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Te Kohikohinga Maori


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Te Kohikohinga Maori

  1. 1. Nau mai, Haere mai ki tō tātou whare, Te Matapihi ki te Ao Nui. Te Kōhikohinga Māori There’s a wealth of information here for you to enjoy. Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere Ko te manu e kai ana I te mātauranga, nōna te ao
  2. 2. Books are shelved by Dewey number, but you will usually needto browse more than 1 number(This is because there can be different aspects of the same topic at differentlocations: e.g. culture, or tikanga or educational aspects of tikanga)Māori ‘culture’ : Note: Waka information can• 305.8994 be found at 387.21, 398.2,• 371.97 993.101, or 996• 390.09931 (tikanga)• 993.101 – e.g. Sir Peter Buck’s The coming of the Māori
  3. 3. Question: What have you got on the Treaty?Answer:While there are some main shelf numbers to check, forexample:323.11994 The rights of indigenous peoples, including studies of current aspects of theTreaty993.1 Historical history, records and accounts… A huge range of resources will be shelved with the topicthey apply to, e.g. health, education, radio waves, fisheries
  4. 4. Oral history was recorded byMāori in different forms :• Place-names Often there is a whole historical narrative represented by a place-• Waiata name rather than a literal translation of a phrase.• Carvings• Moko For example oriori are more than lullabies – they also recite whakapapa and iwi Whakairo on the walls of historiesFor example ta Find at 784.moko often the meeting housesdescribes the represent rangatira andperson, their deeds tohuna – often pan-iwi orand their place sometimes of the localwithin the whānau hapū
  5. 5. Search at ….To find theright placeon the shelf :Enter yourkeywords. If youknow the title orauthor of the bookenter those instead,e.g. ‘waitangi treatyhealth’
  6. 6. For examplePublished Histories Stafford, D Te Arawa Mitchell, J.H. TakitimuMāori history, in pre-European times : 993.101Recent iwi histories are shelved with NZ regional histories For example 993.122 Best, E Tuhoe 993.12 Sole T Ngāti RuanuiStories from oral history may be found in books onlegends, music, carving, tā moko. For example 398.2 legends 731.624 whakairo (carving) 784 waiata
  7. 7. Ngā Tupuna o Te Whanganui-a-TaraThe library has published 4 volumes in conjunction with theWellington Tenths Trust.- these are one page profiles of people who migrated fromTaranaki and lived in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, from the arrival ofEuropeans, 1840s onwards.- drawn from published material and the Minute Books of theMāori Land Court- available to buy or borrow
  8. 8. Resources on our website Index to early clippings and articles from 1930s. Rohe include Te Atiawa, Ngāti Toa, Ngāti Ruakawa, Ngāti Porou, Mataatua … General Māori resources including wairuatanga, Māori music, art, theses supporting Mātauranga Māori and Te Ao Mārama Local legends, heritage, Lists of tribal Māori deeds, people and histories land for greater grouped by rohe Wellington and iwi
  9. 9. Land of Tara Best with the assistance ofTe Matorohanga writings has traced•Local voyages of discovery byKupe, Toi, Whatonga, Tara…•Establishing of pa and kaingaaround Te Whanganui-a-Tara•stories of Rangi-kai-kore and Hine-rau•Attacks by Mua-upoko•Takitimu’s journey down the coast•Ngāti Mamoe settling aroundRimurapa/ Sinclair Head•death of Wakanui, son of Tara•migratory waves of Kahungunu,Ngai Tahu, and Ngati Ira•Cooks anchoring at WellingtonHeads•Ngāti Awa arrive and drive out NgatiIraThis valuable resource ends with alist of local place names.
  10. 10. Also in the Whanganui-a-Tara sectionMany other localheritage resources
  11. 11. Rauemi examplesMāori Music Contemporary Māori Art
  12. 12. Māori Births Deaths MarriagesComputer index onlyavailable in the CentralLibrary.Search by person, place,parent, date to findreferences to officialrecords.
  13. 13. online (Library edition) Click here to find Ancestry Select Ancestry from the top drop down menuAncestry includes : (for NZ)• City & Area Directories 1866-1955• World War I and II Nominal Rolls• Maori Land Claims 1858 – 1980• Electoral Rolls 1953-1981• Jury lists 1842-1862
  14. 14. External databaseswhakapapa and land searches tracing names iwi stories and information
  15. 15. Historical BDM Online
  16. 16. Index to MLCMB Maori Land Court Minute books provides easy and quick access to over 1100 minute books between 1865 and 1910. Land areas from : Taitokerau, Taitokerau, Waikato-Maniapoto, Tairawhiti, Waiariki, Aotea, Takitimu, and Waipounamu Maori Land Court Districts. Entering ‘whakapapa’ as a search term locates whakapapa attached to a land block / succession application. Often only the first name(s) on the whakapapa is/are indexed.
