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  1. 1. “How do I know I am ready to be an Early Childhood Educator whois about to emerge into this profession?”At this moment I am graduating, I am excited about my dream will cometrue. When I look back my two years professional journey, I am so proud ofmyself. Two years college studies totally change my life. I grow to be a registerearly childhood educator from a person know nothing about early yearseducation. These two years are not easy at all. I remember that I stay up tomidnight to do my assignments. I cannot forget teacher’s helps andencouragement when I don’t know how to complete my assignment. They willbe my inspiration and roll models to encourage me to be an excellent ECE. Ialso develop a good relationships with my group members. We help eachother to overcome our obstacles. During the group work process, we learnedhow to tolerate, compromise and collaborate with each others. Teamworkexperiences prepare me to work in a diverse working environment. Now I wantto discuss about how I grow to be a professional and what I learned fromclasses and field placements.I believe “Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education”(Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr). The guidance classes teach me how I can helpchildren to build good character in their early lives. If I want to teach children torespect other, I should first respect them. I will be a role model for them.Children learn from imitating adult actions not preaching. Active listening letme observe children behaviors in certain context, put me in their shoes andthink about their needs. Indirect guidance instructs me how to arrangeenvironment to prevent some inappropriate behaviors from happening.Positive guidance strategies give me confidence when I intervene children’sconflicts. Affirmation strategies help me build trust and reliable relationshipswith children. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair brokenmen”(Frederick Douglass).As an ECE, my influence in children’s lives ispowerful and meaningful. An excellent ECE can make big difference inchildren’s lives. My next destination of professional journey is to become anexperienced and responsible teacher and dedicate myself to children’s growth.Curriculum classes teach me how I can scaffold children’s learning byencouraging children’s to explore activities. Children learn by doing. As ateacher, I need to plan activities based on observations and developmentclues..Open-ended questions can provoke children’s thinking and practiceproblem-solving skills. Open –ended materials can trigger their curiosity aboutworld. I believe interests are children’s true learning motivation. They arecapable learners for what are interested. Documentation enhances children’slearning by reviewing and reflecting for both children and me. When I see
  2. 2. children enjoying my activity, I have feeling of accomplishment andencouragement.The field placement let me apply my knowledge I learned from class. Igained valuable experience about interacting with children, working as a teammember and with families. It allows me to recognize what the employer’sexpectations are and what skills I should demonstrate in my future job. let meprepare to be ready to be an ECE step by step. Working with children is fun,but it is also huge responsibility. I need to work harder and harder to achievemy goals. I believe there is not a stupid child, but there is an unintelligentteacher.I remember that I am so nervous and have no confidence at all at thebeginning of the program. However, now I recognize it will happen as long as Ibelieve. Two years studies give me foundation knowledge about teachingyoung children. The future professional journey will be long and fulfillchallenges. I set my goals and to be ready embrace all the challenges.Therefore, I can say I am ready to be a professional early childhood educator.Reference: