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User research on a shoestring — Janet White


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Janet White's Intranet Now conference presentation on the Fairtrade intranet navigation research.

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User research on a shoestring — Janet White

  1. 1. User research on a shoestring: a fair attempt at an Intranet? #IntranetNow @janet_white14
  2. 2. Old Intranet #IntranetNow @janet_white14
  3. 3. • Research on Card Sorting and Tree Testing • Listing main topics • Preliminary categorisation #IntranetNow @janet_white14
  4. 4. Preliminary categorisation #IntranetNow @janet_white14
  5. 5. #IntranetNow @janet_white14 Spreadsheet extracts: Starting to map content Collating results
  6. 6. • Spreadsheet for ‘card sorting’ • Test version of Intranet • Tree-testing tasks (up to 10) • Grid for recording responses • User interviews #IntranetNow @janet_white14
  7. 7. Test version of the Intranet #IntranetNow @janet_white14
  8. 8. #IntranetNow @janet_white14 Accommodation Travel Support and Benefits Benefits and Support Internal Communication Office Finance
  9. 9. Intranet launch #IntranetNow @janet_white14
  10. 10. • Be realistic • Focus on content • Look for quick wins • Collaborate with other projects • Understand your users A useful resource: #IntranetNow @janet_white14