Guidenc reflection


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Guidenc reflection

  1. 1. Reflection My strength is that I can make correct decision when I meet disciplineencounter, and I can confront with children. I am patient when children taketime to accept limit. I use positive words to tell children what is my expectation.I build good relationship with children, and willingly cooperate with me becausethey trust me when I love them genuinely. I explain the reason of the rule andhelp them understand. I am highly responsive to children. I use firm voice andfacial expression to communicate with them. Next time, I will bring more toys to daycare to avoid fighting. I will useredirection strategy by offering another choice to children. I will write downevent sampling to observe turn taking skill, and analyze children’ temperament.Based on my observation, I can use different strategies to guide childreneffectively. I will let another teacher write down the observation when I interactwith children in order to reflecting “on how my personality, temperament andmoods impacts my ability to guide children effective” (Week1 handout).