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Translating research into design - Amanda Broomhall


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Amanda Broomhall at Intranet Now 2017.

Published in: Business
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Translating research into design - Amanda Broomhall

  1. 1. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall Translating research into design
  2. 2. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall • Managing Partner & Consultant ABCW • Melbourne, Australia • Impassioned intranet / digital workplace and IA nerd • Focused on modernising the workforce Amanda Broomhall
  3. 3. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall
  4. 4. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall User interviews • one-on-one interviews • most effective way of gathering info on staff needs and issues. • one-hour interview yields a lot of info • open-ended questions • “who do you communicate most frequently with on work matters?” • ‘semi-structured’ sessions • allow interviews to range widely over issues of relevance to staff
  5. 5. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall What you need to listen for • How people work • Specific challenges that they face • What is the impact of these challenges • What matters to them • Listen for useful quotes
  6. 6. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall So I have all this information, how do I make sense of it and what do I do with it now?
  7. 7. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall Identify specific tasks performed • Common or repetitive tasks • Focus on tasks that they find difficult to complete • Detail is important here • Collect use cases • Understand priorities - biggest impacts, most people affected
  8. 8. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall Challenges and frustrations • What are the challenges / frustrations that people experience? • What are the impacts of these? • What are the benefits of solving these frustrations?
  9. 9. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall Functionality required • Identify possible solution ideas • List the functions that these solutions should include • Indicate the priority of these functions
  10. 10. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall Design principles • Identify principles or assumptions that need to be considered in both design and build
  11. 11. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall User capabilities • Digital capabilities - PC literate, mobile savvy, comfortable or not with social media etc • Don’t make assumptions!!
  12. 12. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall Wrap-up • If you have some design work to do, don’t start with drawing what you think is required • Really make sure that your designs are informed by the specific needs of the staff
  13. 13. Amanda Broomhall @abroomhall Amanda Broomhall ABCW Skype: abroomhall22 Photos: A.Boomhall, Kerri Ambler ( ponyrambler)