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Financial Report & Rental Collection with Landlord123

  1. Financial Report & Rental Collection with LANDLORD123
  2. What We Cover Today? • Rental Collection Process • Reminders & Notifications • Financial Report
  3. 1st Reminder By 7th day of each month, send first reminder to Landlord. Then choose one action below; 7 Days 2nd Reminder •If Landlord choose to Snooze or Send, if rental still unpaid, send reminder to Landlord every 3 days to ask below action; 3rd Reminder •If Landlord choose to Snooze or Send again, send reminder once every 2 days to landlord to ask the below action again; Rental Reminder Notification SnoozeSendDismiss Dismiss Dismiss Reminder every 3 days SnoozeSend Reminder every 2 days SnoozeSend Every month, the reminder will reset and start over again based on 1st of the month. 1st Reminder: 7th of the Month 2nd Reminder: 14th of the Month 3rd Reminder: 21st of the Month
  4. Receive notification on rental due. Touch on this to take action.
  5. How much is it? Note: Price in USD
  6. Landlord123 For Business Contact us for details on Landlord123 for Business []
  7. Contact Me: Eng Wei Yong Email: Contact: +603-7722 2035 Website: Twitter: @landlord123my Facebook: @landlord123my LinkedIn: