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The Internet


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In this presentation we will discuss the basic of internet, the basic parts and it’s relationship with e-business.
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The Internet

  1. 1. Internet
  2. 2. Components of the Internet World Inter NIC .edu .com .gov .mil AuthorityDomain Domain Names and Internet Organisation
  3. 3. Internet for BusinessHeadquarters suppliers The Internet Business Partners Remote Offices Customers/Consumers
  4. 4. Categories of NetworksLocal Area Network Local Area Network Backbone Network Backbone Network Metropolitan Area (BN) Network (MAN){LAN) (LAN) Campus Area Network Business Area Network Net Work (BAN) (CAN) Wide Area Network (WAN)
  5. 5. Basic Parts of a NetworkNode 1 Node 3 Node 4 Hub Hub Back boneNode 2
  6. 6. Metropolitan Area Network A B City network C D
  7. 7. Hosts and the SubsetHost LAN LAN Router Host LAN LAN
  8. 8. Wide Area Network (WAN) Micro-computer Gateway computers LAN II (STAR NETWORK) LAN I (Bus network) LAN III (Irregular network)
  9. 9. Internet Work (Internet) A RE R R WAN R BR R R D R R R = Router C ABCDE = Destinations
  10. 10. Internet Technologies Web Sales kets competitors / Global Mar rs ndo rs Ve plie sup Corporate communication Business constraints Systems Human Resources Information partners Research Management EXTRAINTRA Cost Customers containment Product Marketing sales Internet NETSNETS development Core Business Capabilities Functions Price Customer support competition Competitive Technology Environment New Business Developments Product potential The Internet
  11. 11. Business Area Network Internet POP Switch BAN ATW frame relay Public MAN or WAN Infrastructure PL 1010BAN Mini- POP Building, Campus or BAN Business Park
  12. 12. NSFNET PROGRAM Commercialization of Internet 1991- Till dateNSFNET program High Performance Computing & Communications (1985-1991) (HPCC) Research program 1991-Till date National Information Infrastructure or (I-WAY) 1991-Till date
  13. 13. Networks Making up the Internet Academic Internet based on TCP/IP Business Internets protocol (Full access to all Internet based on non-TCP/IP resources) protocols Value-added networks Advantis,Sprint Link Tymnet, GEIS E-mail only networks compuserve AT & T Mail MILNET Asian Networks Online PSNET Sprint Mail Prodigy NSFNET MCI Mail Service ARPANET Alter Net Fiido Netproviders CSNET America CERNET BIX online EBONE GEnie E-world Delphi
  14. 14. Internet Presence Established Pull Supply View Data Enterprise Chain PartnersCustomer Web Browser
  15. 15. Commerce is Initiated Pull Supply View,Configure, Buy Enterprise Chain PartnersCustomer Web Browser
  16. 16. Demand-Centered E-Business Pull View, configure, Buy Supply Chain Enterprise Partners Exceptions, Real-Time status PushEDIFAXBrowserCall Center
  17. 17. Demand Web FulfillmentInternet Presence Established Manufacturer Distributor WarehouseSupplier customer Agent Broker carrier
  18. 18. Traffic Building Techniques 6. Web-based events 4. E-mail Advertising 2. Content Partnerships 5. Press Relations1. Registration of the Search Engines 3. Banner Advertising
  19. 19. Relationship Marketing One-to-one Marketing PersonalizationRelation- shipMarketing Community Building Customisation Customer relationship Management
  20. 20. World Wide WebWeb server A (Mumbai) Web server B (Denmark) Page PageWeb server C (Japan) Web server D (Chennai)
  21. 21. Internet, Intranet, Firewall (LAN)Intranet Firewall Internet
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