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Charity Drive Report

  1. 1. Final ProjectMarketing ReportIntroduction to Business(BUSF0103)FNBE SEM 2 2013Phang Jun Ee (0311954)Tan Wei How (0310707)Tan Yong Ming (0310630)Yong Chang Theng (0310925)Zachary Sebastian Embrose (0311079)
  2. 2. Table of ContentContent PageA. Executive summary 3B. Objectives 4C. Target Market 5D. Competition Analysis 5E. Product and Packaging 5-7F. Pricing 8G. Promotion 8-9H. Sponsors 9-11I. Distribution 12J. Green Measures 13K. Operation Budget 14L. Human Resource Planning 14-15M. Evaluation of Results 16N. Appendix 16-23O. References 24
  3. 3. A. Executive SummaryWe were asked to start a business to raise fund for a charity organization. Thecharity organization we chose was Yayasan Nanyang Press. Through thisbusiness, we successfully raised a total amount of RM810 for the charityorganization by collecting donations, selling products and asking forsponsorship. During the charity drive, there were few competitors, but we stillmanage to find our way to hit the target. We did lots of promotion on ourproduct to get quick sales and also we provide good services for ourcustomer. We used variety of persuasive techniques to communicate with ourtarget market and general public. We did sales promotion and customercommunication to promote our products. The goals of promotion includeinforming, persuading and reminding.We evaluated the duties and qualitiesrequired by a job and stated the outline of the objectives, tasks, andresponsibilities of a job. We matched the right person to the right job in ourgroup. Besides that, we also have green measures for this project to showthat we are concern about environment issues. We try to reduce the use ofplastic, reduce carbon footprint and we collected all the products’ wastesduring the Charity Drive. These wastes will be sent to recycle.
  4. 4. B. Objective:We are donating all our profits to Yayasan Nanyang press. This is becausethat the Yayasan Nanyang Press is a trusted charity organization that ishelping those who are unfortunate. Substantial contributions from thesupporting donors have gone to four dialysis centers subsidizing treatment forpatients and maintaining the machines, helping patients from needy familieswith the Foundation’s medical-aid program, organizing empowermentprogram for the needy and providing the younger generation with a platform toparticipate in community service activities so that they learn and grow up asuseful citizens.There are seven programs under the Yayasan Nanyang Foundation:1) 16 Guidelines Volunteers (Programmes for teens are targeted at thedisadvantaged and wayward youths. Programmes focus on team building,self-reliant and experiential learning.)2) Medical Aids3) Single Mothers Association4) Senior Citizens5) Dialysis Centers6) Disaster Relief Activities7) Counseling8) The Blind Project
  5. 5. C. Target MarketAfter we have segmented our market, the next step is to find appropriatetarget segments or targeted market on which to focus our efforts. Our targetcustomers are lectures and students. In this technology era, a large number ofstudents and lectures are using smart-phones, especially Iphone. Most of ourcustomers are attracted to colorful casings and bumpers. A variety ofsunglasses and ear jacks also are our customers’ worth-buying products. Allthese products’ price range is affordable and cheap. Mostly are students wholook for the sunglasses.D. Competition AnalysisOur 2 main competitors are Siew Leong’s group and Edwin Yip’s group. Theyare selling the same products as ours, which are smartphone casings andbumpers and phone accessories. The strengths of their products arebeautiful, attractive and multiple choices while the vulnerabilities of them arethe high pricing of their products. Their customers do buy from them becausetheir cases are more special and attractive.E. Product and PackagingProductsWe are selling smartphone casings, bumpers, ear jacks, sunglasses andlighters. For the smartphones casings and bumpers, we are selling the typesfor Iphone 5, Iphone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Note, S2, S3 and Ace. The designfor the casings and bumpers are simple with colorful choices. For the earjacks, the design is cute with the tiny toys such as Pikachu, Stitch, Hello Kitty,and Naruto. The sunglasses are all with stylish designed with for men and
  6. 6. also women. For the lighters, we are selling two types, which are in differentprices.