  17. 17. Maorilandonline by Owner,Land block (Trust orlocation) or by aVisual map search ofall blocks in theMāori Land Courtsystem.
  18. 18. Archway (Archives NZ) the archives of the NZgovernment including manynational treasures.Of particular interest to Māoriare the records of probates(wills) and land issues.Note that this is a catalogueindex only, there is not yetonline access to the full textof the records themselves.
  19. 19. FamilySearch http://www.familysearch.orgOf particular interest are•NZ ImmigrationPassenger Lists (1855 –1973)•NZ Probate records,selected regions from1878-1960Unless you aresearching for anancestor overseas, it isquicker to select NZ as alocation.
  20. 20. FamilySearch – only a few NZ links Limit by International Genealogical Index then Region: Southwest Pacific and Country: New Zealand when searching for local heritage
  21. 21. Te Ara / DNZB Enter the name of the person here. Includes brief stories of people who have ‘made their mark’ on NZ. It does not include people who are alive. There is a parallel Māori language series. Some family trees included (if tree icon displayed).
  22. 22. Fletcher’s Name Index The range of books indexed is listed under Abbreviations
  23. 23. Niupepa
  24. 24. New Zealand Electronic Text Centre range allin full text!
  25. 25. Journal – Polynesian Society of NZ Search by keyword or journal year/issue to find full text information
  26. 26. London Illustrated News 1842-1902 :New Zealand content A keyword search makes this a wonderful resource for early events or names
  27. 27. British Parliamentary Papers 1830suntil 1850swhen NZ wasbeginning topublishsimilardocuments
  28. 28. NZ war histories Only includes 28th Battalion, and excludes the 15th Reinforcements or Jayforce. The names and other details given are as recorded at enlistment. (Many used alternative names or were known by both Māori and English versions of their names). Rank information is often first rank only. 15th Reinforcements and volunteers recruited in NZ 1946-1947 for Jayforce in Japan : The records of most of these men can be found on Auckland Museums Cenotaph database.
  29. 29. Commonwealth War Graves The casualty database lists the names and place of commemoration of the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars. It also records details of the 67,000 Commonwealth civilians who died "as a result of enemy action" in the Second World War. It is possible to search by surname, date, war, rank, regiment, awards or any combination of those criteria.
  30. 30. National Library of New Zealand A great resource for letters, photographs, unpublished manuscripts, newspapers Main search across all types Different search types
  31. 31. PaperspastWgtn newspapers include :* Evening Post 1865-1945* Hutt News 1927-33* NZ Colonist and PortNicholson Advertiser 1842-3* NZ Gazette and WellingtonSpectator 1839-44* NZ Spectator and Cook’sStrait Guardian 1844-1865* Wellington Independent1845 – 1874Search individual titles oracross all (link is on main natlib page )
  32. 32. Timeframes – over 80,000 images! (link is on main natlib page )
  33. 33. TAPUHIuse to access unpublished material (link is on main natlib page ) Search for descriptions of items held by the Alexander Turnbull Library. Some pictorial items have been digitised. At the end of the TAPUHI record look for “View archived copy online” to see the object on the National Digital Heritage Archive.
  34. 34. AtoJs Online(Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives) (link is on main natlib pageReports info )gathered orprepared by govtdepts, e.g.• Genealogies• Complaints• Parihaka incidentsand speeches• Censuses andtribe returns• Claims• Crown grants• Govt reports e.g.prisoners
  35. 35. Donald McLean Papers The Donald McLean papers contain 14,500 English language letters, including 300 letters from Māori concerning land issues. This is the largest surviving series from the 19th century. Includes letters, diaries, maps, family letters and other papers.
  36. 36. writers wereHirini Mead, J.C.Sturm, Patricia Grace,Maharaia Winiata,Kingi Ihaka, RewetiKohere, Rowley Habib.Also containsphotographs of“ordinary people” andhui – marae, school,cultural groups andassociations such asthe Māori Women’sWelfare League
  37. 37. Some additional websites Iwi labour market indicators Marae profiles
  38. 38. Tu Mai Iwi iwi informationbyAgeGenderQualificationsStudy involvementRegionsLabour marketPersonal incomeHours of workTop 10 employmentoccupationsTop 10 industriesemployedQualification attainment
  39. 39. Naumai place - marae news and views sites Click here to search for your marae Not all marae are included.
  40. 40. Still can’t find what you’re looking for?Send us an email (or call) and we’ll do ourbest to help you.Email : enquiries@wcl.govt.nzPhone : (04) 801 4114