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FuturePMO 2017 - Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton, Wellingtone - Building a True Value Adding PMO


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Adding value is a key driver for the success of any PMO. Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton brings real life examples and new ways of thinking to make your PMO the best value adding business partner it can be.

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FuturePMO 2017 - Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton, Wellingtone - Building a True Value Adding PMO

  1. 1. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Building a True Value Adding PMO Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton
  2. 2. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING AboutMe Wellingtone’sDirectorofConsultingServices ChairoftheAPMPMOSpecificInterestGroupintheUK( JudgeoftheAPMAwards PMOManagerforProjectManagersWithoutBorders( MentorforProjectManagersAgainstPoverty( Speaker,writer,enthusiastofallthingsPMO Co-authoredguidancesuchas: AxelosPortfolio,Programme,andProjectOffices RealProjectManagementbyPeterTaylor
  3. 3. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING DidYouKnow? WellingtoneruntheonlyUKfocusedPPMandPMOresearch? Someofourfindings: Thereisn’toneanswerwhensettingupanykindofPMO Only16%ofPMOsfacilitateBenefitsRealisation Almost71%oforganisationshaveaPMO,butonly48%haveadefined strategy Only26%ofPMOsareseenasstrategicvalue-addingbusinesspartner Source:The State of Projec Management survey 2017 (Wellingtone & APM PMO SIG)
  4. 4. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Today… Willproposesomeofthethingsyouneedtoconsiderwhenbuildingor transformingyourPMO WillrevealreallifeexamplesindefiningthePMOofyourfuture WillintroduceyoutoWellingtone’sPPMDNAwithafollow-upworkshopto bringittolife!
  5. 5. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Consider: One size does not fit all Didyouknow? The ‘P’ in PMO continues to elude us 52% of PMOs don’t have a strategy Steward & Gatekeeper Adaptable Single source of truth Inreallife… Your PPM DNA is a bit: Focused on Governance Focused on Strategy Focused on Support Focused on Tactics
  6. 6. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Consider: Start With Why Didyouknow? Facts told as part of a story are 20 times more likely to be absorbed Building the right solution Transparent in the journey Human speaking Inreallife… As a Line Manager I want to see what change will happen that will affect my people So that I can better support individuals through changing the way they work
  7. 7. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Consider: Value is Perception Didyouknow? What does value mean? 40 people = 30 types of ‘value’ Tailor to your value thread Language of the Business Living the values Inreallife… As a Food Manufacturer Value Means Traceability Because quality is key to our Customer
  8. 8. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Consider: You are a Salesperson Didyouknow? If you don’t sell well, your Customer goes elsewhere Sexy output created and distributed Behaviours displayed Relationship Building Inreallife… PMOs fail because… ‘I didn’t get the support I needed’ = Customer needs not identified ‘I don’t know what the PMO do’ = No Service Catalogue ‘Lack of direction’ = Not seen as a true Business partner ‘It couldn’t be embedded’ = The journey was flawed
  9. 9. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Consider: Metrics Matter Didyouknow? 54% of organisations don’t track PMO Value Most organisations want you to Prove it Re-frame the conversation Align to your DNA & Value thread Don’t be afraid Inreallife… Real data can be turned into INFORMATION Aggregation of enabling measures helps Make it visual
  10. 10. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Consider: Differentiation Didyouknow? Publishing a ServiceCatalogue will help people understand what you DON’T do Service Provider ‘Free’ Resources Customer Relationships Inreallife… Your PPM DNA will help you identify your Services Portfolio Function : Delivering the right thing Delivery Function: Delivering the right way Center of Excellence Function: Delivering the skills
  11. 11. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Three Steps For Your Growing PMO
  12. 12. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING In real life… Understand your Strategy Where are you today? Where do you want to be tomorrow? How will you get there? How will you prove it? Step 1: Get Focused on the Now and ThenDid you know? There are psychological benefits to writing things down… It boosts memory You will learn more Helps you think bigger More focus You can start you maturity journey a 14:00…
  13. 13. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING An eco-system with opportunity for all and an understanding that Project Management in the organisation isn’t an exclusive club Step 2: Methods & Eco Systems Capability Maturity Trainin g Coachin g Method Documen ts Governan ce Two- way Suppo rt Process
  14. 14. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Bolt-ons Approach People •Disciplin ed •Up- skilling •Stepped •Realistic •Training •How To… Step 3: Adoption & Change Didyouknow? A recent search for books on the topic of managing change turned up over 6,000 titles – each with its own perspective(s)
  15. 15. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING Let’sTalkAboutDNA DNAisthecodeoflifeandisfoundineverylivingthing. AtWellingtonewebelievethatthisuniquenessalso existsinyourorganisationalPPMDNA. TheWellingtonePPMDNAethosacknowledgesthe differencesacrossorganisations,industriesandpeople. Understandingifyouarenaturallymoretacticalthan strategiccanhelpyoudeliverrealvalue. Youcanstarttodecodeyour PPMDNAat14:00…
  16. 16. CONSULTING MICROSOFT PPM TRAINING So what? All PMOs go through the same journey, but a different flavour Learn from others experiences for the best chance of PMO success Take a few minutes now to think about or discuss what kind of value is important to your organisation?