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Using data to target content appropriately — Nick Allport


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Nick Allport of South Wales Police shows how their intranet delivers the right news to the right people.

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Using data to target content appropriately — Nick Allport

  1. 1. Using Data to Target Content Appropriately Nick Allport #IntranetNow
  2. 2. #IntranetNow 10000 Users 24/7 2 Orgs Who? What? Where? Nick Allport
  3. 3. #IntranetNow Nick Allport
  4. 4. #IntranetNow Nick Allport
  5. 5. #IntranetNow Nick Allport
  6. 6. Has it worked? Good Stuff • 60% appropriate readership • 70% reduction in outstanding BWV evidence • Virtually no corporate email! • Further projects Lessons and Next Time… • Hard to get people to understand what we were doing • Be prepared for the exceptions • Think about metrics – get a baseline! • Go further with access control #IntranetNow Nick Allport