  7. 7. PackagingAnother way that marketers create an identity for their products is throughpackaging. We need to protect the products from damage or tampering.Packaging also makes it convenient for customers to buy.Most of our smartphone casings and ear jacks are packaged with tiny plasticboxes. The bumpers are packaged with plastic wrap. However, thesunglasses and lighters are not packaged because we would like to show thedesign to our customers. For the smartphone casings and ear jacks, thepackaging is actually attracting the customers because the tiny boxes are withsome decorations and looks tidy inside and looks tidy while the bumpers withplastic wrap are not so attractive because it looks quite messy.
  8. 8. F. PricingItems Cost Price Pricing PriceEar Jack RM 3.00 RM 7.00Samsung Galaxy AceCasingsRM 6.00 RM 15.00Samsung Galaxy S2 Casings RM 6.00 RM 15.00Samsung Galaxy S3 Casings RM 5.00 RM 10.00Samsung Galaxy Note 1CasingsRM 15.00 RM 30.00IPhone 5 Casings RM 3.00 RM 7.00IPhone 4S Casings (Type A) RM 6.00 RM 15.00IPhone 4S Casings (Type B) RM 8.00 RM 20.00IPhone 4S Casings (Type C) RM 8.00 RM 20.00IPhone 5 Bumpers RM 3.00 RM 5.00Lighters (Type A) RM 8.00 RM 15.00Lighters (Type B) RM 12.00 RM 20.00Sunglasses RM 7.00 RM 15.00Setting and managing a product’s price is one of the most critical decisionsa company must make, because price is the only element in a company’smarketing mix that produces revenue-all other elements represent cost. Anumber of factors influence pricing decisions, including marketingobjectives, production costs, customer perceptions, competition and customerdemand. The products with the lower pricing are more attractive compared toothers. The strategies that we used if we have difficulty selling them is tolower some of the prices in order to attract customers.(Business in Action(2004), Prentice Hall)
  9. 9. G. PromotionWe used variety of persuasive techniques to communicate with our targetmarket and general public. We did sales promotion and customercommunication to promote our products. The goals of promotion includeinforming, persuading and reminding. Our promotion strategies are “Buy 3iPhone bumpers with only RM12.00”, “3 iPhone casings for RM18.00”,“RM18.00 for 3 ear jacks” and on the last day of our charity drive, we have abuy 1-free-1 promotion for all of our products, except for sunglasses. Themain tools we use for promoting our products to our target customers arehand-produced posters and face-to-face conversations. We design ourposters and paste it in front of the table, and on the glass, in front of StudentLife Centre. The reasons why we choose these two tools are because hand-produced posters cost effective and we have sociable and outgoing friends.We only needed a very minimum of cost for the poster, as we drew itourselves, whereas for the face-to-face communication, our friends play amajor role, because their responsibility is to take action about the customers’request.Personal selling- It can take place in person, over a hand phone, or throughe-mail or instant messaging. We had problem-solving conversations in whichthe salesperson asks questions to uncover customer wants and needs,andthen responds by describing goods that will meet those needs. We believethat it is the most effective personal selling effort.The Personal Selling Process:1) Prospecting. Finding and qualifying potential buyers of the product orservice.2) Interviewing. Learning more about the customer’s needs and expectationsso they can present relevant and attractive solution.3) Presenting. Describing a proposed solution to the buyer’s needs andpossibly demonstrating products4) Handling objections. Seeking to understanding any questions or concernsto the buyer might raise and providing information to address thoseissues.5) Closing. Asking the prospect to buy the product.
  10. 10. 6) Following up. Checking with the customer after to sale to make sureeverything is satisfactory and to build goodwill in anticipation of futuresales opportunities.H. SponsorsWe approach some companies or outlets to help us out, like Nanyang Press,Popular Book Store, Hong Da Hardware, Besty Best Restaurant, Kyoton Sdn.Bhd, MPH Book Store, and Pen Mal Hardware Sdn. Bhd. Among these listedsponsors, we only manage to get RM285.00, sponsored by Pen MalHardware Sdn. Bhd. The main reason we target these companies or outlets isthat they are currently selling or supplying some of our goods. We also knowsome of them personally. We call Pin Mal’s representative for the sponsor,also send a letter to them for affirmation.
