Use of technology in logistics


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Technology helps in allieviating the concerns of a distribution manager. One of the key concerns of the distribution manager includes the fate of a consignment after it has left the base. Some of the prominent technologies that can be used in logistics include Global Positioning System (GPS), Swipe Cards, Bar Codes, Radio Frequency Identification. Of these technologies RFID holds a great potential in transforming logistics management for Indian corporate.

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Use of technology in logistics

  1. 1. Chapter-12• Use of Technologies In Logistics
  2. 2. Concern of Distribution Manager• Fate of a consignment after it has left base and the scheduled time of arrival• Follow up with the transport agents• Distribution manager needs technology to track the cargo Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  3. 3. Global Positioning System-GPS• It is a mobile vehicle tracking system modular in design having two parts a mobile vehicle unit and a fixed base station the mobile vehicle unit attached to the vehicle will have a GPS module through which the vehicle’s position will be monitored via satellite and GSM technology will be used to transmit that information to the base station Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  4. 4. Global Positioning System-GPS• The fixed base station will have a GSM module and a web serve.• The base station allows the client to view his vehicle on a geographic map.• Multilayer in-depth maps of cities are also available and position of the vehicle is displayed one these maps Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  5. 5. Swipe Cards• Swipe card is similar to credit card in physical nature• Driver required to swipe card at pre determined specified kiosks• On swiping a slips gets generated which the driver is supposed to retain as proof of reporting• The venture has established network over 200 swipe station on major national and state highways at intervals of app 150 to 200 kms. Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  6. 6. Swipe Cards• The data is made available on a web site which cab be accessed by registered users• Maruti Udyod Ltd, Hero Honda, Samsung are some of the large companies who are subscribers to this project.• The cost is lower at app. Rs. 1500 per month Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  7. 7. Bar Codes• Bar Coe gives information of the batch number, date and time of manufacture, source and similar other details• Bar code scanners are used for reading bar codes• The can scan the bard codes, decode the information and transmit the same to a computer. Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  8. 8. Bar Codes• At factor exists, store exits as well as entry points, fixed mount scanner can be placed.• Handheld scanners cab be used when picking materials for deliveries to upgrade records.• Oldest packed first out inventory management cab be will managed through this Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  9. 9. Radio Frequency Identification- RFID• Three part technology, comprising a reader, a Trans receiver with a decoder, and a transponder (rf tag)• Is a wireless system• The reader emits a radio signal, that activate the tag and reads and writes data to it.• A Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  10. 10. Radio Frequency Identification- RFID• As products are shipped, received or stored the information encoded on a bar code like tag cab be read and received by the reader which is attached to a computer.• RFID us an electronic product code (EPC) which is an unique number that identifies a specific item in the supply chain.• Wail-Mart is deploying RFID in its stores Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  11. 11. Operational issues with supply chain• Quantity of goods to be produced• When to produce• When to ship• What is the location of the current inventory and by deploying RFID the manufacturing process can move from just in time production to real time production Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  12. 12. Future of RFID• Great use potential in pharmaceutical industry• Less customer waiting at retail counter• Pantaloons, and shoppers stop have started pilot projects to test the concept• Infosys, Wipro, are also gearing up to meet the needs with system support initiatives. Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics
  13. 13. Summary• Biggest concern of distribution manager is to track movement of materials• GPS, Swipe Cards, Bar Codes, RFID are the technologies which are very useful• RFID is having great use potential Ch-12 Use of Technology in Logistics