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Casinos and Your Health


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This presentation provides facts about legalized gaming in Canada and situates these facts within the larger discussion on the negative impacts of Casinos on our health.

Jim Cosgrave, Professor of Sociology
Trent University

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Casinos and Your Health

  1. 1. Wellesley Institute: Casinos and Your Health• Professor Jim Cosgrave• Department of Sociology• Trent University (Oshawa)•• Co-editor/contributor:• Casino State: Legalized Gambling in Canada
  2. 2. State-owned gambling• Alibi model • Risk model• Organized crime • Gambling as• Not private profit legitimate business• Public benefit • Entertainment framing • Revenue• Canadian approach maximization• >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> • Risk management • From gambling to “gaming”
  3. 3. Issues and tensions• State as regulator and promoter/beneficiary• Finance vs. public health• 4.8% of gamblers generate 36% of revenue: $4B• (Williams and Wood 2004, 2007)• Canada Safety Council: 360 gambling-related suicides/year• Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs): slot machines and VLTs: highest rates of addiction (casino’s bread and butter)• Least risk gambling>>>greatest risk
  4. 4. Issues and tensions• Casinos 24/7 vs. restrictions on alcohol• “voluntary” taxation (stealth)• “Responsible gambling”• State/government>>>market/corporation• No more alibis (e.g. online gambling)
  5. 5. I’m Losing Money. So Why Do I Feel So Good? By RANDALL STROSS Published: January 12, 2013• ess/how-slot-machines-raise-our-hopes- even-when-were-losing.html?_r=0