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Reception and Front Office


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A warm reception reflects the image and culture of an organization. This presentation on Reception and Front Office talks about the first impressions of an organization. Reception and Front Office is a presentation initiated by Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division.

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Published in: Education
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Reception and Front Office

  1. 1. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division CHAPTER-05 Reception and Front Office We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  2. 2. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Front Office • • • • • A warm reception reflect the image and culture of an organization It is the first place where a visitor interacts Transactional relationship will depend on the first impression carried while being received and accommodated at the front office The ambience of the front office has to be positioned with certain degree of aesthetic sense A not so well organized front office which is deficient of desired welcoming gesture, will leave the visitor apprehensive and speculating We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum
  3. 3. Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Bitter experiences that seldom take place • Sometimes the receptionist loses track of one or two visitors in waiting • Sometimes the concerned person who has been informed about the waiting visitor forgets to meet the visitor • The bad reception leaves the visitor disappointed with unpleasant memories • If the visitor shares the negative experiences with others, it adversely affects goodwill and reputation of the organization We Learn – A Continuous Learning Forum