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2212 I Street, Munson Hall, Room 108 • Washington, D.C. 20052 • 202-394-1010 •
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  1. 1. WEI CHEN 2212 I Street, Munson Hall, Room 108 • Washington, D.C. 20052 • 202-394-1010 • EDUCATION THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, School ofBusiness Washington, DC Bachelor ofBusiness Administration May 2018 Presidential Academic Scholarship Double Concentration: International Business & Marketing; Minor: Psychology Relevant Coursework Includes: International Marketing Management, Human Capital in Organizations and so on GUANGZHOU ZHIXIN HIGH SCHOOL Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Diploma July 2014 COLUMBIAUNIVERISTY, TEACHERS COLLEGE New York, NY Pre-College Program (Student Leader,Event Coordinator of Receptions of the Pre-College Program) December 2013 Relevant Coursework Includes: Speech and Communication, American History & Culture RELEVANT EXPERIENCE National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan, China & Washington D.C.,DC Student Representative and Marketing Coordinator ofAUIA Program August 2015-  Successfully facilitating cooperation with three organizations and using funds from partner companies to hold three events (including an information session, Movie Night event and Asian Student Association’s Performance) to attract more students to AUIA Program; Initiating “Secret Valentine” event to raise awareness in campus  Producing advertisements on social media twice a month; the average hit of the advertisements is around 300 and during my working period, the number of intended students is increased by 400% China Overseas Property Group Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, China External Development and Marketing Intern July 2016-August 2016  Contributed ideas to marketing copies and helped hold 3 events which highly increased show ticket sales in Guangzhou Grandview Mall and raised popularity  Developed external relations that might be interested in booking shows or renting places for personal purposes Grandview Enterprise Company Ltd. Guangzhou, China Marketing Intern June 2016-July 2016  Successfully helped organize a launching ceremony of the company's new real estates and a marketing event which introduced the company's new real estates projects to target customers  Assisted sales personals in preparing sales literature and served as customer service personnel when needed  Developed my own customer group of similar characteristics so that advertising plans can be made for their needs Association ofNational Olympic Committees Washington D.C.,DC Volunteer in Organizing Committee, ANOC 2015 Gathering October 25th , 2015-October 28th , 2015  Assisted delegates with registration; prepared meeting materials and documents; served as a greeter at the ball The George Washington University Washington D.C.,DC Volunteer in Life Pieces to Masterpieces, EngageDC March 2015-May 2015  Mentored teenagers and children from Wards 7 and 8 in DC community on improving their communication and writing skills and finding inner peace by teaching them to create their own artworks; continuously increased student participants’ graduation rate (by 60% in 2014); increased student participants’ graduation rate (by 60% in 2014)  Helped apply for grant from school SKILLS/ACTIVITIES Technical: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, iMovie Languages: Mandarin (Native),Cantonese (Native), English (Fluent), Korean Spoken (Basic) Interests include: Fashion Design & Photography

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