Development templates (preschool and school age years)oringinal


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Development templates (preschool and school age years)oringinal

  1. 1. The Preschool Years (3 Years Old)Discuss how your child is developing in the areas of physical, social/emotional and intellectual developmental domains.Developmental Answer Examples from your virtual child Examples from text or other sourcesDomain (Your original thoughts) (cite your references) (cite your references) My friend- the early development The three years old child can “kick a large It seems that Mabo is specialist t do a formal assessment ball, walk up and down stairs unassisted, meeting her developmental and observation at the preschool pedal a small tricycle or bigwheel and catch aPhysical milestone. during the summer. “Mabos gross large both arms extended (Developmental motor skills are within the average Profiles, P131). range, for example, climbing, riding on trikes, climbing, kicking balls and playing catch”(Virtual Child Report). My friend the early development The three years old child can understand Mabo’s social and emotional specialist “thought that Mabo was taking turns, be friendly and eager to please, development is good. cooperative and friendly with both join group activities, use objects symbolicallySocial / adults and other children, and able to in play and engage in make-believe playEmotional focus well on tasks. Mabo was quite alone and with other (Developmental Profiles, self-confident in novel social P136). situations and seemed to be well liked by several children. She had several little friends in the preschool and was somewhat of a group leader in free play activities, such as imaginary play or riding trikes” (Virtual Child Report). According to a formal assessment When children are three years old, they “can Mabo is achieving her and observation Mabo was above put a 6-piece puzzle, count objects out loudly, intellectual developmental average in understanding point to picture that has “more”: cars, planes,Intellectual milestones. quantitative relationships such as or kittens.” (Developmental Profiles, P135). "more/less", "longer/shorter", in Moreover, they can listen attentively to short
  2. 2. counting skills, in classifying objects stories and repeating sounds and words (e.g., types of animals) and in solving (Ages and Stages: A brief Overview). age-appropriate reasoning tasks. She performed about average in copying designs, solving picture puzzles, and building block towers to match one made by the examiner. She scored about average in language comprehension and production. For example, when asked to tell a story about a funny picture, she was able to give the broad outlines as well as a few interesting details“(Virtual Child Report).The Preschool Years (4 Years Old)Discuss how your child is developing in the areas of physical, social/emotional, and intellectual developmental domains.Developmental Answer Examples from the virtual child Examples from text or other sourcesDomain (Your original thoughts) (cite your references) (cite your references) Mabo has a good physical Mabo’s fine motor skills develop well. At the four years old, children can “stack 10 or development. “She could read a few short words more blocks” (Ages and Stages: A brief and write her name and could name Overview). “Paint and draw with purpose.”Physical most of the letters on sight at the (Developmental Profiles, P143). time of testing.” “Mabo is sometimes interested in the train set you got out of your parents attic and wants help building it. She sometimes likes to build with the large-size connecting blocks too.” (Virtual Child Report).““ Mabo’s social/emotional Four years old children “enjoy playing others development is more than Mabo gets alone with her and ask a lot of questions” (Ages and Stages: average level. classmates, and makes many good A brief Overview).Social / friends.“Mabo fits into preschool They are “outgoing enthusiastic at times and
  3. 3. Emotional activities well; having fun with cooperate with others when they participate in teacher-led activities and group activities.” Moreover, they “establish participating eagerly in physical or close relationships with playmates and begin to have “best” friends.” (Developmental dramatic play with the children. Profiles, P146). Lately she seems to have a "best friend" who she talks about constantly.”” Mabo seems to be curious about nearly everything, asking lots of questions during shopping trips, walks, visits to museums or parks, and story sessions’ (Virtual Child Report). Mabo surpasses the Four years old children can recognize some intellectual development She is very smart and sensitive letters if taught, may be able to print own milestone. about numbers.” Mabo showed name, recognize familiar words in simpleIntellectual advanced ability to count, use books or signs, count 1-7 objects out loud-but numbers, understand quantitative not always in the right order, ask a lot of questions (Ages and Stages: A brief relationships and classify objects, Overview). showing that she was more than “A few children are beginning to read simple ready for kindergarten to begin. she books, such as alphabet books with only a is beginning to understand games of few words per pages and many pictures” strategy and is getting really good at (Developmental Profiles, P144). counting and at games involving numbers.” (Virtual Child Report).she is also doing well on literacy.“Mabo has already learned most of the letters and their sounds from watching educational TV, and from games and songs at preschool, can write her own name, and read a few words. She is very interested in
