also in other scene such as resort, science lab,corridors and gym.Another difference between these two movies is the plot. “School ofRock” is actually a crazy, humor and funny movie while Jack Black is the maincharacter of it, Dewey Finn. Its story is about Dewey Finn who is the rockerhas became a substitute teacher of a group of primary school children. Withhis passion as a rock musician, Dewey has changed the children fromclassical to rock musicians. Without caring others’ opposition, they form aband and finally produce a perfect performance, which has changedeveryone’s mind. In contrast, “High School Musical” style is more on vitality,youthfully and love. Story tells me that Troy and Gabriella know each other ina party. They both love to sing and have fallen in love with each other. Troyand Gabriella study in the same high school and become partner for themusical auditions. But the auditions date is same with their competitions date.By using some tricks, they won both of their competitions and performing afantastic love song in front of thousands of audience.Environment of the movies will be the last differences. Most of thescenes in “School of Rock” are taken in primary school classroom whereDewey Finn teaches his students the techniques of playing rock music. Thecharacters who involve in this movie are mostly students from 9 to 11 years
  4. 4. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Tan Wei Howold, teachers, and parents. Because of the environment of primary school, theteachers and parents are focusing on their children’s education whereasDewey Finn is focusing on their passion to play rock music. On the contrary,“High School Musical” takes scenes in a high school, which called East HighSchool. So, up to 95% of the characters are youths from 18 to 20 years oldwhile others are lecturers and parents. As there are mostly youth in thismovie, it makes the environment becomes more vitality and full of love andfriendship. At the end of this movie, most of the male characters successfullyfind their relationship partners.In conclusion, “School of Rock” and “High School Musical” are twototally different musical movies in the area of how they perform their music,plot and environment. Both are performing rock and pop music respectively bydifferent methods such as forming a band and singing. Besides, the former ismentioning the passion of being rock musicians while the latter is focusing onthe relationship between the youth. Lastly, the psychology of the youngchildren and youth can also be seen clearly by showing two differentenvironments, which is the primary school and high school in both movies.
  5. 5. FNBE JAN 2013 - ENGL 0205English 2Tan Wei HowBibliography1. School of Rock, 2003. [Film] Directed by Richard Linklater.USA:Scott Rudin.2. High School Musical, 2006. [Film] Directed by Kenny Ortega.USA:Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM).3. musical film. (2013). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved March14 from Jennifer Shipon. (2006). History of Music in Film: Analysis of How &Why Film Scores Enhance the Emotional Import of Films: CitizenKane. Retrieved March 14 from Mary F. Pols. School of Rock (2003). Retrieved March 14 from Carey Bryson. High School Musical. Retrieved March 14 from