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What Is Library Elf ? A quick user's guide


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This tutorial explains how WCL customers can use Library Elf to keep track of the items they have borrowed from our libraries.They get e-mails/RSS updates prior to their items being due back, when an item is ready for them to picks up, and when their items are overdue

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What Is Library Elf ? A quick user's guide

  1. 1. What is Library Elf ? Quick-user’s guide
  2. 2. Click on sign-up
  3. 3. Fill in your details & click on ‘ Create Elf account’ Read these carefully, especially relating to privacy considerations Read these carefully , especially relating to privacy considerations
  4. 4. Type your card details, select your library, no PIN needed, and click on ‘Save’
  5. 5. Click on sign-in
  6. 6. Click on ‘My Account Settings to edit your preferences for receiving updates from LibraryElf
  7. 7. Click on [Edit] to edit your preferences concerning how you prefer to get LibraryElf alerts You can edit your library card details
  8. 8. ‘ Options’ allow you to decide When/ how you get LibraryElf notifications For ‘ Advance Notice’ (before items are due) and ‘ Overdue notice’ (when your items are due) You can also decide on the delivery method (e-mail, RSS or both) Wellington City Libraries is a premium subscriber to LibraryElf, so as well as overdue notices, you can also receive notices of books you have reserved and add more than one library card to your account.