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Wee Solve


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Published in: Technology
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Wee Solve

  1. 1. WEE SOLVE pioneering innovation in digital advertising
  2. 2. The Problem WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?
  3. 3. The Problem - PublishersOnedimensionalrevenue streamsLack skills to negotiateand implement onlinecampaigns
  4. 4. The Problem - Advertisers Tools that provide high brand engagement Diverse outlets to maximise digital campaigns
  5. 5. The Solution THE SOLUTION
  6. 6. The Solution - Publishers An agency that provides alternative revenue streams A flexible agency with a non-exclusive arrangement
  7. 7. The Solution - AdvertisersTools to help define and shape a brand messageInnovative software that maximises exposure in a clustered environment
  8. 8. #marketingplan Website & Product Comment Marketing Sponsorship Podcasting Forums Word Of Mouth B2B Adverts SEO LinkedIn Direct / Referral Traffic Online Videos Social Media Email Mobile
  9. 9. Finances WHAT’S THE MARKET WORTH?
  10. 10. The Market PlaceThe UK mobile market will reach £500 million by 2012 The first six months of 2012 saw £70 million spent on UK video advertisingThe US ad market will be worth £38.6 billion in 2016 The digital ad spend in 2012 globally will be £67 billion UK online advertising will be worth £7.6 billion in 2016
  11. 11. Products Wee Solve X You know you’re not the first, But, do you really care ? In-Image Slider Video
  12. 12. The Business Model 50% – 70% commission on each product sold In-Image Slider Video £0.75 £0.60 £0.90 CPM CPM CPM
  13. 13. Competitive AdvantagePublisherFriendly approachAlternative revenuesNon-exclusive arrangementAdvertiserIncreased engagementEase of useDiverse publisher range
  14. 14. Our Competitors media syndic a tor Football Gum Gum Media adtivity VIBRANT MEDIA SAILTHRU affinity media PERFORM
  15. 15. Investment Required Investment Required: £70,000 Founder: Christopher Peters Get in touch now