  4. 4. listening to books.”“She also showed an age-appropriate understanding of phonological awareness (e.g., deciding whether two words started with the same sound, picking out the two words that rhymed from a list of three words)” (Virtual Child Report).The School Age Years (6-8 Years Old)How is your child developing in the areas of development?Developmental Answer Examples from the virtual child Examples from the textDomain (Your original thoughts) (cite your references) (cite your references) Children at this age “have increased dexterity Mabo is meeting her physical Mabo’s motor skills develop well. and eye-hand coordination along with developmental milestones. “Mabo has enjoyed soccer and improved motor functioning, which facilitatesPhysical softball on and off over the past two learning to ride a bicycle seasons, and is not sure whether to (without training wheels), swim, swing a bat, or kick a ball (Developmental Profiles, P168). continue”(Virtual child report).““ .Children who are seven years old are Mabo’s social/emotional Mabo is outgoing. “Mabo is usually “cooperative and affectionate towards adults development is good. cheerful and in good humor. She and less frequently annoyed with them; seesSocial / uses humor to deal with stress or just humor in everyday happenings and are moreEmotional shrugs off lifes little upsets. Very outgoing.” They also complain that family rarely, she runs across a problem decisions are unjust; blame others for own that gets her really upset” (Virtual mistakes; make up alibi for personal child report). Sometimes, she can not
  5. 5. understand moral concept. “Mabo is shortcoming” (Developmental Profiles, P181). cheating less often at games (or has gotten sneakier about it!), but recently she has been lying about things that happen at school, or blaming messes on her sister”(Virtual child report).“““ Mabo is very smart and talent, Eight years old children are able to “add and Mabo has an excellent according to Psychologists subtract multiple-digit numbers; learning intellectual development. report,”“Mabos scores on the math multiplication and division.” They also “showIntellectual concepts, math application problems, increased attention span; work at task for and math computation tests were in longer periods of time, although concentrated the gifted range, and the effort is not always consistent” psychologist recommended that she (Developmental Profiles, P181). be tested for placement in gifted classes or at least in a higher math class in 6th grade.” “The psychologist gave you and the teacher a questionnaire on behavioral and attentional problems, and reported that Mabo did not have unusual problems with impulsivity, inattentiveness or hyperactivity. She was very focused and maintained concentration throughout the IQ and achievement testing”.(Virtual child report).The School Age Years (9-11 Years Old)
  6. 6. How is your child developing in the areas of development?Developmental Answer Examples from your virtual child Examples from the textDomain (Your original thoughts) (cite your references) (cite your references) Children at this age “may still have number of Mabo achieves her physical Mabo’s immunity system becomes colds and other minor illnesses; however, developmental milestone. stronger. these occur less frequently than before”Physical “Mabo has really become resistant to (Developmental Profiles, P190). colds in the past year or so, thankfully, so you figure she has finally built up a lot of strong immunities. There is a bad flu going around, but Mabo has managed to avoid it, even though her sister had a moderate case of fever, body aches and sore throat” (Virtual child report). It seems that Mabo has a According to the 5th grade report Most of children at this age “enjoy being with typical development pattern. card ,Mabo ”Consistently works friends ; seek out friendships based on cooperatively in groups, consistently common interests and proximity(classmates);Social / respects rights and property of begin to develop moral reasoning; adaptEmotional others, and consistently social customs and moral values of one’s demonstrates appropriate peer social society : honesty, right from wrong, fairness, interaction.”“In the comments section good and bad, respect.” “they also handle the teacher wrote: Occasionally frustration with fewer emotional outbursts” Mabo gets upset during stressful (Developmental Profiles, P211). situations inside or outside the classroom, but usually is able to bounce back quickly” (Virtual child report). Mabo’s intellectual It indicates in the report card, Mabo Children at this age “expanded memory ability development is very good. "Demonstrates strength" in all areas enable improved long-term recall; now of reading, and in spelling and remember stored information, so no longerIntellectual "appropriate for grade level" in must rely solely on experiencing an event in writing.”"Demonstrates strength" in order to understand it.” They succeed in
  7. 7. the areas of mathematical problem sequencing, ordering, and classifyingsolving, understanding of data, because of improved long-term memorynumber concepts, graphical capacity; these are skills needed for solvingapplications, and arithmetic complex mathematics problem.”computation.” “Appropriate for gradelevel" in the area of art.