  11. 11. Phang June EeFoundation in Natural & Built EnvironmentSchool of Architecture,Building & DesignTaylor’s UniversityNo. 1 Jalan Taylors47500 Subang JayaSelangor Darul Ehsan.Mr./Ms./Mdm.Re: Requesting Product Sponsorship or any form of sponsorship for CharityDrive EventWe, the students from the School of Architecture, Taylor’s University, arecurrently involved in a fundraising event for our school project in May2013. Therefore, we write this letter with the intention to invite yourcompany to become our sponsor in this event.2. Our plan is to raise a total of RM2000.00 via sales of your products orany form of sponsorship. All profits earned during the event will be donatedto the Yayasan Nanyang press, the charity organization.3. For your information, this organization was founded in 2012. The aim ofthe Yayasan Nanyang press is to provide help to the poor families. Thischarity organization was supported by ASTRO, Nan Yang Siang Pau andChina Press.4. I look forward to hearing your reply about our request. You may reach meat 012-2217869.Thank you.Sincerely yours,___________________(Phang June Ee.)
  12. 12. I.DistributionPhysical distribution- Movement of the products from manufacturer toconsumer. The goals of physical distribution are to keep customers satisfied,to make good available when and where the customers want them, and tokeep costs low. We used car to transport the products.Two members of us are driving to school, so, for the stocks or products, theywere assigned to bring the products to campus and take them back. Ourdistribution is non-direct, as we are the middleperson. So, the products we sellcost higher. A sales-person with one customer or a group, we have two sales-person in-charge of selling our products. We only start our business on8.00am-5pm.
  13. 13. J. Green MeasuresEach year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumedworldwide. That comes out to over one million per minute.1.Reduce the use of plastic.-We don’t use garbage bags—just empty the trash into the garbage bin.-We don’t give extra plastic bags for the customer.-We use our own reusable bags to collect the items for sale.2.Carbon footprintIt is the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere because of theelectricity and fuel you use. Its measured in tons of carbon dioxide. It isalmost zero carbon footprints when we sell our items because we are notgoing to use any electricity. No air-condition and electrical fan, it is just naturalair beside the student life center in Taylor’s Lakeside Campus. We do not useany drop of water when selling our items.3.We did recycleThere will be some products’ wastes such as paper, plastics, glass, metalsand so on. We will collect all these wastes during the Charity Drive period.These products’ wastes will be sent to recycle.
  14. 14. K. Operation BudgetThroughout the entire business, we didn’t really put in much money. The onlymoney we put in is the deposit for the stock is RM200. The other productswere provided by one of our group member. We only pay him after we sell theproducts, therefore no cost was involved in it. For the posters, one of ourgroup member decided to sponsor us, therefore no cost was involve in thepromotional activities either.L. Human Resource PlanningHuman resource planning is the development and admistration of programto enhance the quality and the performance of people working in anorganization.Job relatedness, the foundation of effective human resource management,requires that all employment decisions be based on the requirements of aposition. Central to job relatedness is person-job matching-the process ofmatching the right person to the right job.(2005 Business Essentials,PrenticeHall)Job analysis and job description. We evaluated the duties and qualitiesrequired by a job and stated the outline of the objectives, tasks, andresponsibilities of a job. We matched the right person to the right job.
  15. 15. 1.Project Manager:Tan Wei How, controlling the whole process andcommunicating with the good suppliers.2. Accountant: Phang June Ee, guarding the money andcontrolling the financial.3. Sales Executive: Tan Yong Ming, selling the products andcommunicating with customers.4. Marketing Executive:Yong Chang Theng, promoting and distributing theproducts to the customers around the campus together with the donation box.5. Advertising Executive: Zachery Sebastian, helping the MarketingExecutive and getting donation from the students.ProjectManagerAccountantSalesExecutiveMarketingExecutiveAdvertisingExecutive
  16. 16. M. Evaluation of ResultsThis is the profit and loss report for our business. As stated, our business hassuccessfully raised the total amount of RM476 and the gross profit wasRM225. Other revenues including the money sponsored, the donation wecollected and also the commission we took by helping others to sell stuff. Thetotal amount of it was RM585 and our net profit for the entire business wasRM810.This chart indicates the price we sell for each product including the promotionprice. Overall, our group did a great job in the entire business. Wesuccessfully collected RM288.00 for the donation, which to us is a greatamount. We weren’t that keen on selling on those products, therefore thesales aren’t that good. We should have improved it. If we were to do it again,
  17. 17. we’ll collect more donations and also do more promotions on our product toget a quick sale.