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How to Protect Yourself from Online Dating Scams


Published on, an independent online fraud verification company offers some tips so you can protect yourself from dating frauds.

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How to Protect Yourself from Online Dating Scams

  1. 1. How to Protect Yourself from Online Dating Scams
  2. 2. Online dating is booming. What does this mean?• Among other things, it means that online dating scams are also booming.• According to there are roughly 40 million online-dating-sites users which make up a market of about $1.9 billion.• This is a massive market that has already doubled since 2007 and will only continue to grow. It is no surprise that the scam artists of the world are flocking to dating sites.
  3. 3. • If you’re one of the 54 million singles in the U.S. that is looking to try online dating, WeGoLook would like to provide you with some tips so you can protect yourself from dating frauds.• The stories and tactics that the fraudsters use are constantly changing and there are thousands of different scams.
  4. 4. A disclaimer should be given first:• The following aren’t necessarily guarantees that the individual is a fraud; it just means they most likely are.• WeGoLook is not responsible for true love lost.
  5. 5. If your sweetheart:• Wants to immediately leave the dating site and use personal email or chat to continue talking. There is usually an ulterior motive for someone wanting to immediately move to various forms of communication. They could also be trying to steal personal information from you.• Isn’t available to talk on the phone. While sometimes it may be difficult to pick frauds out when communicating through a service like email, dialing them and talking to them on the phone may easily reveal them as a fraud.
  6. 6. If your sweetheart:Claims to be from the U.S. but is overseas. While this is possible, keepingthe relationship local drastically reduces your chances of being scammed,or at least drastically increases the chances of catching the fraud. Not tomention, what is a relationship if you can’t see the person or aren’tgoing to be able to see the person for years at a time?
  7. 7. If your sweetheart:Has broken English, sentences don’t make sense or uses poor grammar.This would occur when an individual uses a translation service. It is notuncommon for people to use poor grammar online; unfortunately it’s alltoo commonplace. If you get the trifecta, it should shoot up a red flag.
  8. 8. • Here goes the cliché; has a photo that looks they are out of a GQ photo-shoot or from a Miss USA competition. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.• Every time they are planning to visit, they are prevented by some emergency or other excuse. If this happens over and over again, chances are you have fallen for a scam.
  9. 9. Now here are some things you can do to protect yourself:• Use search engines. Google is a wonderful tool; you would be amazed as to how much you can find out about a person from Google. So Google them.• Check third party sites like There is likelihood that if they are scamming you, they have scammed others. If they have scammed others, there is a good chance someone posted them for others to see.• Be cautious of military personnel. The reason is because scam artists have no heart and understand that people (in general) are more trustworthy of those in uniform. Just be weary of claims for active duty military overseas somewhere.
  10. 10. Lastly, NEVER send anyone money for any reason.• Don’t entertain any sob stories that make you feel obligated to send an individual cash, wire transfers, or money orders.• Don’t listen to anyone claiming there is an emergency. They are all lies.
  11. 11. You should always report suspicious behavior to either the website hostingthe profile, a third party site like or to one of thevarious government websites like the Federal Trade Commission orthe Internet Crime Complaint Center.
  12. 12. We help prevent Online Fraud• WeGoLook™ provides visual confirmation and a personalized report, completed by a real person, to verify a product, person, place or thing.• Over 7,000 (background check verified) Lookers who will travel in person anywhere in the US and verify an item’s existence by completing a personalized report including current photos, video and more.• WeGoLook™ customers are better informed, avoid costly surprises, plus benefit from unbiased confirmation without having to travel.