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Landlord123 in the New Normal

In this presentation, I will be sharing how the Landlord123 App can be useful in the "New Normal" and how the app can help Landlord or Real Estate agents to manage their rented properties more effectively.

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Landlord123 in the New Normal

  1. 1. Landlord123 in the NEW NORMAL
  2. 2. New Normal in EVERYDAY Life • Social Distancing/Avoid Group Gathering • People are Staying at Home More • Personal Hygiene • Higher Usage of Technology
  3. 3. Landlord’s Dilemma?
  4. 4. Problem that Landlord Faces EVERYDAY! • Damage Property • Unmanaged Issues • Uncollected Rent • Unrecorded Expenses • No follow up on Issues
  5. 5. Do Your Tenant Update You?
  7. 7. Inspection Get updates from Tenant on condition of the property periodically Financial Reporting Collating financial information for accounts & tax report Rental Collection Notification & reminders on rental collection from tenant Issue Tenant can report issue on property directly to landlord & issue are managed through the app Introducing Landlord123
  8. 8. Inspection Expenses Rental Collection Issue Management
  9. 9. Why I Need App Like Landlord123?
  10. 10. I can Use Messaging Apps… Why I Need Landlord123? • Property Inspection • Proper Issue Tracking • Rental Collection Reminder & Tracking • Financial Reporting
  11. 11. How much is it? Note: Price in USD
  12. 12. Landlord123 For Business Contact us for details on Landlord123 for Business []
  13. 13. Contact Me: Eng Wei Yong Email: Contact: +603-7722 2035 Website: Twitter: @landlord123my Facebook: @landlord123my LinkedIn: