Meeting the needs of children and families


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Meeting the needs of children and families

  1. 1. Meeting the needs of childrenand familiesPresented by Weihong(Annie) Zhang
  2. 2. Introduction of family andneeds Jose is 4 years old with low vision and his family just moved to Toronto from Winnipeg His parents both work in full time They maybe want to know information about settlement services and where to find a good pediatric ophthalmologist and low vision clinic
  3. 3. Definition of low vision “Low vision refers to a severe visual impairment(not necessarily limited to distance vision)”( y/kids/.
  4. 4. Cause and treatment Drug and surgical treatment that can help to reduce symptoms “Low vision can be the result of childhood conditions such as albinism, pediatric cataracts, pediatric glaucoma, nystagmus, and retinal and optic nerve abnormalities”( erms/conditions/134).
  5. 5. Family’s underline needs Services in the neighborhood, such school, library, community center, after school programs and family doctor Find a counselor to deal with working stress Introduce family to the other parents to get some necessary information They need to be referred to Early Intervention
  6. 6. Accommodate to the child andfamily Physical environment Open and Cluttered free classroom, handrails and walkers available Storage toys and supplies consistently for child’s independence Use carpet to separate different area and vary floor textures Let natural light come in but not glare into children’s eyes Out door equipment should in different color Display large pictures and print on the wall for remind children of routine Easy to access magnify glass, low vision optical and braille book
  7. 7. “Glasses and/orcontact lenses may berecommended. Magnifiers, binoculars,telescopes or tintedlenses may be helpfulaswell”)(
  8. 8.  “Hand held magnifying glasses to allow people to read things close up” “Tilted reading and writing stands”( _work/how_we_help/health/causes_of _blindness/low_vision/default.html) Plan more sensory experiences and music activities Provide books on tape and video aids
  9. 9. Refer agencies to family Community Living Toronto City Kids: Early Intervention Program for children with identified special needs Ontario Association of Optometrists: Provide Eye see…Eye learn program for junior kindergarten eye exam by optometrists and cost covered by OHIP Ontario Early Years Center get information about programs and sevices for children and family Toronto Public Health Blind low vision program 211 Toronto Community, health, social services and client-focus services
  10. 10. Reference (n.d.). Retrieved from (n.d.). Retrieved from /134 (n.d.). Retrieved from ow_we_help/health/causes_of_blindn ess/low_vision/default.html Google