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Add WCL as a booklink on Goodreads


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Have a Goodreads account? Did you know you can add the library as a booklink? Find out how in this tutorial.

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Add WCL as a booklink on Goodreads

  1. 1. Sign into your Goodreads Account, and on the far right, click the downwards-pointing arrow next to your username Click on ‘My Account’
  2. 2. Inside of your account page, click on the ‘book links’ tab
  3. 3. Goodreads will show you a list of booklinks you may be interested in, based on your country as entered when you signed up… Click to add Wellington City Libraries as a book link option
  4. 4. Now when you look at any of your books, Wellington City Libraries should appear as a book link. Click on it…
  5. 5. … And a new tab will open to show you the book on the library’s catalogue