Maintaining Communication System


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The series of slides talks about Managing Communication System. The presentation discusses the art of managing communication system. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division has initiated this presentation on Maintaining Communication System.

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Maintaining Communication System

  1. 1. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division CHAPTER-07 Maintaining Communication System We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  2. 2. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Managing Communication System • • • • • Getting new telephone connections, internal and outdoor shifting, fax lines, internet, leased lines, dial-up systems, hotlines, wireless, parallel connections and Plan 123 type products and services Setting up systems and procedures for the use of Fax, Internet, STD or ISD connections Processing and certification of bills Invoking utility rationalization measures Devising checks and controls for preventing misuse of official communication system We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  3. 3. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division The issues addressed by regulatory measures of official e-mail The regulatory measures generally address issues related to: • Obscene contents • Personal gain or undue benefit • Personal business purposes We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  4. 4. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Prime responsibilities of Communication system • • • • • Procurement of new telephone connections Shifting of telephone lines, occasionally or particularly during change of accommodation of officials or any other unknown exigency Co-Axial coordination for restoring leased lines Maintaining liaison with Telecom for application, feasibility and processing towards sanction of leased lines Designing and codifying intercom extensions with optimizing accessibility for as many as locations Cont… We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  5. 5. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division • • • • • • • Devising a rapid action method for complaint filling in case of fault or repair Establishing accountability on respective department for regulating utility, cost and handling of communication facility and instruments Maintaining the communication equipment with perfumed cleaning at regular intervals Displaying “Charts of main line and Extension line” of telephone connections at every workstation Maintaining a “Master sheet of telephone lines” Create a sense of value both in terms of time and cost while using the communication systems Wherever required, sign boards may be displayed We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  6. 6. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Special attention in case of Leased lines • • • Exclusive log record should be maintained on a daily basis to keep track of the status of functional performance of leased lines, to take up the matter with Telecom/C-Axial Authorities, for review and remedy The concerned user department should be well-informed about the course of action and successive steps supposed to be adopted in times of link failures Administration requires to personally intervene during crisis situation where some special instructions need to be obtained from top level officials to restore the leased lines We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  7. 7. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Contributory responsibility on the part of employees • • • People get irritated if suggested by anybody to disconnect the call, even at the cost of some official call There are some other category of people who speak so loudly that the whole surrounding departments get affected Necessary orientation training programs need to be imparted for the employees at all levels to instill sense and value of time to build up culture and manners We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  8. 8. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Fault repairs and dead phones • The administration needs to realize that re-activation of the telephones in case of any fault should be managed as soon as possible as there may be a very serious distortion and harm that may be caused if the contacting party possesses that particular single telephone number alone which is faulty • Such situations may seriously disappoint the customer We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  9. 9. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Role of Receptionist • On various occasions the operator keeps chitchatting on and on, misusing the official communication network for personal or private use • Such practices should be discouraged by counselling We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  10. 10. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Provision for personal STD/ISD calls for employees • The person or persons who make a personal call or calls may not make entry • There is the problem of identifying the call if faithful entry has not been made by an employee • Hence one should restrict making of personal calls, with an exception to unforeseen emergency situations We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  11. 11. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Processing and Certification of Bills for Payment The administration should perform a careful exercise in scrutinizing the telephone bills and other communication connections with two purposes: • To ensure proper billing by the service provider • To screen unauthorized calls We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  12. 12. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Some useful terms of Communication • • • • • • • • • • Leased Circuit Integrated Services Digital Network India Net Wireless in Local Loop Intelligence Network –Free Phone Service Intelligent Network –Televoting Central office exchange Hotline Facility Dial-Up Call transfer or Follow Me Call We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum