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Reporting Damages with Landlord123

When comes to managing rented property, it's important that the landlord is able to accommodate the issues reported by the tenant. This week, I'm sharing the Issue Management module in the Landlord123 app and this is the slide used for the webinar.

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Reporting Damages with Landlord123

  1. 1. Reporting Damages with LANDLORD123
  2. 2. Nicely Renovated when First Rented
  3. 3. Issue not reported, left to spoil
  4. 4. Issue not reported, left to spoil
  5. 5. Issue not reported, left to spoil
  6. 6. What We Cover Today? • Creating/Submitting Issue • Updating Status • Expenses Update • Viewing Submitted Issues
  7. 7. How it Works! Landlord Tenant 1. Raise Issue New 2. Accept Issue In Progress 3. Close Issue In Progress (Landlord Closed) 4. Close Issue In Progress (Tenant Closed) When Past Expiry Overdue (30 days) 5. Both Close Case Closed 6. Attach Receipts Closed
  8. 8. How much is it? Note: Price in USD
  9. 9. Landlord123 For Business Contact us for details on Landlord123 for Business []
  10. 10. Contact Me: Eng Wei Yong Email: Contact: +603-7722 2035 Website: Twitter: @landlord123my Facebook: @landlord123my LinkedIn: