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5 Hot Software for Small Business in 2016


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Whether you're a freelancer or running a small business, explore top small business software solutions to consider in 2016. Simplify your small business accounting tasks.

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5 Hot Software for Small Business in 2016

  1. 1. 5 Hot Software for Small Business in 2016
  2. 2. Cloud computing continuously transforming the accounting industry by the way, accounting firms do accounting. Accounting profession is undergoing its biggest technology change.
  3. 3. In 2016, Small business firms don't need to buy expensive accounting software for basic accounting tasks. The top 5 accounting software listed below completely meet both the budget and the needs of a small business firms. Have a look at the top 5 best cloud accounting software for small business:  FreshBooks  QuickBooks Online  Kashoo  SlickPie  Xero
  4. 4. The cloud accounting software cost range varies from FREE to $20 per month and are easy to use even for small business owner with no experience with accounting tasks.
  5. 5. FreshBooks is small business accounting software designed for small business firms and individuals with no accounting background. 1.
  6. 6. Features:  Fast & easy online invoicing  Effortless expense capture  Hassle-free time tracking software  Know your financial numbers at a glance  Accept credit cards and get paid faster Explore more: Pricing:  FREE for 30 Days  Basic Business Plan starting at $19.95/Month
  7. 7. QuickBooks Online simple start is a good value for small office accounting needs. 2.
  8. 8. Features: • Fast and easy setup • Create professional invoices in minutes • Effortless expensing and tracking • Easy payroll • Sync your account data automatically Explore more: Pricing:  FREE for 30 Days  Simple start at $12.95/Month
  9. 9. Kashoo is simple accounting app for small business offering anytime access from an Android, iPhone, iPad or Web browser. 3.
  10. 10. Features: • Easy Collaboration with Employees • High Data Security • Track Expenses • Smart Accounting Reports • Easy Access through Mobile Apps Explore more: Pricing:  FREE for 14 Days  Simple start at $12.95/Month
  11. 11. SlickPie is simple and easy to use online cloud accounting software for accountants & small businesses. 4.
  12. 12. Features: • Simple and Fast • Available on all devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops) • Easy share and collaborate • Get paid faster • Automatic Secure Backups Explore more: Pricing:  Basic FREE  Advanced Start at $4.95/Month
  13. 13. Xero is online accounting software for your small business. 5.
  14. 14. Features: • Easy invoicing with reminders • Instant access through mobile apps • Automatic bank reconciliation • Online accounting with smart reports • Simple pay runs Explore more: Pricing:  FREE for 30 days  Starter at $20/Month
  15. 15. Choose the Best to Make Small Business Accounting Easy!