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Human Resource Information System (HRIS) – Designing an HRIS Department


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In this presentation, we will discuss ways to access HR information that are stored centrally, hoe it functions , skills required for HRIS practitioners and benefits of the same.
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Human Resource Information System (HRIS) – Designing an HRIS Department

  1. 1. HUMAN RESOURCEINFORMATIONSYSTEMSChapter 6 – Designing an HRIS Department
  2. 2. Chapter 6Abilities which HRIS department must possess Access HR information stored centrally Provide remote access to central information Provide customization for local and regional market
  3. 3. Chapter 6 HRIS Department and InformationAn effective HRIS department should be able toprovide information that meets the followingrequirements:TimelyAccurateConciseRelevant
  4. 4. Chapter 6 Functions of HRIS DepartmentInput functionsData Maintenance FunctionOutput function HRIS ReportsRoutine ReportsException ReportsOn Demand ReportsForecast Reports
  5. 5. Chapter 6 Skills required for HRIS PractitionersProject managementConsulting skillsEntrepreneurshipSelf ManagementCommunication skillsFacilitation skillsPresentation skillsSkills for transforming groups into self-directed mutually controlled highperforming work teamsTrans-cultural skillsMeditation & arbitration skillsFinancial skillsProblem solving skillsDiagnostic skills
  6. 6. Chapter 6 Sub-roles of HRIS managersParticipates in meetings with management and administrative staff to analyzeexisting systems and policiesEvaluates, for the purpose of upgrading systems in a cost effective mannerPrepares workflow analyses of manual processes for conversion to automatedsystemsAssesses computer hardware and software configuration alternatives to presentmanagement with viable optionsAdministers and maintains the departmental websiteAssists in the development of training materialsServers as a liaison between the department and the Department of InformationTechnologyAssists with the development and administration of countrywide initiatives andpilot programs Cont…………
  7. 7. Chapter 6Participates in short and long-range departmental informationtechnology planningReviews and evaluates potential information systemsDiagnoses and troubleshoots computer problemsMonitors the operations of the computer testing roomsAssists in the selection and use of any new applicationsParticipates in meetingsProvides in-depth support for specific applicationsCommunicates with vendors and service contractorsAssists in monitoring and revising ongoing managementinformationMaintains all current and anticipated computerized informationtechnology systemsKeeps informed on state-of-the-art technologyUses computer applications
  8. 8. Chapter 6 HRIS Designing IssuesLevel of involvement of the people in thesystemMerger of old and new systemsFinancial Aspects
  9. 9. Chapter 6 Benefits of Web-based HRISReduce administrative overheadImprove employee HR service and efficiencyImprove employee time and work tracking and accountabilityAllow managers to make informed HR decision without directcontact with the HR departmentImprove corporate communicationsLeverage existing information systems architectureFree-up HR resources for more strategic innovationRecruitment and selectionPersonnel managementCompensation managementTraining and skill development
  10. 10. Chapter 6 Ways of improving Web-based HRIS processesPublicationInteractiveInstant Access to HR Information Categories of information availablePolicies and proceduresFrequently asked questions about the companyEmployment opportunitiesEmployee directoryNew employee data form
  11. 11. Chapter 6 Policies and ProceduresTable of Contents Introduction of benefits Health benefits Medical benefits Dental benefits Vision benefits Vacation Benefits First year of employment Second year of employment More than two years of employment Bonus Plans First tier scales Second tier scales Third tier scales
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