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Welcome to your new Office 365 intranet - Tom Chippendale


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Tom Chippendale, or Wessex Water, at Intranet Now 2017.

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Welcome to your new Office 365 intranet - Tom Chippendale

  1. 1. Welcome to your new Office 365 intranet Tom Chippendale, digital channels manager
  2. 2. Tom Chippendale 51% satisfied People directory News and reference Search Content Desktop only What did people think of Source?
  3. 3. Tom Chippendale New Source  New publishing platform  Improved search  Favourite links  Easier navigation  Mobile friendly  Communities (Yammer)
  4. 4. Tom Chippendale PAGES & DOCUMENTS PEOPLE SEARCH COMMUNITIES What’s in the box?
  5. 5. Tom Chippendale
  6. 6. Tom Chippendale
  7. 7. Tom Chippendale Feedback: something’s missing Where’s my link to Google? Where’s the organisation chart? I can’t text people any more from their profile page. I can’t find...
  8. 8. Tom Chippendale Feedback: Office 365 I'm looking for rope in the office along with many other colleagues! The new Source is slow. “ I have to sign in every time I want to use Source... How can I stay signed in ?? Why can everyone can see my documents in Delve? “
  9. 9. Tom Chippendale Feedback: say cheese I look like Shrek on a bad day! There’s a growth on my cheek, could you please remove it? My colleagues think I look like Gollum.
  10. 10. Tom Chippendale Feedback: the first satisfaction survey • Anonymous, no incentive • 12% staff responded • Invited suggestions for improvement • 24% satisfied • Poor performance main complaint 42% 25% 13% 11% 9% Loading time Content Preferred old site Search People search
  11. 11. Tom Chippendale Feedback: the first satisfaction survey Wasted time waiting for pages to load. Everything is so slow. “ A great step forward, well... maybe even a leap. I just wish it worked quicker. “ It takes me longer to find things. “Probably just a matter of getting used to the new layout.
  12. 12. Tom Chippendale Learnings so far... Make friends with your O365 admin Stay close to other Office365 projects Check the health of your AD data Don’t be too starstruck! INTRANET TEAM
  13. 13. Tom Chippendale Learnings so far... Focus on performance There's more to mobile Remind people how to share Help with orientation USERS
  14. 14. Tom Chippendale Learnings so far… A profile photo is more than just a photo CREDIT:
  15. 15. Thank you